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General Information
Full Name Missamtenebris (human elucidation)

Darkk Mass
The Mass
Discordian Web
Our Envoy
Sacred Seraph
Last of the Barons
Baron Mass
Freaky ass motherfucker

Origin Myriad
Class Sociopathic Numen
Race Baron

Ascended (whilst in ascended state)

Gender Genderless
Status Presumably alive
Alignment UNKNOWN
Personality Virgin Tears
Hair Color Brown (in human form)
Eye Color Maroon (in human form)
Professional Status
Affiliation Dreadhood
Previous Affiliation Self
Occupation Baron of the material Omniverse

Chaotic mass
Supreme deity of the Dreadhood
True creator of Vekkisul

Previous Occupation Conscience
Partner(s) N/A
Previous Partner(s) N/A
Base of Operation Omniversal Tear

Eldor (while in material form)

Personal Status
Relatives Luster (divine counterpart)
Counterpart Luster

Consuming Luster and the remaining Barons into itself (failed)
Exploit the series protagonists into slaughtering one another (partially succeeded; ultimately failed) Force both himself the Omniverse into his twisted vision of evolution (unknown)
Manipulate the Dreadhood to it's full potential before massacring its members (succeeded)
Consume Nekrozoth and the remaining Omegas (failed)
Kill Aka Manah if it proves to his advantage
Merge the Theater Realm with the Omniverse </small>(exclusively in Season Three; failed)</small>
Observe the inhabitants of the Omniverse to his liking before making preparations for evolution
Grow (succeeded)

Powers TBA
Abilities TBA
Type of Power Chaotic
Weapon TBA
First Appearance TBA
Latest Appearance TBA
Voice Joshua Orzechowski
Featured Character? No
This reality of your's runs on thin cogs, Izzy. Like gears, almost. A life begins, another comes to its end. You make use of the earth's resources, they replenish and multiply. Every little thing is in perfect moderation. Every aspect of your impudent lives weighed and valued. All of it to allow life to prosper, to expand, to remain in balance. But, of course, there are certain...undesirables. Arrogant little people. People who consume, who devour every joy the can possibly desire. you, almost. Hahah. Everything here is flawless, Izzy. Let us pray this perfect cycle never ends.
~ Mass speaking on his desires to force the Omniverse into a "final evolution"
See? I always carry a smile with me. Because my reality is a faultless one. Unblemished, unerring....everything is as it was intended to be. My world is flawless, whirly. Your world...well, you don't seem very pleased. Infernal goats, rapist gods, spree killers...that's your life. Hunger, growth, potency...that's mine. Our lives are coalescing. It's adorable how you've convinced yourself they aren't.
~ Mass to Whirly before goring out his bowels
Like a depressed kids wrists, I will slit you like fucking cookie batter.
~ Mass taunting Izuka before flipping his intestines inside out
Be joyous...your savior has returned.
~ Darkk Mass

Missamtenebris, known alternatively as Dark Mass, is a sadistic, anti-god like organism, the true main antagonist of Myriad, an overarching antagonist of Tales of the Omniverse, and the true orchestrator behind the actions of the Dreadhood. Created as an attempt to ensure the Omniverse's survival, Mass grew obsessed with his purpose, so much to the point that he drove the Barons into near extinction before his initial confinement, though he returned soon after.

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