Nazaroth, Lord of Torture, Master of Pain, Duke of Anguish. Must I continue?

You may questioned why Im doing this. Is it because I have a tragic backstory? Is it because I'm insecure and need to be loved and accepted? Am I doing this for a noble cause or reason? Here's a simple answer for your pathetic mortal brains to comprehend. I am the bad guy. I have no end in mind that justifies my means. There are no skeletons in my closet, no abusive childhood or inciting misery that might expiate my vile behavior. I know the difference between good and evil. And I am fully capable of empathizing with the pain, emotional or physical, of others. I dont see myself as a sociopath. Rather, I simply prefer bad over good. Wrong over right. Dirty over clean. Sick over healthy. Untrue over true. Insane over insanity. So now you know that I'm doing this is because... It's Easy and the right way to live. In my opinion of course.
~ Nekrozoth

The Complete Monster is the most depraved of all characters; a villain utterly lacking in redeeming features. Trying to put a value on the evilness of a Complete Monster is like calculating the credit score of Bill Gates: it's a moot point.

Or, anyway, that is how the character is presented in the story. The character is a bad guy, full stop. The author has not taken the character through any actions toward redemption, or at least any that stuck.

The Complete Monster can be recognized by these signs:

  • The character is truly heinous by the standards of the story, which makes no attempt to present the character in any positive way.
  • The character's terribleness is played seriously at all times, evoking fear, revulsion and hatred from the other characters in the story.
  • They are completely devoid of altruistic qualities. They show no regret for their crimes.

Here are some famous examples of a complete monster.

Famous examples



Nekrozoth is the perfect example of a Complete Monster. Nekrozoth is a power hungry, merciless, and cataclysmic Mastermind of Pure Chaos and Destruction. He was the main cause of the battle between good and evil, causing every conflict across the infinite multiverses and manipulating various other villains and events through his vile machinations of dominating the entire Omniverse so that he can show that evil is superior to good. Nekrozoth is the original Creator of everything evil, as such he is sly, Cunning, malicious, utterly cruel, homicidal, unpredictable and a ruthless unpredictable being. He views good as weak and thinks to be pure evil will make you strong by being brave enough to commit the evilest acts imaginable. He is Utterly brutal, Prideful, arrogant, tyrannical egotistical maniac to the point of even declaring himself as the very Supreme being in the multiverse, even far superior to his brothers. He is very power-hungry in nature as he would eradicate entire universe to get what he wants, he was even willing to sacrifice his own children, betray his own allies, and kill his former "Love" to achieve that power. He is very sadistic and cruel to others when he was the ruler of the Omniverse after he killed Deus, he started to bring chaos and anarchy across several galaxies, and destroying universe just for entertainment or to show authority and power. He is very manipulative, charismatic, and extremely persuasive. He was so evil that he makes other evil entities look like amateurs.

He is an utter megalomaniac and a vicious, ruthless, intimidating villain who takes pleasure in the misery of others, as well as constantly abuses his minion. He enjoys being evil and cares not what people think of him or any of his own family at all. Despite his evilness, he is known by many as both a military genius and a psychotic and chaotic tyrant. He had conquered and destroyed over millions if not TRILLIONS of realms, universes and influence billions of hostile takeovers. If he won't be able to conquer that world then he would simply destroy it, COMPLETELY. The most brutal and evil dictators like Zalgo, Emperor Palpatine, Darkseid and many more were scared of him, and answers to him. He rules the biggest evilest empire in the entire omniverse that is rivaled by nobody. His empire consists of many evil empires and is forever expanding even when he dies. As a tyrannical god in power, he rules with an iron fist bigger than any tyrant, and responds to rebellions, spies, and rivalries with extremely harsh aggression and finds it enjoying when he slaughters them. He is extremely cruel and sadistic, he is also incredibly Intelligent and manipulative, he can't be fooled by any trickery or deceit. He's is known for creating monsters in his realm. He enjoys taking souls and turned them into horrid Monstrosities. He is the embodiment of pure evil and chaos, wanting nothing but conquest and destruction. He can influence others behind the scenes and orchestrate the events. Unlike other villains who rather talk about what they would do to the heroes instead of doing it straight away, he wastes no time on making his opponents suffer a painful death while ranting on what he is going to do to them step by step.

