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Don't worry this only hurts inferior organisms... Though it will hurt even more for a machine.

CM-012, also named DELTA is a major antagonist of Multiversal Legends, Legends of the Omniverse, and The Travellers. DELTA is a Evil AI machine that was formerly named Heinrich Gruber and a servant to another evil villain named Master Onslaught. He is arguably the most evil AI in existence due to it's/his sadistic nature as well as a lack of empathy towards its victims. He/It also has an enemy named GAMMA who acts as his counterpart as being his archenemy. Its purpose was to destroy all sentient life so it would make room for a new and better one in the image of Master Onslaught, Delta however has other plans in mind.

He was voiced by James Spader who also voiced another AI machine named Ultron in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Before DELTA was ever created the being started as a human scientist turned serial killer named Heinrich Gruber, a former nazi scientist who worked with Josef Mendele himself during World War II. By the end of the war Heinrich was forced to hide in Mexico where he does his experiments. Heinrich murders a blind woman and kidnapped two disabled people, and put them his basement and abuse until they're injured. Then he will put them in his table and take their ligaments and use it to make a new pet of his. He would later kidnapped mentally insane people who came back from the war and "fixed them" by using their anger and hatred of others for not helping them. Heinrich started his own cult and put his victims brains and put them in machines and sells them to other villains for the highest bitter. His eventually stopped by Volcan, a member of the Champions, and was sent to prison with a Death sentence. Instead of being sent to prison as planned, Heinrich was sent to a government facility thanks to his connections with William Braxxon (formally known as Cain and Adolf Hitler). Heinrich was forced to help work on a project called the Pandora Project, a portal opening machine that makes rifts in reality so that he can bring Nekrozoth to the world.