The first episode/Moviesode of the Champions of the Multiverse series, a series about Jack Spark discovering that he has a bigger purpose in reality, which is to protect the Multiverse from a great evil.

The greatest evil has awoken in the Omniverse. The Champions of the Multiverse must join forces and finish a war Deus had started eons ago.



The cube stood flying in the grey bottomless sky which carried the eternal flame until a sudden boost of negative energy throughout the Omniverse, known as The Shattering of Souls, dismantled Manah's prison long enough for him to escape. A goat headed demon emerge. It was a humanoid ram with razor sharp teeth and glowing red eyes wearing a well tailored black suit with a black overcoat and a red scarf around his neck. He seems to have some kind of imprint on his forehead, which allows him to channel his powers, and is seen carrying around a Victorian-Era marionette. The Keeper, cradling the Eternal Flame in his arms, stars at Manah as he slowly rises off of the ground.

  • Aka Manah; I'm baaaaack!

The Keeper lays the pot down at Manah's feet, his hands shaking with fear, and runs.

  • Aka Manah: And this time....(crushes the Everlasting Flame)...there's no precious pot to stop me!

Ten portals emerges and ten humans clad in advanced armor caring laser guns come out, taking aim at Manah.

  • Citadel Commander; But you're hands up asshole!
  • Aka Manah; Do I know you?
  • Citadel Commander; Ready!
  • Aka Manah; This taking a LOT longer than it should. I feel you're milking this. Just shoot me already!!!
  • Citadel Commander; Aim!
  • Aka Manah; Guys, if you take this long I'm afraid I'm going to have time to kill you and escape. You do know that right?
  • Citadel Commander; Fire!
  • Aka Manah; You DO hear me, right?

The Citadel soldiers press the trigger. No bullets emerged from their weapons. They all look up at Aka Manah and drop their weapons. The others slowly back away as the leader looks at his men and draws a combat knife.

  • Citadel Commander: Useless fucks. I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF.

The Citadel Commander swings at Manah. He grabs the Commander by the neck and slowly lifts him upwards, forcing him to look into his eyes. Manah's eyes begin glowing maroon red as his face shifts and distorted in horrifying ways. The Citadel Commander screams before having a panic attack and dying. Manah drops his corpse to the ground and stares at the other soldiers.

  • Aka Manah; What are does faces for? You trapped me in a cube for an eon, and expect me NOT to be pissed off?!

Aka Manah summons fire and burned the rest of the citadel guards to death. One guard remains, slowly crawling away. Manah uses telekinetically pulls him back and grabs him by the neck, slowly tightening his grasp.

  • Aka Manah; The Stone?

The guard spits in Manah's face and begins to struggle.


Annoyed, Manah snaps the guards neck and let's his corpse fall to the ground. A red portal appears behind Manah as the camera closes in. Manah looks at the damage he causes. A slight smile creeps across his face as his eyes light up.

The scene switches to a close up of Jack Spark's eye, which shoots open seconds later. Another shot reveals he is floating in some kind of black void, as if he were swimming. Bubble emerge from his face as he screams and flails his arms around, panicking. A light suddenly illuminates the darkness. He looks upwards where the light is coming from and begins swimming towards it. A black tentacle laced with purple spikes emerges from behind him and wraps around his leg. Out of the darkness, a face forms, illuminated by a purple glow. Spark is suddenly pulled back. He wakes up in his bed in a barracks alongside twenty other beds.

  • Luther: Spark...what time is it?
  • Spark: Um, 4 I guess.
  • Luther: Oh.

Luther lies back down. Spark does the same, relaxing, and closing his eyes before Luther wakes up again seconds later.

  • Luther: YOU WOKE ME UP AT 4, ASSHAT?!

The scene ends and the opening credit appears.

Chapter One

Jack gets ready to go to Champions High, a school where volunteers go to train to become heroes of the entire Multiverse. Their he met his best friend Brandon Banlock who is waiting in line to get a burrito.

