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You see, I just proved that Pure Evil does exist to everyone in the omniverse. Even the most purest people can be driven to my level of heinousness. I took the purest man into becoming our level, the level of sheer cruelty. It wasn't THAT hard to do isn't it? It was like breaking a glass window. it takes a little force of will to shatter it.
~ Master Magus after corrupting Josef into a irredeemable monster.

Even in the Armored Studios Omniverse, the home of gods, monsters, and other mythical creatures. It is a home to many villains, some with noble intentions, others being very comedic,  or just evil but with some standards or redeeming qualities. These villains can be truly monstrous. While some are god and literal monsters, there are a few who proved to be an exception.


Tales of the Omniverse

Multiple works

  • Nekrus/Nekrozoth, "The Creator of Evil", is the tyrannical dictator of Oblivion and the despotic dark-lord of the Omega Empire and is the architect of almost all the evil in the franchise. A monstrous being of endless hunger for power, Nekrozoth believes the Omniverse was made for him to rule over and desire to rule it under a hellish dystopia. Nekrozoth leads his army across the omniverse: Destroying several universes in the process: Killing off several civilizations if they do not submit to him: Enslaving billions to gazillions of planets: Kidnapping women and lock them in impregnation machines for them to make children for him to mold into killers so he can continue his evil legacy: Brainwashing slaves into becoming psychopathic fanatics loyal to him: Corrupting the minds of others into becoming as monstrous as him: Manipulating others for their loyalty and dispose of them once they are no longer needed: Stealing the bodies of multiple beings in order to have a vessel; Murdering numerous individuals in order use their body parts to make multiple bodies for himself; Taking sick glee in mass murders and genocide by razing entire multiverses and sacrifices countless to fuel his Beta Crystal: And sowing chaos whenever he has time for it. One of his favorite “hobbies” is his completely immoral "experiments" in which he uses civilians or one of his slaves to be horrifically transformed into one of his grotesque monsters whom he uses as slaves and soldiers. Nekrozoth kills several heroes sent by the Alphas, only leaving a small few who for him to turn in and join him or torture them if they refuse his offer. Nekrozoth's one goal is to take his rage upon the creator and steal his powers for him to use to remake creation in his image. After succeeded in doing so, Nekrozoth runs his new omniverse as his personal torture camp/play-ground and forced the heroes to play his sadistic games if they wanted to defeat him. After being locked inside his Beta Crystal, Nekrozoth final act of spite was attempting to weaponize the Omniverse and use it to kill the Cosmic Beings, including Itajira and God himself, so no one will take what was rightfully his. A monstrous power-hungry despot, Nekrozoth takes glee on how much of a monster he is and shows nothing but egotistic narcissism, who’s main joy in life is ruining everything in creation. Even beings like Prophet of Chaos were disgusted by his needless atrocities.
  • Xorin is the evil brother of Grandmaster Purest and the being responsible for Nekrozoth’s rise to power. Omniverse, Xorin despised his brother for having better creation than him and sought to destroy his work. He corrupted his younger brother into becoming a twisted reality warper, he convinced the Leviathans to rebel against their creator which caused a war that caused the lives of both sides and several innocents and wiped out most of the Seraphim. After being banished from creation along with the Leviathans, Xorin manipulated the Leviathans to devour the entire omniverse so they could be powerful enough to seize control of everything in existence. Once Moxxus objected to this idea, Xorin cursed him with eternal hunger as punishment for questioning his authority. Over the years, he orchestrated many infamous atrocities for his entertainment through the use of other villains. Xorin later manipulated and corrupted numerous beings into becoming his apprentices, even giving horrific nightmares to the Prophet of Chaos which lead to his creation. Upon returning to reality, Xorin removed the oxygen around him to suffocate the Reality Guards to death once they attempted to stop him. Later on, he made the worst nightmares imaginable into reality to wreak havoc across the omniverse. Then to fulfill a ancient prophecy of the oncoming cataclysmic “Ragnarok Wars'', Xorin resurrected Nekrozoth and used him as his Champion of Chaos and destroyed countless universes that forced both heroes and villains alike to join forces to stop them. His mission is to enslave Death so the Leviathans could endlessly torture the mortals and cosmic beings or save them as cattle to constantly feed on. A prideful, vindictive entity capable of thinking and understanding how morality works, Xorin lives true to his title as “The Sower of Chaos” and takes pride in the destruction he brings.