But despite his genius intelligence and incredible success, he is famously known for being short-tempered, irritable, aggressive, violent, brash and brutal, especially when he is insulted by his own minions or comrades. Even when he tries to pretend to be nice and calm, Nekrozoth can be quick to torture, maim, or mutilate anybody who tries to get in his way. He wants nothing but the domination of the weak and all things good. He is the main reason for many atrocities across the omniverse and sees anything redeeming as blights to reality. He is incredibly patient, calculating, strategizing, and tactical, carefully setting up his plans.  He would welcome the most horrendous, despicable, and vile beings to his empire. He seems to use brainwashed slaves to join his army and other so-called inferior beings to join in. An utter megalomaniac and a vicious, ruthless, intimidating villain who takes pleasure in the misery of others, as well as constantly abuses his minion. He enjoys being evil and cares not what people think of him or any of his own family at all. He often trashes talks to his opponents but not being overconfident or underestimate his them. He could use that as an advantage. He had proved to be more sadistic, cruel, and violent than Frieza as even Frieza didn't want to fight him as Frieza does brutally breaks his enemies, Nekrozoth would try to mutilate them permanently. He would also abuse his minions both physically and mentally until they remain loyal to him or just if he gets bored. He shows little to no mercy whatsoever but if he wanted it to be cruel.

Nekrozoth’s most dominant and famous part of his personality is his lust for destruction, evil, conquest, chaos and most importantly, Omnicide. He wanted to destroy the entire omniverse and remold it into his so-called “perfect” image, an image of anarchy, chaos, and eternal suffering. Many major cities fall under his rule and rebellions had often failed thanks to his all-powerful abilities and intelligence. He even to commit mass genocide, civil wars, and extinction level events daily to satisfy his desire, and had made a game show about child murder. Strangely, he knows a lot about good and love, and used that as his advantage any point out it's greatest flaws, he said that he knows how to be good and could redeem himself when he had a chance but he decided not to because he wishes not to. He utterly hates redemption, vowing to eradicate it from existence, he would even torture the redeemed and reward the pure evil. He is far beyond inhumane and is not afraid to commit the most heinous and atrocious acts.

Even though being a narcissistic, egocentric, arrogant personality, he is willing to join forces with other evil beings if the time calls for it. Like the offered alliance with Azoth but decided not to join him as he believed that the Omniverse belongs to him and HIM ALONE to rule and destroy if he choses. But later on in the legends of the Omniverse series, he denied joining as he believes they could have a better chance in winning the war. But soon it is rivaled that he has a treacherous side as near in the finale he betrayed Azoth for the bid for power as it is revealed that he still believes that he is the sole ruler of the infinite omniverse. He was so treacherous that family, minions nor anybody matters to Nekrozoth only the power he desires and shown that the likes of Azoth are no much for his self proclaim "glorious victory". Nekrozoth had shown to hate the Sparxians for not joining him during the Alpha Omega War and the Omniversal War so he had them extinct due to that, Legend stated that he can hate people for petty reasons like how he hates his brother Deus for not letting him rule. He can pretend to be nice to get what he wants as he tried to persuade Jack into giving him the stone or Crypt into retreating as he knows that crypt is no match for him at all. He can be completely wrathful, intolerant of failure and shown be give the harshest punishment even if it doesn't fit the crime. For example, when a prime omega tried to rebell against him Nekrozoth chained him to an asteroid that will often get to close to the sun and burn the Omega Alive. Nekrozoth will never accept defeat of any kind, as he stated if the heroes will give up until his mission is complete so will Nekrozoth. He view the Prime Alphas as inferior and sees the Prime Omegas as the true masters of the Omniverse.