  • Spark: What's up Ban?
  • Banlock: JackI've been waiting for you. Do you have any money with you?
  • Spark: Excuse me?
  • Banlock: They got that new burrito and I'm broke as fuck. So may you please lend me some cash?
  • Spark: Really?
  • Banlock: Come on just do me a favor.
  • Spark: Ugh fine but this is the last favor I'm going to for you okay? Five dollars is all I'm going to give.

Spark lend Banlock five dollars for his burrito.

  • Banlock: Thanks pal.
  • Spark: You're welcome.

Jack walks away to the Champions High, Their he hears a grown man screaming in pain. He search where the screaming comes from, he walks into an alleyway where he finds a businessman from a company called Braxcorp being assaulted by two thugs. One was tall, african american and wearing shades while the other is mexican wearing black jeans and with a goatee.

  • Steven: Power Monger wants that serum now so give us the case or else we cause more trouble for you punk. Am I right Burk.

Burk who is the african american brought out a gun and responded.

  • Burk: stop talking Steven and just get the job done.
  • Spark: Man you guys are so cliche.
  • Steven: Now who the hell is this kid.
  • Spark: Well the name's Jack Spark, but my friends call me...
  • Steven: Nobody gives a damn (aims the gun at Jack Spark's head).
  • Spark: Rude, Just having a nice introduction and now you guys starting just being assholes.
  • Steven: Kill this fucker's ass.
  • Spark: You're going to kill a kid? Now that's sick right their now.
  • Burk: Oh shut the hell up!

Burk pulls the trigger and the scene go slow motion, the bullet went straight towards Jack's head until he pulls out his energy light sword to deflected the bullet. Both Thugs including the assaulted business man looked surprised.

  • Burk: Aw shit here we go again!
  • Steven: It's one of those damn Champions!

Both Thugs run but Jack uses his telekinesis to pick the thugs up and slammed them to the ground. He then pick up Burk and pulled him towards himself.

  • Spark: So who is this guy you work for again?
  • Burk: His name is Nunya ficking business.
  • Spark: You do know I'll figure it out anyways right?
  • Burk: Do what you want kid! I ain't no snitch. Force won't do shit.
  • Spark: First of all, I'm actually a champion in training which makes it more embarrassing for you guys to lose to the likes of me. Second, since when I ever mentioning about forcing you to talk?

Jack places his hands on Burk's head which shows him visions on the person Burk and Steven.

  • Spark: Oh I see, Aaron Jedediah Peterson A.K.A. the Power-Monger. Typical, And I thought you guys work for some old fashion crime boss or something.
  • Burk: Kid you're fucking with the wrong guy! Power-Monger will gut your bitch ass.
  • Spark: Yeah I face that guy before and put him in jail. So I guess he ain't a threat to me.

Jack through Burk to a pile of trash and then walked to the assaulted business man to help him up.

  • Spark: Sorry for what just happen.
  • Businessman: Thank you! Thank You! How would I ever repay you kid?
  • Spark: Oh you don't have to, Just here to help and be a hero.
  • Businessman: Oh shit I'm late for work! hey kid do you have those portal shards anywhere, I'm late for an important meeting.
  • Spark: Luckily I do, where you work?
  • Businessman: Braxcorp, main street.
  • Spark: Wait a minute, you work at Braxcorp? The biggest company in the world?
  • Businessman: Yeah, is there something wrong sir?
  • Spark: Oh... Um... never mind.

Spark gave then businessman a Portal shard where the Businessman use it on the wall of a building. He made a big portal that leads to the front entrance to BraxCorp. Jack then walks back and sat down onto one of those containers.

  • Spark: I can't believe it. I helped a man who works with that human garbage.
  • Mystery man: Well believe it kid.

Jack saw a man in a trench coat with sunglasses on, he has blond hair and looks like he is built like superman. Jack got up and brought out his energy sword.

  • Spark: Okay I just wrecked those two guys so if you come here for any trouble...
  • Mystery man: My name is Jon Hyperius, CEO of Hyperius industries. I saw what you did with these here criminals, you've done a great job but just one mistake.
  • Spark: Well what did I do wrong?
  • Hyperius: Well first, The criminals escaped where you should have used one of your portal shards to teleport them to the authorities.