Multiversal Legends:

  • Nekravitas/Malroc is one of Legend’s sadistic Arch-Enemy who sought to become a god no matter what the cost will be. Nekravitas was a former champion turned a Multi-Universal Demon, seeking to wipe out every mortal life form and rule the omniverse. Having slaughtered countless civilians so he could feed on their souls for his immortality, when facing Hyperiel during the first Omniversal Wars, he brutally murders the aforementioned hero’s wife right in front of him and later killed him by flaying him alive. Years later, he later went to Earth after the end of the war so he could restart his reign of terror by creating the OmegaCorp which would expand across several universes, making him responsible for all of the corporation's corruption and actions. Having orchestrated the near decimation of Earth-XI10 by nuking major cities until it’s inhabitants are forced to live in underground cities in fear of him. During one of his brutal massacres, Magus killed the parents of Felix Godmore and took the child as his own for him to manipulate his own trauma so he could mold him into a monster like him and eventually drove him mad through horrific experimentation. In Forces of the Omniverse, He is responsible for the events of Beyond Dimension: Such as conducting heinous experiments on people to make soldiers for his army or turn them into agony-stricken abominations, most of whom were teens and even unborn infants. He manipulated the crazed reality-warper Felix Godmore to needlessly slaughtered the entire population of Earth 1246 just to spite the Champions. He attempted to use Yggdrasil/The Tree of Knowledge to help him decimate the multiverse so he could remake it in his own twisted image. A sadistic megalomaniac obsessed with killing his archenemy and becoming the most powerful being in existence, Nekravitas proves to be a truly depraved monster with an god complex.
  • Beyond Dimensions and Chaos Blade: William Braxxon, also known as Cain, is one of the founders of Omega Corp and a psychopath who is obsessed with war, death, and destruction, who thinks the strong should be in power of everything. Being responsible slaughtering his whole family and condemning Earth to be infested with demons and eldritch creatures by deciding to sell out the Earth to Nekrozoth in exchange for their dark powers. In the present, he selling weapons of mass destruction to dictators and terrorists across the globe so he could profit off the wars they made. Kidnapping several homeless people to test his weapons on, one of which is an organ eating virus so he'll know their effectiveness. After Nekravitas was defeated, he took control of Discordiae and decided to start a brutal war by murdering the daughter of its Prime Minister. Leading several atrocities during the war such as the bombing of Marsaile via chemical weapons; leading a massacre on an entire city leading the death 90% of its population, some of whom were Zophar Vorin’s wife and children; Ruthlessly killing Laxarian soldiers including his own men whom he dubbed as “ Minor Casualties of War'': Eventually ending the war through the destruction of Tabal which Braxxon nuked which resulted in the death of millions. Once he learns about the Sword of Chaos, he seeks to obtain it and use it to rewrite the Laws of Reality where he rules as a god and decimate the Earth in order to remake it in his image. Making every attempt to harness Duncan Matthew's powers through any means possible to achieve his goals, be it through manipulation, killing his loved ones, or trying to have his own country lit on fire just to find him. Once his debt was due for collecting, he sold his soul to Nekrozoth's rivals which would start a war on Earth between the other dark gods on who would collect his soul. Though claimed to be guided by good intention, he is nothing but a twisted psychopath who simply wanted to cause as many deaths and destruction as possible and become a god of war and death.
  • Pandora Hunters:
    • Nyarlathotep himself, AKA Niklovich is a Leviathan-Prime Omega hybrid clone of Nekrozoth who took the guise of a vampire and the Arch-Enemy of Ben Diablo. Being a world ending horror of a villain, Niklovich lands on Earth under the name of Ha’Kesh and causes the extinction of the dinosaurs upon his arrival. Niklovich/Ha’Kesh with his brother Nekravitas engineered the fall of humanity itself at the Garden of Eden, so that humanity can worship him. Planning their extinction, he later caused the creation of the vampires by manipulating and corrupting the once beautiful Lilith and forces her to painfully give birth to his vampiric children, which in turn was the sole reason of her being an evil demon. Niklovich tended to use his army of vampires to initiate a genocidal campaign on all life on Earth as a means to devour the planet of its living inhabitants. In the modern times, Niklovich massacres a prison and uses a cult to create an army for him to wipe out the entire Earth and remake the humans into undead abominations for his multiversal conquest. Niklovich continues to create more chaos in many alternate universes where he devours anyone in his path and to undo any good deed Ben Diablo worked on. To spite his nemesis, he made a recording of him gruesomely torturing his friend Victor Frankenstein while taking great pleasure from his screams. He ultimately decided to help his brother to wipe out the entire multiverse. A sadistic being whose sole defining motive is just to cause as much havoc and pain as possible while driven by sheer pettiness and ego, Niklovich is described by Randolf Carter him as a “Wicked Spiteful Child Playing God”.