He is an extremely spiteful and vindictive individual, he blames his brothers for his downfall, and had often planned on how to dethrone them and/or kill them. As far as evil goes, Black Hat himself (whom he thought that nobody was eviler than him) was disgusted by Nekozoth’s actions and even evil itself (what Nekorzoth created) at that it is impossible to be eviler than him. He is the most destructive, chaotic, and the evilest omnicidal beings that the omniverse ever had, and by far the most dangerous. Nekrozoth at times at like a magnificent bastard, and an omnicidal mastermind to a psychotic man-child every time things don't go his way. He is known for his wrathfulness, being vengeful, and brutally tortures all who dares to aggravate him. He is very narcissistic, being obsessed with his own goals and achievement. Like most of his brothers, he also possessed a very creative mind. it's Nekrozoth's mind that we were given evil, and in his mind that made all the chaos across every craves where discord lie. He even had creative ways to kill and torture people can make dangerous monsters like Sotan'Noth, world eater and Nazaroth. He shows to be a brilliant leader to when he creates a complex and elaborate scheme and plans that it's hard to know what’s his up to.

He has an insane and ruthless belief of mass chaos and destruction and the belief of the pureblood and the survival of the fittest. He only respects the "Irredeemable", thinking the redeemed are traitors and weak, and that calling him insane is an understatement. He is a master conqueror and has no problems with the slavery of others nor genocide of the innocent, and is willing to commit atrocious war crimes ( after all, it was his idea of concentration camps and the Holocaust.). Nekrozoth is evil incarnate and a terrifying force to be reckoned with.



Malroc proves to be a truly Monstrous Multiversal Conqueror. Once named Xuriah, he was the mentor and best friend to Hyperiel (who would later be named Legend) until Xuriah learned that saving others from danger was worthless as they would die, turn evil, or be ungrateful about being saved. He even wondered why there was evil and disorder in the multiverse, so he asked the Prime Alphas why. He learned why but was unhappy about it, if he has to spend his time saving other while they just keep getting themselves endanger constantly, be jerks about being saved, joining the side of anarchy or commit suicide that reality is pointless, then he wouldn't have it. He went to his brothers and convinced them to turn to the side of evil in which they did. He tried to convince his friend Hyperiel to join his side, but Hyperiel refused and tried to tell Xuriah there is more to life than picking the side of evil but Xuriah refused, anger and hate grew from Xuriah, he yelled at Hyperiel that he was a coward while calling him his enemy and started to attack him. The two beings fought, it looked like Xuriah was almost about to win until Hyperiel temporarily blinded him and injured Xuriah badly. He retreated and swore revenge against Hyperiel and retreated, this saddens Hyperiel deeply because his friend had chosen the side of evil.

A few years later he somehow ruled a multiverse and became a supreme tyrant of that multiverse, causing genocide on those who dare opposes, destroying universe to show his authority over them and enslaving innocents so they won't be a threat to him. He thought that being good would make him soft on the enemies and decided to be malicious, ruthless and brutal. He became corrupted by power and control and had abused his authority across the multiverse. He ruled it like a deranged tyrant until his former friend Hyperiel defeated him and brought to the council of the prime alphas (which consist of Deus, Sheron, Lighron, and Annukan Partum ). They punished him by stripping him of his authority and power and made him mortal, they then banished him to earth and had worked as a slave (the council didn't make him a slave he was caught by the inhabitants and was made a slave).

