Dahaka, or Dahak, is a supporting antagonist of Multiversal Legends, he is the second creation of Ahriman that personifies the destructive anger and wrathfulness of living beings. He is the Younger but more short tempered brother of Aka Manah. Though unlike his cunning demon brother who uses manipulation to ge what he wants, Dahaka uses brute force to take what he desires the most.  


He takes on at the appearance of a demonic humanoid ram with humongous horns. He has chains wrapped around his wrist, shin, and shoulders. Dahaka possesses claws for him to use to cut his enemies and is a more muscular version of his brother Aka Manah.  


Even though not as cunning as his older brother Aka Manah, he is quite intellegent enough to run his own but small army. He is more brtish than manipuative, rather using pure force then outright control the other character through slavery and power. He is shown to be envious towards his older brother due to his success and intelligence he possesses, so he plots how to kill him and take his empire. Dahaka how ever, he is more short tempered than his older brother as by the smallest mistakes or the tiniest irration would set him to have a temper tantrum similar to a bratty kindergarten. He is also childish and mostly rely on his minions on doing the planning. His inablitiy to cintrol his temper is his achilles heel, as he was often defeated and outsmarted by other characters through the use of it.

Powers and Abilities

We never see hi true potential in the series but he demonstrated his brute strength and inhuman speed. He could also summon wings to fly as well as transforming into a full on dragon. Each step he takes makes the ground shake but if he stomps his feet then cracks would appear on the ground to engulf his enemies. He could breathe fire from his mouth, spit acid, and could use his chain to trap his enemies. His chain could be set on fire and could cut through metal. Dahaka also uses his claws to cut his enemies, the claws are also filled with poison.


  • like Aka Manah, he is heavily inspired by Persian mythology.
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