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Complete Monster is the worst of the worst of all villains. A complete monster is a villain who is Pure Evil, atrocious and irredeemable. And, for this kind of villain, they must have the following criteria:

  • They commit acts that are atrocious by the standards of the story, and have crossed the Moral Event Horizon. Villains who have only crossed the MEH once usually do not qualify.
  • A CM is reviled by everyone they meet. They are either hated or feared by the heroes and even some other villains.
  • Never Presented in a positive way.
  • Their actions must be taken seriously at all times and should be heinous in-universe. Comic Relief villains never qualify.
  • They can never feel love for others. If they claim to have love for anyone, that "love" would merely be either perversion, possessiveness, or obsession.
  • They are completely and eternally evil in-universe to be totally immune to compassion, redemption, empathy, sympathy, remorse and regret whatsoever.

Anti-Villains can never qualify seeing as to how you are meant to sympathize with an anti-villain, even if you do not approve of their methods. Also, just being a obviously evil character such as a Serial Killer doesn't automatically make the villain a Complete Monster unless they are particularly brutal in nature.

Don't abuse this category like how several people in different wikis had done so. If you abuse this category you'll either be warned or ban. Unless this character is a original creation and was made a complete monster than that's okay then.

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