He later became Nekrozoth's apprentice and his greatest general in his empire. His first atrocity in the Prime Omega empire is when he was ordered to kill all of the Sparxian race. He used one of Master Onslaught's most deadly viruses and had his army spread it in the Sparxian star system. If some of the Sparxian survived he had them torched alive while the rest lived their days as slaves until they die. The second was when he massacred the andromeda galaxy so that he could used the populace's souls to fuel his immortality. Through this he created a machine know was the Harvestrer which a pit of machine horrors that he uses to butcher innocents, harvest their organs and body parts, then use said harvested parts to make himself and his followers immortal, using the downtrodden of Homeworld and prisoners of war as subjects for the horrifying Banks. He indirectly caused several wars through other power hungry tyrants which had caused vile acts that Xuriah gave them the idea of doing so.

Next he invaded an alternate Earth, he launched a rain of city destroying bombs then used his machine known as the Mechapolypse to bring ass destruction and catastrophes on the planet which killed over 10 millions of innocents. He launched another attack on the remaining cities through his Death Mongers (advanced robots created by Xuriah through science and sorcery)which killed the rest of the humans he called (hairless monkeys). He used the corpses of the dead people he killed as his own experiments for either resurrecting them through necromancy or make horrific experiments to created dangerous monsters. He even used them to create clones of himself in case he ended a decoy.

Xuriah name changed his name into D'arcmastr and give himself a nickname. His new nickname is for now on is Malroc, the Destroyer of worlds but he wasn't powerful enough to be a god. He later went to destroy a universe and said to the people that he will "liberate them from the painful truth of reality" and erased the whole thing. He stole powers from his own comrades and grew more powerful than ever, and went on a path of both carnage and destruction.

When he and Hyperiel fought once again, he had his brothers  captured Xayna. Malroc ordered his brothers to hold Hyperiel down and make him watch as he kills his only love in front of him. He choked Xayna to death in front of Hyperiels eyes, he even toasted him by saying that he should've joined him then his wife would get killed. Hyperiel finally realized that his old friend was long gone, he knew that he was far from redemption and he couldn't accept the fact that he forever lost his friend. Finally, Hyperiel broke free from both Gra'al and Tartarus's grip and charged at Malroc. He was easily defeated by Malroc when he brought out his battle ax and stabbed Hyperiel before he Hyperiel, he continued on making Hyperiel suffer further. He first broke his back, ripped his arms off, cute both his legs and cut out his eye. Malroc almost flayed him alive if it wasn't for Deus interrupting his enjoyment. Before he retreated, He absorbed almost all of Hyperiel's powers, he was now an extremely powerful demigod. After he killed Hyperiel, he boasted that he succeeded what Nekrozoth could do, all his arch enemy.

In the series he butchers the entire population of Earth 1246, turning them into agony-stricken monstrosities solely to torment the Champions. He would even doom the entire omniverse to eternal damnation just to have power and to saves own skin. He even helped the Nazis during World War 2 during his time trying to kill his arch enemy Legend, he supplied them with weapons of mass destruction and mutated creatures. He even claimed that he did this atrocities out purely out of spite against the Prime Alphas, life, and most importantly Legend.

Master Onslaught

The Maker (Reed Richards).jpg

oh boy, where should we start first with this guy? first he was making his own species through human and animals and other anomalous creatures by removing and replacing each of their body parts, organs, and DNA while still being alive. One of the animals belonged to his 8 year-ol daughter Madison Pierce, when she learned about what happened to her pet she was traumatized. She yelled out why he did it and his excuse was "for Science". Showing no remorse he told his daughter that she won't understand the things he'll do. He found out that he could make his new species, so he killed his own daughter and his own wife named Katie and his son named Norman.

