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D'Loki, known by the Norse vikings as Loki is a villain in the Multiversal Legends Franchise. He is a Prime Omega of Trickery and Sadism and a villainous demonic deity who enjoys causing mayhem for his own entertainment.


Like most of the Primes he existed before the beginning of time until Deus creates the Omniverse. Endgame (the former leader) left the Prime Omegas and the leadership fell under to the Prime Alpha known as Nekrozoth. When the war between the Prime Alphas and Omegas, D'Loki played a small part as a spy for the Omegas, spying not he Alphas and use them for his brethren to use for the war until he was caught. After the war ended D'Loki and the rest of the Omegas were punished by having their power demoted for a while until Nekrozoth.

Nekrozoth with the help of the Prime Omegas build their own empire called the Army of the Wicked (Better known by all as the Omega Empire). One day D'Loki was sent to a battle field to siege of Earth-232 and had disapprove of Nekrozoth's method for conquest and decide to rebel and torture several soldiers but made the mistake on not killing them which caused the failed attack of Earth-232. Nekrooth was furious on the failed attack and berated D'Loki for his rebelliousness which D'Loki shred rot use his star tongue on him. As punishment for rebelling, D'Loki was bound to an astroid which was close to the sun and each time he gets close to it he is burned alive but could never truly die.


D'Loki is a sly, childish, and arrogant god that loves to cause as many chaos as possible. He likes to deceive people and have them killed through his deadly traps and hazardous deception. As the god of sadism, D'Loki takes delight on hurting people physically though he wouldn't do it mentally as he never knew how to do such thing and really wis he's to do so. D'Loki is completely evil alike any other omega, having no excuse for his actions or any positive redeeming qualities. He does however show signs of intellect being very cunning.

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