Jack notice the guys did actually left and felt a little embarrassed.

  • Hyperius: And that man works for maniacal megalomaniac and is carrying some dangerous chemicals made for creating super-soldiers so William Braxxon can take over the world
  • Spark: Wait a minute are you serious!?
  • Hyperius: To be honest that was a guess but still, William Braxxon is not a man to be trusted with such power. I know those are dangerous chemicals since Power-Monger made them, and Power-Monger. Well technically he hired someone to make those chemicals but still was his idea. I'm here to recruit you, Your the guy I need.
  • Spark: sorry pal I'm late for class and I haven't even heard of you soo... Bye (starts walking away).
  • Hyperius: Well kid you don't have to worry about class since I founded Champion High.
  • Spark: Yeah right. Everyone knows Legend was the one that founded Champions High, and you my good sir are no Legend.
  • Hyperius: Well here's my proof.

Hyperius transformed into a godly angelic warriors, possessing Golden armor that shines with a white hood on it. Golden energy resembling wings started coming from his back and wielded a divine energy sword with the color of good. Jack looked at Hyperius A.K.A. Legend HIMSELF stunned as he couldn't believe he is face to face of the legendary hero.

  • Spark: Awww shiiiii...
  • Legend: Watch your language please.
  • Spark: Oh... Sorry... It's just... FREAKING LEGEND HIMSELF IS CHOOSING ME HELP HIM!!!!!
  • Legend: Yes and now if you can please calm down.
  • Spark: oh yes I well.
  • Legend: Okay now William Braxxon is not a man to be trusted with, he is working with guys he shouldn't be working with.
  • Spark: What terrorists?
  • Legend: Don't interrupt please.
  • Spark: Oh sorry...
  • Legend: Now as I was saying, Braxxon is collaborating with someone that... well let's say it isn't from this world. Nor this dimension.
  • Spark: Wait is this guy a daemon or some sort of cosmic entity?
  • Legend: The "Daemon" doesn't really have a name, but by Chituaurian language calls him Aka Manah, a demonic warlord created by a Prime Omega.
  • Spark: A Prime What?
  • Legend: I'll explain about those guys later, but we need to stop Braxxon and Aka Manah before they cause more trouble. Care to jon or not?
  • Spark: Yes sir.

The scene ends there and is cut to the next scene.

Chapter Two

William Braxxon, the CEO of BraxCorp enterprises, is having a small, but important meeting with one of his men whom he notice is extremely late. The Man whom Jack Spark saved had finally arrived for the meeting. The meeting that was so important only consist of Braxxon himself, and the man wit the brief case.

  • Braxxon: You are late Mr. Ornstein.
  • Ornstein: Sorry boss, Power-Monger's goon jumped me and...
  • Braxxon: Do you have the brief case with my... chemicals?
  • Ornstein: Yes sir, inside the brief case is the chemises that would surely allow you to finally accomplish Project Pandora's Box.

Ornstein open the brief case which contain chemicals called "Subject P", the oozes are scarlet red, green, and gold.

  • Braxxon: good.

Braxxon brought out his gun and shot Ornstein in the head, killing him instantly. Braxxon snapped his fingers and two men wearing black suits with shads and identical scars carried the dead body or Ornstein. Braxxon closed the brief case and the second man with the scar took the brief case away and left the room.

  • Aka Manah: Don't like people being late aye?

Braxxon looked at the shadowy corner and saw Aka Manah standing there looking at Braxxon straight in the eye.

