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The Rise of Arius (2)

General Information
Full Name Unknown
Alias Arius
Origin Arius
Class Cosmic Alien
Race Marchers
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alignment Unknown
Personality Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color None
Professional Status
Affiliation Cosmic Ones
Previous Affiliation Marchers
Occupation Cosmic Necromancer
Previous Occupation Medical Doctor (presumed)
Partner(s) Echo (former girlfriend)
Previous Partner(s) Unknown
Base of Operation Prixama
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Counterpart None
Hobbies Reanimating the dead.
Hibernate within the Cosmic Ones.
Goals Find the Cosmic Ones. (succeeded)
To turn many worlds into zombie-infested ones.
Powers Necrokinesis

Energy Projection

Abilities Intimidation
Type of Power Cosmic
Weapon Silhouette Coin
First Appearance "Arius"
Latest Appearance "Arius"
Voice Robert Picardo
Sam Witwer
Featured Character? No
I found it. I finally found. The Cosmic Ones and... I don't know what to think of it. The Cosmic Ones isn't a "god." Rather, it's a void of cosmic energy with green and blue mist combined into itself. All of this, the worshipping, the stories... all a goddamn lie and they don't know what they're believing.
~ In Arius' journal
Finally, it's time. Time to meet our elders
~ Arius preparing himself to find the "Cosmic Ones"

Arius (real name unknown) is a cosmic villain that exists within an unknown dimension in the non-canon spinoff comic, Arius.

He was apart of an alien species known as the Marchers that worshipped a collective of "gods" called the Cosmic Ones. At some point, he was lost in space due to some malfunctions but then discovered the Cosmic Ones, finding out it's a sentient space void.

Upon entering it, he was given extreme and power abilities but it also corrupted his mind, causing him to believe that the only way to create a world is if the world itself became infected with the deceased. After destroying his homeworld, he set out himself to find other worlds to infect and destroy with his Necrokinesis like abilities along with the help of the Silhouette Coin.

He was voiced by Robert Picardo and was voiced in the spinoff comic by Sam Witwer.



Arius was a Marcher scientist within the medical branch in the planet, Prixama. He heard many of the stories involving the "Cosmic Ones" and believed in the stories that the Cosmic Ones were polytheistic beings that created the marchers and Prixama itself. As a result of this, he had an obsession with finding the gods himself. He created a small spacecraft and flew off into space itself. Upon entring it, he drifted off and waited for the Cosmic Ones to exist.

Six months later, he encountered the Cosmic Ones, revealing to be a blue and green mist with yellow lightning surging around it. He soon entered it and was disappointed by the discovery. He was then struck by the Mist's lightning, changing him. So afterward, he crashed down onto the planet and soon infested it with the undead after creating an implosion.

Powers and Abilities




  • Schizophrenia: Although not explicitly explored, he has stated in his journal that after entering the Cosmic Ones, he dealt with "voices" in his head before being given his cosmic abilities. It's unknown if these voices have continued or stopped as a result of gaining his abilities.


  • Silhouette Coin: The object is a alien device created to understand other worlds and dimensions.


Arius Marcher Croak


  • He was present at the war with the Keepers and the Apothicons in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies universe.

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