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You better watch yourself, partner. When the wind blows, you don't know which way it gonna blow. (Spark: Um...what the hell does that mean?) It means I've got you pinned down with two hundred gun men, six hundred armored assault drones, and you're ex girlfriend. What do ya do?
~ Dare running Spark through a hypothetical

Darian Proxide, referred to by his clients as Dare or The Mercenary, is a rogue mercenary/bounty hunter and a major protagonist in the Multiversal Legends franchise, serving as a major protagonist in Phase One before turning into an on and off anti-hero. He is Jack Spark's fearless mentor and one of the last remaining human-Sparxian hybrids. He is also the sole survivor of Manah's decimation of the human population of the entire Fifth Realm.


Dare's is often sarcastic, determined, and generally laid back. He shows almost no interest in what he is doing, even when faced with armed opponents. His skill has grown so tremendously throughout the decades that he no longer fears danger, adding to his enormous sense of self worth and bravery. Similar to Deadpool from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he tends to make puns in the middle of dangerous situations with little regard for the safety of others. Due to his subtle and egotistical nature, many of the other heroes regard him as a nuisance. He has also shown to be misogynistic at times, such as stating that Xayna (Legend's current wife and his former spouse) left him because "she was a women, and women need money".

Despite these tendencies, Dare is often also selfless, loyal, and patient, such as when he took the time to explain the basics of pyrokinetic combat to Jack Spark and helping him master it. He truly does care for Spark, seeing him as his own son and even claiming that he would kill himself to allow Spark to live on, even if it were for only a second. He also respects Legend and his moral standards, calling him his friend or ally on multiple occasions.

Dare also seems to have a strong love for children and a slightly racist outlook on life. He referred to a bar tender as a "cracker" once and asked a black man if he had any "spare change, dawg?" In context of this, he is still kind, generous, brave, determined, and incredibly skilled in nearly every form of combat.


Dare takes the appearance of a typical southern cowboy with a blue-gray mask, bullet resistant jacket, multiple holsters, a prosthetic arm and leg, and multiple bionic features scattered across his body. He also has metal boots with retractable spikes at the end.