When he joined forces with Grandmaster Chaos, he designed new technologies and knew ways to create poison, diseases, weapons, and other kinds of "toys" as he calls them. He helped conquer worlds for the Grandmaster, and had used one of his death plagues to cause an entire species to go extinct, he caused many cities to become uninhabitable, and used the dead bodies of fallen warriors to become one of his genetically enhanced "War Mongers". He finally made a living organism but it was a pacifist, and it wasn't very intelligent. Sick of his new creation he used it for turtler via mutating it with a horrible virus that he made. he conquer a whole universe and used it as his "Lab" Meaning he tested his own weapons, plagues, and diseases on the poor inhabitants of that universe. He also stated that he helped the nazis (along with Malroc who also supported the axis powers) on making the Holocaust, as he view the jews inferior showing his true nature to other ethnic groups. He meet the Sicorions who are led by Draxxon Bane, he and bane made an alliance as they are also supremacist. He continue on his creation of his "Master race", he even grew egotistical over the years, and was reviled across the omniverse giving him the attention of Aka Manah, Nekrozoth, and other evil beings. he gained reputation as one of the worst and reviled beings in the entire omniverse.

Martin was a strange, mentally ill fellow from the beginning. During his year as a scientist and a bio engineer, he done some twisted mess up experiments that even Aka Manah was disgusted about it. He is callous, twisted, misanthropic, and completely heartless. He shown that he is truly a complete monster as he caused an entire species to go extinct, killed his whole family so that he can "continue his experiments", and enslaved an entire universe and sed hit as his Lab. Meaning he tested his own weapons, plagues, and diseases on the poor inhabitants of that universe.

He is sadistic, vile, and genocide as he view the jews inferior and an example of why he wanted to make a better master species.he is even egoistical as he believed that the omniverse belongs to him and his new master species. He is sadistic, cruel, inhumane, arrogant, ruthless and psychopathic individual who craves ultimate power and knowledge. He is fully aware of his diabolical nature and takes pride in his evil, embracing his destructive ways as he believed that his new Master race and himself are the one ones that should rule the omniverse. He is as narcissistic and even as intelligent as Malroc as they both are embodiments of destruction and can be very vicious s when he butchered an entire city of innocent humans from an alternate earth. He is one of the people that killed jack Spark's races known as Sparxians to extinction (along with Nekrozoth and Malroc) as he was ordered by Nekrozoth during his time working with him by using his new disease called the "Silent death" and had mixed it with Malroc's army to spreads it.

He is so sick that he torturing his own creation via infecting it with a strange disease that horribly mutated it, If this was not bad enough master Onslaught experimented on many, many beings across time and space, seeking to perfect a virus that would wipe out all life - making him a would-be-universal destroyer. Since he took a perverse fascination in agonizing ways to mutate and harm others, needless to say he was among the most brutal and dangerous threats to the heroes.

Though he tries to justify his means by saying it was for science, he actually did the horrible things because he find it enjoying and see that everyone in the omniverse serve no purpose as he believed himself to be of superior blood.

William Braxxon

Image (5) .png

Once named Cain from the bible, was a gardener and his brother Abel was a shepard. They often make sacrifices to the gods, The Prime Alphas with either sheep, or vegetables. When Abel his sheep on the fire it rises meaning the gods enjoyed the sacrifice, but when Cain put the vegetables in the fire it decreases meaning the gods didn't liked the sacrifice which ed made Cain jealous of his brother. While Cain was taking a walk, Nekrozoth crashed landed on earth during the time when he finally broke out of his prison. He offered Cain great desire if he served him well if he kill his brother Abel. Cain went to his brother and stabbed him to death.

He then buried Abel's corpse so that the gods won't notice. Deus came to Cain and asked where's Abel is at with Cain saying that he doesn't know and replied with "Am I my Brother's keeper?". Deus knew that Cain killed Abel and scolded him for it. Deus and the gods then punished him by making him Immortal so that he can walked the Earth for eternity.

Cain cursed the gods and complained that the punishment was too harsh. Nekrozoth took advantage on Cain's anger and spite, and said that He can help him on getting revenge on his brothers. He granted Cain vast knowledge and supernatural abilities and said unto him to make a portal so that his army will come and purge the earth of the weak.

Cain changed his name to William Braxxon and formed the Black Pyramid Faction to control Mankind from behind the scenes. They are this universe's illuminati and their goal is to divide humanity do that they can sommun Nekrozoth and his army and destroy it.

