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I've never understand why people like you sacrifice everything for these people. Why you put your lives on the line only to be forgotten and fade into history. Look around you. You see this? This was very much my doing. But what about that? Those people...screaming....fighting....tearing at the flesh. They're scared. And why? Because they have lost hope. Because the only thing they can rely on now is YOU. They have no faith in you. It's pathetic, how far some people will go to play the role of the hero. You just want to help them. You think you can make everything right. And what happens after you defeat me? Everything goes back to as it was. You are no one. You are nothing. And them? They sit on their make-believe thrones. They have forgotten all of your sacrifices. They don't care. angers me. And it angers you. I can feel it. Here. Take the Saphire yourself. Do what must be done. Show them how WORTHLESS you really are...
~ Vekkisul
Mortals are dogs made to serve, nothing more. If you so like to save them then you might as well die with them! You see Legend? They chose this pass I created for them. They fight, they kill, they take, and they destroy and for what? Survival, that's right. Survival always justify the means, Charles Darwin actually made a theory about that and I believe it. Well I made it before he was ever born but still I believe that only the strongest, the most cunning, and the most capable beings should rise up on top of the food chain.That's why the most Evil, Maliciously cunning, and the most dangerous should rule. I'm the one who possesses all the capabilities, I am STRONG enough to kill my own brothers without any remorse, capable to force others to worship me and capable to commit the various atrocities across billions and billions of universes. You see, to me, mortals are the weakest in the food chain, that's why they're bread to serve their creators, only the strongest could rise to supremacy while the weakest will always fall to the very bottom. I'll admit it, that not all mortals are flawed or weak, like your apprentice for example but not all them has to the "good guys". We have Happy Smilestone, ooh one of my favorites. I enjoy how he makes the children scream or how he makes them KILL EACH OTHER. William Braxxon, the man who caused several heinous acts that were famous across Earth's history. Martin Pierce A.K.A. Master Onslaught was one of the most reviled and disputable beings in creation therefore I show respects too. Now you see that's why evil is superior to good, they're capable of doing more things than what you heroes are capable of. Evil is stronger, Evil is More Capable than any. Chaos equals Control, control equals Power, And Power equals Dominance.
~ Nekrozoth to Legend

Supreme Beings, also known as Tier-1 Power Level Characters or sometimes Eldritch Creatures, are deities that holds supreme leadership of the cosmos. They are an extremely rare character type in which the traditional monothestic God of most religions is seen as antagonistic.

Due to the extreme controversy such depictions cause, it has been a taboo for centuries, but has slowly began to rise in popularity as censorship (in some areas) has softened.The characterization of God as an evil or dangerous entity is as old as the concept of God himself and is inspired by the "God as Satan" debate in philosophy. Supreme beings, in most cases, hold incredible powers of creations and destruction, having either one or no true form to complement their nature.

Examples of supreme beings include Nekrozoth, Vekkisul, Velnias the Monstrous, and Malsumis. Although usually seen as antagonists, some supreme beings can be good natured such as Deus or Daevas.

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