  • Braxxon: Who th-oh, for shit's sake. I wonder when you broke out of that stupid looking cube. I actually missed you after all.
  • Aka Manah: Damn. That hurt Willy, after a few centuries and this is the welcome I recieve? And I thought we were pals unlike that taitor of a friend Nekrozoth.
  • Braxxon: Aka Manah we were never friend, EVER. So now you're free as I suspect, why are you in my office without permission. If you weren't Daemon I would have my men gun you on site.
  • Aka Manah: Well I sadly have to point out the obvious that I am already a Daemon, if not MORE.
  • Braxxon: What do you want from me. I can see you are no longer allies with my master.
  • Aka Manah: First, I heard you needed help with this Project Pandora thing or whatever Greek-inspired venture you've been working on. So, I needed your help through this here "project" in exchange for a little "interest". You see where I'm heading with this, don't you Willy?
  • Braxxon: Let me guess, you seek to rebuild your old empire through more violence and manipulation.
  • Aka Manah: Oh Mr. Braxxon don't be a hypocrite, you have done the same thing through your ten thousand year life time as well.
  • Braxxon: What do you WANT from me exactly, daemon.

Braxxon looks up from his desk only to realize that Manah has disappeared. He looks around in shock as the camera switches angles to reveal Manah behind him, slowly leaning in.

  • Aka Manah: Here's the thing...
  • Braxxon: HOLY SHIT!! Where did you come from?
  • Aka Manah: In case you somehow haven't noticed, I am nearly omnipresent...

Manah slams his fist on the table, his face twisted into a slightly distorted form.

  • Aka Manah: NEARLY. That damn word keeps toying with me.
  • Braxxon: Feeling egotistical today, aren't you precious?
  • Aka Manah: Well, doctor, when you've been thrown around, biased, and underestimated you're whole life...

Smoke begins flaring from Manah's nostrils as a sudden burst of flames comes out of his mouth with every word.

  • Aka Manah: Then maybe, just maybe, YOU WOULD BE MORE LIKE ME, NOW WOULDN'T YOU?!
  • Braxxon: You know, I don't really give a shit about you're tragic background. Just tell me what you want and leave.

Manah returns to normal, stopping near a window before glancing over his shoulder at Braxxon.

  • Aka Manah: You know that containment facility in Earthrealm? That would be a LOVELY place to start.

Puppet strings wrap around Braxxon's legs and he is suddenly pulled out of his chair and towards Manah, who holds him up by the throat.

  • Aka Manah: Don't you think so?

The scene ends and cuts to next part.

Chapter Three

  • Spark: Where are we going exactly?
  • Legend: We're visiting some old friends shall we say.
  • Spark: And by whom Friends do you mean exactly?
  • Legend: Just follow me and listen, okay?
  • Spark: Okay

As Spark and Legend (back in mortal form) are driving to Champions High, They find Banlock surrounded by some goons.

  • Spark: Ah shit, not Banlock!
  • Legend: You know him?
  • Spark: His my friend! Legend we got to hand;e this before...!

Banlock pulls out a scythe, then his face transform as he grow red horns and he began to have demon looking eyes. With just one swipe with his scythe he defeated the criminals through some form of energy blast.

  • Spark: Oh... Never mind then.
  • Legend: A reaper? I thought they were suppose to be in the Underworld or reaping souls. Jack your very lucky to have him as a friend.
  • Spark: Excuse me, what is a reaper exactly? Brandon never EVER told this before.
  • Legend: Jack you went to Champions High and you never heard of a Prime Omega or a Reaper before.
  • Spark: I never got to that point though, Plus I'm a Champion in training
  • Banlock: What you talking about?

Jack and Legend startled as Banlock teleports in the car. Both Legend and Jack look back to find Banlock at the back of the car.

  • Spark: Where the hell you came from?!
  • Banlock: Bro you saw what did to those assholes, that was lit right?
  • Legend: I was actually going to pick you up too just to let you know.
  • Banlock: Who's this guy?
  • Spark: Banlock this is Legend himself.
  • Banlock: Yeah right, now stop playing games and tell me who the heck this dude is.
  • Legend: No his right I'm Legend. You know me right?
  • Banlock: Yeah you're Jon Hyperius from Hyperius Industries who are rival companies to BraxCorp and is the president's BBF. I heard you somehow have Beef with that Malroc guy from DIscordiae, seriously what's with you guys? Did Malroc fucked your mom or something?
  • Spark: Brandon!!! What the Hell!!??
  • Banlock: hey This dude is weird to me bro.
  • Spark: Your a damn reaper!
  • Banlock: Now how the hell you know that?
  • Legend: That's enough bot how you! This is no time to aced childish, The whole universe is at stake here. Now Brandon Banlock I'm here to take you and your friend Jack here to be my apprentices and to help me stop Aka Manah from what ever he is planning.
  • Spark: wait a minute apprentice?
  • Legend: YES! As my apprentices. I don't want to do this job alone, so I need people good enough to protect this omniverse from dangers. Now you understand?
  • Spark: Please stop the car.
  • Legend: Excuse me:
  • Banlock: Oh no, you better stop the car now . I know what's going to happen.
  • Legend: Okay?

