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Ben Diablo is one of the main protagonists of Multiversal Legends. he is Jack Spark's best friend and an ally to the legendary hero Legend. He is a reaper, beings who seek dead people and send their souls to the afterlives. His boss and father is Grimsmith Reaper the Prime Alpha of Death and his other best friend Akuma, another Reaper.


He hates it when people confuse him with a demon (as Reapers look identical to a demon) and dislikes how people can be hypocrites (says the one who is also at times a hypocrite himself). Diablo seemed to enjoy hanging out with mortal unlike the other reapers (Jack Spark for example) and enjoys hanging out with Akuma and Jack. He enjoys to crack jokes even when they are not funny at times and seems to be sarcastic at times. He also is aware of that he is a fictional character but is actually cool with it unlike others who are also aware like Nekrozoth who is nihilistic due to the knowledge. He also seemed to be the one that always aware of the cliches in the story as he does points out some flaws on the villains plans who they're motives, even the way they act.

He also doesn't enjoy killing unlike his fellow reapers as he finds it sad and unfair for mortals to dies. He seem to feel bad for mortals as they have short life spans while reapers live longer. However, he knows his duty as a reaper and is forced to kill if said person was on the death list. He has however shown exception to this, namely towards villains such as the vile misanthrope Deacon Helfyre, whom he find as one of the worst humans he stated himself that he wouldn't shed a tear if he died. He also find Niklovich ridiculously repulsive and has consider him a psycho, but he does acknowledge that the two of them are alike in similar ways but with differences in morality. He tends to hangout with Akuma at the Pandora Dimension at times simply to take joy in battling the demons imprisoned in that dimension which gives a sense of joy in battle.


Mark Diablo

He is Ben's younger cousin who live in the Pandora Dimension like him and his friend/partner Akuma. He and his cousin have a positive relationship outside of the series including in Forces. He and his cousin hangout in his own home in Forces and had a short party too.

Jack Spark

He and Jack Spark are best friends, he is very protective of Spark as he is one of the few who he considered his only friend as it was Jack who saved him from the bullies that tried to harm him. He did repaid Jack back when Jack was being attacked by one of the Power-Monger's goons prior to the series.

Grimesmith Reaper

Grimsmith is Ben's father, as well as his former boss in the Reaper business. He has a soft spot for Diablo and is aware that Ben doesn't enjoy taking lives of others so he decided to let him not kill.


A design of Ben Diablo made by one of BrandonDarkOne47's friends

The first design of Ben Diablo (originally named Jack Reaper)


  • Along with Daevas, Ben Diablo, and Hollister, Brandon is obviously an attempt to have the creator to add himself into the series as a protagonist.
  • Though his personality is somewhat different than the real life version.
  • Both Ben's designs were done by BrandonDarkOne47's friends, Zombros Engar and a friend from school.
  • He was originally gonna be named to Jack Reaper, and Brandon Banlock. He was renamed to Ben Diablo because the creator didn't like to insert his own first name onto his own work (namely the Brandon Banlock name).
  • In a way, Ben Diablo serves as a foil to Niklovich and has been considered that the two are archenemies.
    • Both of them are goofy smart mouth and supernatural beings, but Niklovich has a sadistic sense of humor and sees people getting killed as a joke.
    • Niklovich is a sadist who enjoys seeing other people killed while Ben doesn't like taking the life of another person despite being a Grimm Reaper, only killing because it's his job to do so.
    • Both of them enjoy battling other beings, but Ben only fights demons imprisoned in the Pandora Dimension (which is basically a prison dimension) and villains, while Niklovich enjoys battling and killing heroes for sport whenever he wants to.
    • Ben at least cares for his friends with genuine kindness, Niklovich only sees them as tools or extension of himself and his sadism and tends to be abusive towards them.
    • Both of them are sons of a Prime, with Ben being son of a Prime Alpha (Grimsmith Reaper) while Niklovich is the son of a powerful Prime Omega (Nekrozoth)