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Colonel Voldrac Reddeth Deatheart is a villain in the Multiversal Legends mythos. He is a ruthless, cold, and heartless nazi general as well as a high ranking member in the Omega Empire. He runs his own personal concentration that contains POWs, Rebels, and those who questions the authority of the Empire. He also leads a group of super soldiers that exterminate a large amount of people in both Hell and the HECK Realm as a way to "weed out potential threats". He is now working as one of Nekrozoth's Horsemen of the Apocalypse due to his cold hearted and cruel personality.


Voldrac has a extremely low regard towards all life in general which is why he joined the Omega Empire after learning of Nekrozoth's omnicidal tendencies. He is highly sophisticated, menacingly calm, and has a very high strategic mind. He is as stated before incredibly heartless even towards his own men as he does not care for anything or anybody, including his very life (justified since showing compassion towards others is a sign of weakness). His cold and cunning personality gave him a big reputations amongst even the daemons themselves being a highly feared and despised individual. Despite being one of most hated individuals in the empire, he is somewhat honorable in a fight as he prefer to fight alone unless the time calls for it. He could keep his word if it suits him in a matter of pragmatism. There is times where he loses his temper whenever someone dares to touch him, interfere in his business, or tries to free the prisoners. He claim himself to be above good and evil as he view what he is doing is necessary to maintain order no matter how vile or oppressive he has to be. He does not show any form of politeness since he view almost everyone around him incompetent, slow, and idiotic except individuals like Legend, Malroc, and Weaponry whom he has some respects for. Though a torturous psychopathic, he does not take pleasure of torturing others simply because he view it as his responsibility and not a game to mere joy of. He does not like how others would help each other at the brink of death since he is a darwinist that believes that those he is near death are to be left to die for their failure to survive. He often motivate others to kill to prove their strength and sometimes loyalty to the Empire. he has a strong detests towards doctors as he couldn't understand why they would help others who injured or dying, A.K.A. those who he deems weak. The only doctor he supposedly has some respects to is Doctor Killborn and the mad scientist Master Onslaught.

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