He founded it during world War 2 and disguised the organization as the nazi party. Years later he found Braxxon enterprise as so that he get to control the news network, television, radio stations, etc, and can fund his organization. He became one of the most powerful people in the world and owned his own militia called the Crimson Vanguard.

Braxxon started the Pandora Project, a portal opening machine that makes rifts in reality so that he can bring Nekrozoth to the world. He tested out the first time with a human but it horrifically killed the test subject. The second time caused an explosion and he had to build a new won which was expansive. The third time was the biggest disaster ever, the machine worked but it let out legions of lovecraftian monsters that almost destroyed the city. Braxxon had to fixed it before the government would notice his twisted experiments, so he send his militia and they killed all of the monsters. He had to cover up the damage as a massive terrorist attacked, the event was called the devastating horizon which had killed millions of people. 

One of the most evil acts that he committed was the 9/11 event, in which he hired mercenaries to launch plane at the Twin Towers so that he can have more "sacrifices for the dark god".

A blood thirsty murderer as he brutality butchered his brother Abel. He even crossed the Moral Event Horizon a second time when killed millions of people in a city and just brushed it out and called it a "terrorist attack" and had tried to bring the most evil being in the multiverse. He has no remorse for what he has done over the years as he stated that when he killed Abel he replied with "He had it coming" aand when he killed all the news during the days as Hitler he said that the jews were weak and inferior to survive.

He thinks humanity is weak and inferior and will do anything to sommun Nekrozoth but until he was being used he decided to betray him and have his own ambition to accomplish. He is cold, ruthless, heartless, calculating, and highly intelligent. He is also a sly snake and a person not to trust as when he made a deal to Malroc to bring him the Chaos Stones he instantly betrays him and tried to kill him.

Vekkisul the Deranged

Zoren'zoth, hivemind of chaos

Zoren'zoth, the chaotic celestial hivemind of darkness itself, is feared by both victims and survivors of his slaughters as the literal personification of evil. He seeks nothing but to manifest himself into any sentient life, seeing them as victims meant to be exploited and twisted until outliving their usefulness. Similar to Aka Manah, both morally and personality wise, Vekkisul is a product of hatred, born into hatred, and made up of hatred. Though not known by many, the ancient evil was responsible for major disasters on both planetary and Omniversal scales. Such disasters include the Chernobyl Disaster (Earth 0, thousands killed), the Omniversal War (millions of locations, around 900 zillion killed), the Stellar Wars (the Stellar Arm, 6 billion killed), Chernobog's Eternal Winter (omniversal, 134 billion killed), and others. Vekkisul gains pleasure from nothing else than watching as the civilized world collapsed onto itself.

Vekkisul was instantly despised by both his fellow Malums and the Elders, who saw through his superficial actions. He was, as described by a caretaker, "a being of hatred. He does not see the world like we do. He sees it as a game, where he is free to pillage and topple whatever he desires. But be grateful, Jason. Be grateful he only hates us, and nothing else." Vekkisul despises humanoids, or anything resembling them, such as divine beings. As such, Vekkisul posed as a mentor to Jason, corrupting him beyond repair before brutally murdering him. Still, when confronted by his cousins, Vekkisul showed little to no remorse for the action, claiming that is was only a matter of time.

On top of his many unforgivable actions, Vekkisul was also indirectly responsible for the death of Crypt's unborn child, the creation/distribution of the new plague, the foundation of the Red Empire, creation of Aka Manah, the destruction of Geno, ten Omniverse-wide famines, and the pillaging of the Fifth Realm. Vekkisul has tied his presence into the Omniverse through lesser known actions as well. He is the creator/mentor of both Prophet and Wsevv, an overarching force in the Gotham Arc, and creator of the Celestial Saphire.