Legend parked the car next to the park, Jack leaves the car and when he enters the park he then screams in excitement. He then reenters the car and put on his seatbelt again.

  • Spark: Okay carry on.
  • Legend: Okay? Not going to ask questions here.

Legend starts the car again, the he and his new students drive off to what ever they're going.

Chapter Four

Two camera goes over the SCP Foundation, showing off the entire foundation before cutting to two guards standing guard near the front deck, smoking cigars.

  • SCP Guard: Whoa, what the hell are those?
  • SCP Officer: These guys?

SCP officer extends arm, showing off a strip of thermal grenades.

  • SCP Officer: Shakers. That's what the fellas at Citadel call them. One of these boys could fuck up a whole time line if you're not-

The ground starts shaking, first starting off with just the officers coffee cup before turning into a massive earthquake. They look up and see a tear in reality appear across the sky. The SCP Guard backs up in fear, clutching his gun. The SCP Officer takes a few steps forward, taking his cigar out of his mouth.

  • SCP Officer: What the hell?

The scene cuts to the inside of the facility, showing the ground shaking viciously and lights rapidly flickering. Scientists run for their lives as the many monsters are released from their prisons, massacring them one by one. A female scientist runs inside of a storage room, hiding behind a paper cabinet. She glances to her right and sees a bleeding guard shivering, motioning for her to stay quiet as a wild firefight is heard outside.

  • Scientist: Wh-...why us?
  • Guard: Shut the hell up, lady. You're gonna get me killed you crazy bi-...

A fiery explosion occurs from outside, the flames shattering the windows. The two looks outside and see a large legion of daemons marching through the flames as others cry out in anguish. They turn around again and see Aka Manah's silhouette from a window in the door, showing him slowly walking by before stopping and glancing at them, his eyes lighting up red. The women screams as the guard tries to muzzle her. Manah's stare intensifies and the cabinets suddenly transform into hordes of insects.

  • Scientist: MAKE IT STOP!!!

The bugs jump on the lady and guard, slowly devouring them. Manah, still looking through the window, tilts his head slightly before moving on down the hallway. The camera does a final shot of the destroyed facility, showing portals opening and legions of both daemons and horrific monsters marching over the bodies of fallen guards and soldiers.

The scene cuts to a white room, showing a boy rocking himself in the corner of said room. The metal door separating the boy off from the rest of the facility suddenly burst open, Manah carefully walking through.

  • Boy: Daddy?
  • Aka Manah: Do I look like you're fucking father?
  • Boy: You're making me mad goat man.
  • Aka Manah: Yes, tha-...wait. Did you say goat?
  • Boy: Yes.

Manah snaps his fingers and the room's white walls begin displaying images of horrific torture experiments and surgeries, similar to a green screen. The boy looks around in horror, his eyes glowing yellow.

  • Boy: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

The boy suddenly morphs into the Scarlet King, puss and blood leaking from his mouth as he takes heavy breaths.

  • Aka Manah: Ah, there you are! I was worried you weren't going to come out from that little eggshell of a body for a second.

Manah snaps his fingers again and the room returns to its original state. He looks at the Scarlet King, annoyed.

  • Aka Manah: Happy?
  • Scarlet King: And what is it you seek of me, daemon?
  • Aka Manah: What IS it that I seek. Hmmm. Well, let's see. From what I've learned before my INCREDIBLY unfortunate "defeat" at the hands of those putrid...little...FUCKING GOD WANNABES!! And here I am. So, using you're rather DIVERSE sense of dialogue decide.
  • Scarlet King: Stop with the games daemon. You're futile attempts at gaining my trust are going in vain.
  • Aka Manah: What? GAIN YOU'RE TRUST? Oh, you poor bastard. I'm not here to gain anything from you.

