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Through Chaos we are completed
~ The Motto for the Chaotic Elites

The chaotic Elites are one of the main antagonist of the Multiversal Legends franchise. They are led by DarkLord Zehk Chaoside most knowably as GrandMaster Chaos.they are an evil organization who want to dominate the multiverseand rule it in eternal chaos and evil.


The Elite was founded by Grandmaster Chaos himself, after the attack from the champions he decided to create his own bred of evil champions. He recruit his first Champion, a mad supremacist named Martin Pierce, Martin was about to take death row for murdering his family (Daughter, son and his wife killed by him), before that could happen Grandmaster came to Pierce and offer him power and a chance to continue his experiments. Martin was later renamed Master Onslaught (or Mastrion for short) and was one of the most evil and sinister beings in existence.

Then the second was a former nazi named Baron Vile, heVile one day encountered Chaos and was offered a place on the Chaotic Elites, a world conquering mercenary group ofupervillains and extremely powerful conquerors. Vile accepted the Offer as the US government have started to catch up on him and worries they could call Legend to take care of him.


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