    • Y'golonac/Depravitas is the barbaric right-hand man of Niklovich and a member of the Chaos Circle. Even before he joined Niklovich, he was still a vile being, constantly terrorizing the dimension he once lived in by committing repeated mass murders, tortures, enslavement, and multiple other crimes. He would eventually summon Nekrozoth to destroy the world once he grew bored of it and would soon join his empire. He would mutate himself and torture multiple people in various different ways, eating and experimenting on multiple people as well. He's helped Niklovich in multiple crimes, ranging from human trafficking to prison breaking and multiple others. He also once attempted to destroy all life on Earth with Niklovich, attacking New York to distract the heroes from getting in their way. Later on, he would help the Nazis and Niklovich win World War II and take over the world and would make his own prison camp where he would constantly torture and enslave multiple people. Toward the end of their rule, he would make a deal with Baron Vile and turn him into a super-soldier to bring havoc onto anyone who stood in his way. He would soon help Niklovich attempt to destroy the Pandora Dimension, using multiple evil beings in order to do so and take over Earth upon releasing them. Later on, he would then attempt to wipe out the entire multiverse via creating a deadly plague, wanting to wipe out even those who Ben Diablo cared about, which would have resulted in presumably countless people dying in a gruesome way, as shown when he tested it on several prisoners.
    • Ravagus is Xorin’s ruthless right-hand and the most evil and sadistic member of the Leviathans. Ravagus escaped to the Astral Plane to evade banishment to the void, but continues to spread death and ruin by using his telepathic abilities into creating a religion of his own and have them conquer and oppress numerous realites in his name. Corrupting several telepaths to gain more followers and having his followers forcibly convert others to his cause, Ravagus destroyed numerous worlds in order to gain more power through souls and release his fellow Leviathan in another attempt to seize control over creation. He manipulated several dimensions and planets into fighting each other, causing self destruction as a result which leads to mass destruction and possibly complete omnicide. Creating strife and conflict that would result in self-destructive wars that would cause the death of numerous individuals. He provides insanity inducement to those who fail him in certain things like killing certain people he despises or a mission he gives to his followers. After his battle with Master Muller, he plans to end the human race and have "billions of the mortals screaming for mercy" which he ultimately has none.
  • Beyond Dimensions:
    • Martin Pierce, known by others as the Infamous Mastrion, was a serial killer who was a OmegaCorp scientist. Being obsessed with making a perfect being to prove to God that he is the superior creator, decided to murder his own family, including his 8-year old daughter, as an attempt to further his own evil experiments. One of his first creations was a twisted mix of a human (whom he kidnapped and killed) and a horse. Instead of killing the man who was horrified of his new body, he brainwashed him to massacre the facility so he could avoid being exposed to his horrific actions. To save his own skin, he decided to become a follow of Nekrozoth and commit as many atrocities to get to his goals which includes: Having a long history of making several species go extinct; Creating plagues, parasites and diseases to torture his victims; Even resurrecting his two children as organic robot killing machines, and often erase their memories if they remember their true origins. Once he learned of Jack Spark, he tried several times to have him so he could steal his body and harness his powers. Even attempted to eliminate his daughter once and for all after her betrayal. Master Onslaught proves that despite his claims to doing his horrific actions for science, he is only a destructive egotist and a psychopathic megalomaniac who wants nothing but power and knowledge.
    • Malsumis a psychopathic Prime Omega, and a psychic being of malice and cruelty. During the first Omniverse War, he was an egotistical director of the Ascension Program hired by Nekrozoth himself to grant him a godlike powers, ordering several kidnappings of innocent people for him to condone his cruel experiments on, which resulted in the person being driven insane beyond recovery while most didn't survive. Taking utter glee in tormenting Daevas through his experiments, which leads to Daevas suffering from amnesia and forgetting about his past., Malsumis partake in Nekrozoth’s war against creation as a means to further his own ambitions of ruling the omniverse Malsumis would mentally torture countless victims until he either drives them to suicide or receive a permanent agonizing brain damage, making them his slave for his own nightmarish domain and psychically feed on their suffering. Often forces others to partake in the most wicked desires he could imagine or invade their subconscious so he could twist their mind, making them aware that they are committing horrific deeds but making them enjoy it. His ultimate plan is to slaughter all of gods to be the sole god of the omniverse, and corrupt the hearts and minds of every being in existence and rule for all eternity.