Manah extends his hand at Manah, telekinetictly thrusting him against one of the room walls.

  • Aka Manah: I'm here to take it. All of it. Now...

Manah twirls his hand around, making a small dagger with the mark of the divine entwined into it appearing his hand. He proceeds to hold the dagger up to Scarlet King's chest.

  • Aka Manah: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, where are those little Stones? And let me remind you, unlike those mortal guns, this CAN hurt you.
  • Scarlet King: You're too late Manah. Deus' remaining forces created a divine barrier around the Cathedral. Those precocious little Stones of yours are beyond you're access.
  • Aka Manah: Hehe. Well, I'm sure there must be some sort of reasonable way to settle this pea-WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN BEYOND MY ACCESS?!
  • Scarlet King: You would need to possess demigod-hood to break the barrier. Something you don't hold in you're firm grasp across the Omniverse.

Manah extends his hand to hit the Scarlet King before stopping himself, a grin spreading across his face.

  • Aka Manah: Oh, I believe there is, Scarlet. I honestly believe there is. And you're going to help me find it.

He pressed the dagger against the Scarlet King's chest, leaving a small cut from which a drop of black blood runs down his chest.

  • Aka Manah: But then again, you can always die.

Dramatic music comes to a roll and the scene cuts out.

Chapter Five

Legend and his new students parked in front of the entrance to his Mansion, Jack, Legend, and Banlock come out of the car and enter the mansion. Spark stares at the impressive building in awe as Legend and Banlock enter.

  • Spark: Holy sh-
  • Legend: Boy! We're on a time crunch. Come on, you can look around later.
  • Spark: Oh, yeah. (Whispering) Holy shit.
  • Legend: No profanity on my grounds please.

The three enter the building and walk through a waterfall-like structure, leading into a massive library. Aliens wearing blue robes are tending to the many books on the shelves.

  • Legend: This is the Chronicles Library. Al knowledge in the Omniverse is harbored here. Feel free to look around, as you'll be harbored here for the next few days.
  • Spark: Wow, All of this are the history of the entire Omniverse?
  • Legend: Of course, Xeron and Lighron gave them to me to remember my past and duty. Right now I must go on a important meeting so I must let you guys stay here. Do NOT, and I mean DO NOT do anything bad while I'm gone, I don't want those cliche with one of you guys screwing around and accidnrtly causing trouble causing. This mansion is filled with mythical and dangerous objects your brains can't comprehend, YET. Yo got that?
  • Spark: I won't.
  • Banlock: Sure.
  • Legend: Good. Orbix! Jonas! Take them to their rooms please, and make sure they're feed as well.

The two aliens in blue robes came and they escorted the two young champions in training to the kitchen while Legend went to his office where he have his holographic screen. He turns on the screen where a shadowy man is sitting and have his hands placed onto his desk.

  • Shadowy man: Are the trainees here Mr. Hyperius?
  • Legend: Yes Mr. S, they're in my care.
  • Mr. S: Good. Because Aka Manah just open a portal and destroyed the SCP facility at EarthRealm.
  • Legend: Excuse m what!?
  • Mr. S: This day couldn't get any worse, I even heard that Braxxon is now starting a gang war with the Power-Monger as well.
  • Legend: I heard, one of his lackeys was assaulted by one of Power-Monger's goons for stealing something. Maybes guest is he just stole those new chemicals he gotten from this guy simply called "Mr. Benefactor".
  • Mr. S: Who ever this Benefactor guy is now is a problem we will have to solve later. Right now we must stop Aka Manah and Braxxon before he....

The Holographic screen starts glitching, change into something else.

