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Characters (either villains or heroes) who are beings of worthy honor. They either fight fairly in a conflict/battle and would never resorting in dirty tricks or backstabbing somebody. They also uphold a promise be they owe a promise to a friend, companion, or even their rivals or enemies. These heroes have a habit of wanting to fight an opponent fairly that they would sometimes allow their opponent to gain an advantage. They are the polar opposite of a Cheater.

Villains can be honorable as they treat their foes and followers with respect and demonstrate some extent of mercy or fair play. They never resort cheating to win, they may avoid fighting people that are weaker, they may suppress their own power, and they may keep their end of a bargain that they promise to keep if they lose or if the hero does something they ask. Numerous times, these traits often result in the villain redeeming themselves. Many Honorable characters have a common theme of finding a "worthy opponent" and thus want the hero they fight to be strong or get stronger.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not add Pure Evil villains to this category, as villains that are Pure Evil are never presented in a positive way. Honor is a redeeming feature, and would present the villain in a positive way. Nekrozoth and Aka Manah are a good examples since though they do make promises they would backstage the person they make a deal with, Nekrozoth do at times fulfill a bargain but have it to be cursed or hexed so the deal would bind his victim's spoil to him and become his slave so in other words this is his way of backstabbing his so called Followers.

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