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Choll is a neutral character in the multiversal legends mythos. He is a former multiversal warrior who fight in neither side in the war until he fought Nekrozoth. He is one of the titular characters in Choll vs Nekrozoth.


He was once a science experiment to try to make the ultimate warrior, the scientist were a mysterious alien race that actually succeeded in doing so but somehow went exstinct. Choll was the only survivor and so he traveled to distant planets and met Xeron the god of magic whom he became his master.

Years later Choll became stronger and wanted to test that power. Xeron warned him to stay out of the war and never fight Nekrozoth the evil god who Choll feared. Choll again traveled across the universe fighting the strongest opponents ever until their was known left.

Choll then mastered the ability to travel through dimensions and became a multiverse traveller, he fought almost every thing he come across until he finally met Nekrozoth. Choll, not afraid of Nekrozoth anymore arrogantly challenge Nekrozoth to a duel in which almost caused Choll's life. Choll finally learned his mistakes and retreated and never want to fight again.

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