  • Mr. S screen: �̴̦͍͖͛̇�̶̟̊͐︎̶̲͂̆̉͆͂̕♏̴̥̟̗̩̭̈́́̓̎̈́͑︎̴͙̮̯̾̍͗̇͆͜❍̴͍̯͖̺̫͓̙͌̎͛͌͆̆̚︎̵̘̣̾□̸̘̒︎̸̨̱̠̯̰̯̄̃͘■̸̛͕̮̾͂̌̈́͒̍︎̶̢͇͎̳̟̙̫͌́̉͆́ ̵̲̥̇͘□̸͇̳͚̭̗̔͌́̂͝︎̴̨̩̪̆̄♐̶̹̻̭̠̜̘̻̿̒̏͠︎̶̛̩̑͗ ̴̢͓̞̭̬̈̌͊̉͂̅̂♎̸̳̙̔͒̆̚︎̸̠̤̗̺̬̿♏̸̛̳͉̝̫̖̃̔̐︎̶̢̪͚̙͉͌̊̈⬧̵̩̼̣̯͛̕̚︎̵͎̞̌̂̿̅⧫̶̤̀̓̌̈́̂̄︎̴̘͑̾͝❒̸̩͋͛ͅ︎̷̧̻̯̪̻̍̈́̿͌◆̸̳̱̲̣̼͑͂͆͝ͅ︎̵̜̤͙̫̫͕͎̓͂♍̶̹̠̬̠̎̒͂̎͝︎̷̢͈̤̘̲̈̋̈́⧫̸̳̗͓̟͔̞͓̇︎̸̡͓̟͈̦̦͌̂♓̴̹̈͑̕︎̸̱̮͐̑͊͑͗□̶̱͕̼̯̝̟̏̒̋͂̆̿︎̸̮͐͊̃̓■̶̺̱͎͙͔̎͋̓︎̵͇̍̈́
  • Legend: Mr. S?

Aka Manah appears in the screen, with Braxxon on his side.

  • Aka Manah: Hello there tall-shiny-and-emo.
  • Legend: Aka Manah, and William Braxxon, or should I say the Nameless Evil and Cain.
  • Braxxon: You just love pissing me off with my real name, don't you, you little dy-...
  • Aka Manah: Shut the fuck up Willy, this between me and him. So Mr. Hyperactive or whatever name you're taking this eon, how was life while I was gone for CENTURIES. ALONE.
  • Legend: What are you guys up to!?
  • Aka Manah: You heroes and the "What are you up to villain!" cliches. I'm just here for a little construction criticism, you see,
  • Braxxon: That's totally different than what you told...

Aka Manah telekinetically choked Braxxon so he could shut him up.

  • Aka Manah: Now Willy, you best LEAVE since you just RUINED the moment.

William Braxxon disappear from the scene, so now it's just the Daemon and the Warriror.

  • Legend: Well? What do you want from me?
  • Aka Manah: Here's a hint Champion: if I wanted the Chaos Stones, what's the FIRST thing I would do. Take you're time. It's a tough one.

Chapter Six

Jack and Banlock sat next to each other, they were being served ribs and pork chops at the dining table. the two Aliens were guarding the door. Legend bursts through the door.

  • Legend: Jack! Banlock! We are going to Gotham.
  • Spark: Wait a minute, like Gotham Gotham? Where Batman lives?
  • Banlock: but I never get to finish my ribs.
  • Legend: We have no time, Aka Manah is going their to get the first infinity stone.
  • Spark: What for? An Infinity stone only works in it's respective universe, if he merely bring all of them to a different universe they're useless. He'll just basically wear a golden glove with pretty jewelry.
  • Legend: Not unless he gets the universe stone, with it the never where he is basically a demigod.
  • Spark: but why he needs a Infinity stone, I heard he wants the Chaos stone as much as that Nekrozoth guy.
  • Legend: because Spark, the Chaos stone is located at the Cathedral of Justice. Plus it is protected by some barrier created by the Prime Alphas to keep anybody away as the stones are more tempting than even the One Ring.
  • Banlock: Can I at least bring some of my unfinished food?
  • Legend: Well hurry we don't have time!

Scene cuts to show Manah sitting in his throne, watching over a solar system. Two Prime Omegas stand by either side of his throne guarding him. Braxxon enters through a massive doorway.

