The battle of Prime Moon was the last battle of the Alpha Omega Civil War, their Nekrozoth have Satan led the attack on the main gates of heaven, to show how Deus's greatest warriors have fallen to his great power. He knew that Deus have deep feeling towards his son, and so he would all into despair that he had lost his great creation to corruption. While Lucifer have breached the main gates, Nekrozoth used his brother Artillery's new weapon called the "Sun Breaker", which can shoot laser that can destroy an entire sun, on the fortress where the Prime Alpha court are at. He realized that the Alphas weren't in the fortress, and was attacked from on top. The Alphas shot beams of cosmic rays on Nekrozoth, but he used his laser eyes and killed one of the Alphas, then Deus appeared in front of Nekrozoth. He punched Nekrozoth in through space and throw him into the sun. Deus was Really mad at Nekrozoth for corrupting his son, ruining all of his and the other Alphas hard Work, and causing mass genocide to the other Alphas. Nekrozoth fought back, and gloated that he did so and explained that he didn't do this because he was a bad ruler, he did it because it was fun to him. He even told Deus that Nekrozoth knew how to be good, he knew all about it and could have been a good ruler but he denied his chance and decided to remain evil, and after he's done with him, he would kill him and the other alphas so that he can gain their powers and abilities to become more powerful, and maybe do the same with the Omegas. He even revealed to Deus that the new soldiers were actually respected, corrupt angels he called "Fallen Angels" which caused Deus to snap. Deus used some extremely powerful objects to defeat Nekrozoth. He object were Chaos stones, Daevas crafted them, but made them to powerful and so he gave it to Deus just because he knows that he could trust them. Nekrozoth was knockout, and his armies retreated due to witnessing the power of the stones.

After the war, Nekrozoth was sentenced to be trapped in the HECK Realm, and was also forced to write a peace treaty for both the Prime Alphas and Omegas. The Omniverse is at peace, Deus finally get to rule and everything is at balance, for now.

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