Vekkisul's personality is often sophisticated to dissect and analyze, as he often twists the truth for either personal gain or simply for thrill. His personality is obsecured in many layers, which he portrays through his almost infinite simply of vessels. What is known is that Vekkisul is complete and utterly hateful, selfish, egotistic, splintering, destructive, and ignorant. His rule over the Omniverse (and the sub-sequent wars he has triggered after his initial freedom) have devastated millions and killed thousands more. Working towards personal gain and personal gain alone, Vekkisul showed little to no remorse after driving the Elder Malums to extinction and claiming the lives of thousands of members of his own kind. His hatred towards the Omniverse and society itself has driven him to the furthest ends of emotional instability, even causing him to isolate himself from the outside world at points. Vekkisul absorbs and conquers to his own pleasure and goes as far as to strip the Prime Zetas of their ability to feel emotions, simply because he grew paranoid that they would betray him.

In contrast to his other traits, Azoth has displayed an unquenchable desire to control and destroy everything in sight, leading to his conquest for the Omniverse. He enjoys toying and psychologically tormenting his victims, smiling as they cower in fear. Often described as evil in it's purest form, Azoth takes power swiftly and violently, crushing any signs of rebellion with an iron fist in fear that his "destined rule" would be cut short. Azoth at times becomes engulfed in rage and descends into a point of complete sadism, taking out his pent anger on the many humans that inhabit the Omniverse. His actions have led to the deaths of billions, including thousands of Malums and Elder Malums alike. He also created a reality television show that completely revolved around picking apart the husks of slaughtered children. During his final fight with the heroes, Azoth revealed that he was behind the Darfar genocide, Syrian civil war, and had a part to play in starting the great Omniversal War.

His supernatural intelligence comes with a price as well: ignorance. Azoth oftentimes sees himself as the ultimate life form and gives into the narcissistic ideal of flooding the Omniverse with his ever-growing hatred. Violence is how he thrives, as it is the only way he sees that he can take out his inner hate for society as a whole. He sometimes compares the many victims of his conquests, both soldiers and civilians, to bricks in a staircase. He considers almost any sentient life form besides himself brutish and meant to be controlled and exploited. In reality, these feelings of intense hatred most likely stem from his fear of being judged and abandoned by those around him.

He is oftentimes hypocritical as well. While battling Legend on Elder's moon, he calls his enemy a coward on multiple occasions, although he himself displays this trait. He also expressed his misanthropic feelings to Chernobog, claiming that the Elder Malum's have no skill in the creation of life, although the Elder Malum created him. He is incredibly impatient, although he takes he leisurely accomplishes his own tasks to his own pace. He despises anybody who defies or maims him, although he constantly taunts and gibes his opponents.

Prideful and arrogant as always, Azoth commonly stressed his achievements to his siblings in hopes they would find something short of a redeemable character trait in him. This, along with his temperamental and hostile nature, likely lead to his own abandonment and betrayal at their hands. Azoth was likely too brash to take notice, and this one haunting fear of abandonment as led to him becoming he currently is. And even though he has tortured/murdered children, men, women, soldiers, politicians, gods, and aliens alike for eons, he shows little to no remorse for his actions, even after he CREATED the concept of "human trafficking" and brought thousands of man, woman, and children to their grave. His vile actions show no shun in his violent behaviors. If anything, they seem to increase at these points. He also began the Ebola outbreaks in Africa and was responsible for the Stellar Wars.

Vekkisul is extremely sociopathic in nature, using the other Malums as inferior tools meant to be used and exploited until they have outlived their usefulness. He has corrupted and tormented trillions, drove multiple races to extinction, brutally murdered the New Champions, drove Dare to suicide, and committed many other atrocious acts, showing no remorse over any of them. Vekkisul served as the creator and mentor for both Baron Vile and Prophet, both of which have also committed hundreds of thousands of murders. The Shadow Malum will not hesitate to slaughter trillions of innocent people as long as the end result benefits him in some way. He constantly abuses his powers of Zentipotence, the outcome usually being catastrophic.