  • Braxxon: Well? The Stone is still in place, isn't it?
  • Aka Manah: Exactly where it was for the last sixteen eons.
  • Braxxon: So what the hell are we still doing here?
  • Aka Manah: (chuckles to himself) Oh, Willy. So small minded. Always forgetting to look at the bigger picture. You see this?

Manah stretches out his hand to indicate the solar system in front of him.

  • Aka Manah: This, my friend, is the Fifth Realm. An origin point for life as we know it. Those stars? They carry enough energy to-...
  • Braxxon: For FUCK'S sake, just get to the point!
  • Aka Manah: My point is, in a mere few hours, Legend his little pussy entourage will arrive at Gotham.
  • Braxxon: Then let's go get the damn Stone already!
  • Aka Manah: No, ass hat, we WANT them to arrive! If we invade during their stay, we could get the Stone and have that pest out of the way from the very beginning.
  • Braxxon: Are you sure? Cuz this seems a little risky.
  • Aka Manah: Relax Willy. My forces are already prepared. All we have to do is wait for them to arrive.

Aka Manah once again gazes at the Fifth Realm, preparing to snap his fingers.

  • Aka Manah: But in the meantime...

Chapter Seven

mean while in Gotham City, Jokee and his "girlfriend" Harley Quinn are running from something, Joker had a frighten look in his eyes as he thins whoever he is running from. Harley vanish as someone took her into the shadows. Then Joker was trapped in a dead in of the ally. He turned around and then he finally spoke


Then he was shot in the leg, the man he was running from revealed himself from the shadows. He wore a black suit with a smile face botton on it, he wore a mask that is also a smiling face. Then small goblin like children appears along with a woman dressed like a mime.

  • Happy masked man: Your job is all I want from you. Along wit this city, and Batman...
  • Joker: Who the FUCK are you.
  • Happy: Call me Happy. Happy Smilestone.
  • Joker: SMILESTONE, that is a shitty...

The happy masked man shot Joker in the head, then he turns ti the woman in red.

  • Happy: Vendetta you bitch, Listen before you fucking acted.
  • Vendetta: Sorry mister Huhmberback...

the man named Smilestone slapped the female mime in the face so hard that she fell to the ground.

  • Happy: Useless whore I told you to never speak dammit! And it's HAPPY FUCKING SMILESTONE. NEVER HUHMBERBACK! HIS DEAD NOW!

The female mime got up, and then Happy turned to the dead corspe that was the Joker.

  • Happy: Now that his gone, I get to kill the Batman myself. Then, Gotham, then ,maybe destroy this world as well.

The phone in hiss pocket rang, he the picked it up and answered it.

  • Happy: Smiletone here.
  • Mysterious Caller: Smiley, I've got a situation here. It's that Spark kid again.
  • Happy: What about the damn kid? he's no problem for me.
  • Mysterious Caller: He's coming to the world your at, and he's with Legend...

A since of dread is felt across Happy's body.

  • Happy: (Gulp) Why is he coming here?
  • Mysterious Caller: Something about an Infinity Stone. Don't know why they want it. Maybe it will finally get his pickled ass laid or somethin'.

Happy then looked around, then look back at his phone.

  • Happy: Who is this anyway

The scene cuts back to a man with shades, he wore a leather jacket and is carrying a bat, and has a goatee on his face.

  • Man with Goatee: Artillery.

He hangs up the phone then he looks back at a man in a orange-red suit and glasses.

  • Artillery: Guess we got to get to Gotham city then Power-Monger.
  • Power-Monger: Good, that little bastard's going to pay for interfering with something that was never his business.
  • Artillery: Calm own Aarron, Legend is with him, so if we mess with the kid without a plan then what we're work so hard for would be useless. So, we wait, and think. This time...

Artillery pulls out a remote and flips a switch. A building three blocks away detonates. Screams and sirens are heard as he turns back to Power-Monger.

  • Artillery: All the divine shit in the world won't save them.

The scene ends, and so did this episode. Stay tuned.

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