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Your priceless, you know? Just absolutely priceless. How you believe they'll you believe they'll risk their lives for someone as INSIGNIFICANT as you. Hope is what keeps you alive. As I feed off of your delusions and emotions, you feed off of the belief that there will be someone waiting for you in the worst of times. Someone to hold your hand. Deus has fallen. My Champions have made sure of that. Nothing stands between you and the Omniverse - MY Omniverse. Reality is nothing like your scagged off fantasies. Reality is so plain...simple...tasteless. Reality is a disgusting part of life. A part of life your confined to. But why is it like that? I could change reality, if you like. I've toppled gods, reshaped Multiverses...your reality is completely in my hands. It can be whatever you wish. You can escape it, Dariun. Take flight. And all I ask of you is to take me by the hand and surrender your aching that to much to ask of you?
~ Chromazol attempting to manipulate Dare
Humanity irritates me. You can graph the stars, defy gravity, topple nations, claim the outrageous...and yet your so BLIND to what's in front of you. What you don't want to believe. Your each born flawed, unique, perfect, and YOU WANT TO CHANGE THAT? It's obvious even to you how pointless your struggles are. Atheists are frightened children who claim to know things they themselves can't understand. Traditionalists are mindless men who refused to let go of their teachings and take in the world around them. Mormons just can't keep it in their pants. In your quest to perfection, you've only ruined yourselves. There's a special place in Hell reserved for you. And if there isn't...well, we should start making room.
~ Chromazol's most famed monologue
Logic? I'm a fucking green screen monster with a .jpg static-fuzz filter! What kind of logic do you think I abide by?
~ Chromazol when questioned whether or not he abides by logic

✋︎■︎♐︎♓︎■︎♓︎⧫︎♏︎♍︎□︎■︎⬧︎◆︎❍︎♏︎❒︎, commonly referred to as Chromazol the Infinite or simply as Chromazol, is a malevolent supreme deity of infinite energy, a master manipulator, and the ultimate antagonist of the Multiversal Legends web-series created by BrandonDarkOne47 and HeresJosh. A side effect of the Hollister's potent medications following an unspecified event that left him hateful and doubtful of mankind, leading to the being's creation. Chromazol exists only to express the Hollister's inner frustrations and insecurities, seeking to fulfill himself through becoming one with the concept of infinity. Whereas Nekrozoth, a former champion of Chromazol, wishes to bring an end of emotion in the Omniverse, Chromazol seeks to do the complete opposite, flooding the Multiverses with the most intense and unstable of emotions. Though his exact motivations are kept in the dark, Chromazol appears to suffer to numerous personality disorders and mental illnesses, likely being the cause behind his sociopathic tendencies and genocidal behavior.

Being a literal "green-screen of reality", Chromazol represents infinity itself and is therefor devastatingly powerful, with no known ways of completely destroying it besides the Hollister's eventual death in the real world. Similarly to supreme beings such as Nekrozoth, Vekkisul, and the Scarlet King, Chromazeth is relatively close to the likes of an anti-god, physiology wise. Many of his notable attributes include omniscience, omnimanifestation (or the ability to take any physical form he pleases), ultipotence, and complete and illogical immortality. He was described as a calculating, violent being by the people of the Ancient Omniverse, luring them into the surrounding woods through mesmerizing sounds. Chromazeth would then conduct sadistic experiments on his captives, testing both their physical and spiritual strength. After deeming them as worthless, Chromazeth consumed the entirety of the remaining village.