As the literal chaos god itself, Vekkisul knows that the Omniverse will eventually be reverted back to a void, with all life being cast out. He seeks to toy with and torment humanity, justifying his actions with the fact that humans are the oppressors themselves. Vekkisul has hinted at somehow being manifested into humanity itself, being behind the Chernobyl Disaster, Pompei, the Three Mile Island Accident, the Dustbowl, Love Canal, Bhopal Disaster, and the terrorist attacks of September 11. Vekkisul aspires to plant a seed of despair in the mind of man, allowing humanity to reveal itself true nature and topple on itself.



The reincarnation of Cromwellius' nemesis, Alberticus. The Lord of the Nemesis Runes and Corrupter-Destructor of all Creation. Balatbat is the powerful serpentine embodiment of chaos and evil who acts as the archnemesis of Cromwellius, the king of the gods. He is considered the greatest threat to all of existence in the Cromwellian Mythos as he has a purely evil goal of corrupting all, spreading madness before finally destroying it out of a sheer desire to simply do so.

He is the lord of the Nemesis Runes and Nox Shards, powerful gems of sorts which tempt mortals nearby, making them choose what is a lie over what is true, what will ruin rather than what will improve. When all of the Runes and Shards are finally bundled up together, the Nox Eternis will happen, which is considered "the second act" of Ragnarok, which is also the one with the most casualties. When he does finally bring forth Nox Eternis, it corrupts literally everyone except those truly pure good and those who were "specially baptized", as well as the gods immune to such powers. He would constrict all of the realms and force them to collide, slowly crushing all nine.

Balatbat would eventually be vanquished by his arch foe, but he does however shatter into Nox Shards which are then scattered all across the realms, redoing the cycle until he returns once more, inducing insanity and evil upon all close to the shards until he reforms and tries to cast forth Nox Eternis and vanquish the gods.

Abyssal Mind

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Magic is a light that is cast forth upon the universe. When an eclipse happens, a god is conceived for the sun and moon breed. The darkness cast upon the world during this time is harmless to the planet itself, but it does slip, turning into liquid and ooze which pour down into the crevices of chaos. All of this darkness falls into The Astral World, with some of that darkness reaching the lowest level of it. The most diabolical and deprived levels of the Astral World is Naratarus, a level born not of the gods or of nature but of the inherent wickedness found in all creatures.

Born from The River of Essence, a long astral river which crosses even Naratarus, is an entity that shall be named the Enemy of the Gods and of Man. He is the Bastard of Nature, Orchestrator of Ruin as well as the God of Evil and Fear. He is the Abyssal Mind, the Noise of Darkness. As the ultimate authority over the Astral Terrors and the abyss of the Astral World, the Abyssal Mind is a mastermind that organizes sinister acts, heinous crimes and is always in a constant state of planning and performing ways of causing both panic and pain, suffering and unrest.

He has done many unspeakable acts, such as defiling women, creating powerful monsters to ravage the corporeal world, attempting to bend The Weaves of Fate to his will in order to plunge the world into a constant state of complete savagery as well as constantly plotting the downfall of Mother Nature and Father Time themselves. He is somewhat the counterpart of Gradisian the Master, with the aforementioned deity mentioning the Abyssal Mind as "a complete embodiment of the failure of all that is good".

When a person does an evil act, they are possessed by the Abyssal Mind. When a person is deemed evil, that person becomes more one with the Abyssal Mind. When a person is evil they become more like the Abyssal Mind. The Abyssal Mind is not evil, Evil is the Abyssal Mind. He is heavily feared in the Mortal Realm, and revered by his creations, the Astral Terrors, which are monsters made specifically to terrorize the Mortal Realm. He also raised and taught The White Demon, who would become one of the greatest threats ever faced by the gods and the Corporeal World.

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