Non Canon

  • Angelus’s Misadventures; Omegus/Abraxas is the archenemy of the titular protagonist and the ruler of the Chaotic Under-Realm and the main antagonist of the series. A sadistic and psychotic tyrant, Omegus ruled his realm like a dictatorship where everyone, including the demons he created, are completely stripped of their freedom and condemned to endless torment and pain all because he needed something to torture. Desiring to expand his rule across other dimensions, Omegus used a gap in his dimension and persuaded the nearby species of aliens to worship him which led to their corruption and gifted them the technology to spread chaos and destruction for the sake of it. Omegus never stopped brooding on the existence of his counterpart and has many times tried to have him to enter his own realm so he could kill him in many of the most horrific ways possible be it trying to torture him to death or tear his godly soul to shreds. His treatment of his men is no different, as he won’t let them rest or eat if they failed him, kill them, or have them sent to one of his Lava mining facilities to work as slaves if they call him out as a bad leader or criticize him for his intense ego. Once he finally killed Angelus, he was still not satisfied with his own victory and decided to resurrect him so he could kill him again. In Multiversal Legends, it was revealed that he is the uncle of the infamous Nekrozoth who despises the concept of freedom due to not just his obsession of order and perfection, but also due to peoples’ choice to ignore his so-called superiority. He once attempted to eradicate it from the face of the omniverse by having his army to constantly invade other worlds and remove them from their viable resources such as water and food so he could starve them to the point of submitting to him. He was also a reviled wife beater who constantly abuses his wife both physically, psychologically, and verbally until she was driven to suicide. His children suffered the same treatment he gave to his men and wife, he demonstrated that he could kill them if he wishes and was once stated that he personally executed one of them for not living up to his expectations. And finally is his dreaded Abraxas’s Curse which is a disease capable of turning the victim into a demonic zombielike drone who craves nothing but destruction and death. Proving to be equally as evil as his nephew and possibly shown to be a more repulsive boss than him, Omegus claimed to be a being who is above morality but is only as a means to be as destructive and vicious as he wishes.