This comedic story will explain why Daevas hates Velnias.

The Sandwich

In the beginning, there were two Deities, or whatever these beings were. Daevas was one of these beings as he was arguably the most powerful. Velnias was the second and was the most chaotic of these beings. Daevas was making a sandwich by himself until he decided to go out and get some MAYONNAISE.

Daevas; I'm going out to get some MAYONNAISE so don't even think about eating my sandwich.

Velnias looked at Daevas and gave him an annoyed looked.

Velnias; I won't! why don't you trust me Huh?

Daevas; Because you and I are the only guys left here plus you are a sneaky bastard too so I have a reason not to trust you.

Velnias;...Good point.

Daevas left and it was just Velnias and Daevas's sandwich, Velnias looked around to see if nobody is looking.

Velnias; Guess it's just you and me.

A tasty sensation came into his face, as he opens his mouth and began to think that he should eat it.

Velnias; Maybe just a little won't hurt a bit... (took a bite of the sandwich) hmm tasty. Maybe just one more (devours the sandwich whole). Oops, well guess I have to face the consequences. Or maybe I will...

Daevas; Yeah you will!

Velnias; What the heck! Where you FREAK you came from!

Daevas held a knife in his right hand and a jar of MAYONNAISE in his left. H hold both of them so tightly that the jar began to crack and MAYONNAISE began to pour on the floor if there's any. The Knife had also melted into liquid and Daevas's eyes were wide with humongous anger that fire came out of it.


Velnias; Gulp!

Daevas raised his hands a little bit, and a blue radiant light sword appeared. Daevas smiled a villainous one and looked at Velnias straight in the eye.

Daevas; How 'bout I cut into pieces so I can get my sandwich back okay buddy?

Velnias; OH HELL NO!

Velnias transformed into a Lovecraftian abomination and fired lasers out of his mouth. Daevas dodged the attack and he shoots beams of lightning out of his sword. The Lightning hit Velnias in the eye in which he screamed, Velnias continues on fire lasers from his mouth and almost hits Daevas. Daevas builds a wall to protect him from the laser but it was not enough to hold it for long. The laser broke through the wall and pierced his check. Velnias begins to charge at Daevas, he missed him and hit the floor real hard. Daevas jumps and went with a clean finishing blow in the head that sliced him into 1,000,000 pieces.

Daevas; That to show you not mess with me ya prick!

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