Champion of the Multiverse (simply called Champions) is a massive story line series created by BrandonDarkOne47. It can vary on the situation the protagonist face, either a villain is seeking to conquer the Earth if not the infinite multiverse or seek to destroy it. Each season gets a main villain for example Aka Manah was the first villain for the first season. The second season we have the Omnicidel Overlord Nekrozoth who is the literal creator of evil.


Season 1

The series is about Jack Spark being chosen by Legend, the most powerful hero in the multiverse as his apprentice and take huis place of bing the Champion of the entire Omniverse. However, the Daemon Aka Manah was sent free somehow from his imprisonment and seeks to rebuild his empire through more violence and manipulation. So it's up to the new champions to stop him and save the Multiverse once again.

List of main characters

Good Guys

Bad Guys


  • Complete Monster: have it's own list.
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