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Deus, more knowably as God, is the supreme all powerful creator of the entire omniverse. He is the overarching protagonist of Multiverse Legends. He is the leader of the Prime Alphas, the brother of Nekrozoth his evil counter part and the creator of humanity. He is the supreme force behind everything good the ruler of the Prime Moon and arch-nemesis to Nekrozoth the DarkMaker. He wanted to bring order and good across his creation while his brother Nekrozoth, wanted nothing but total chaos and destruction due to him being his polar opposite.

He fought the forces of evil for so long that he was forced to retire but till wanted to spread his ideologies. So he created Hyperiel, and he became his replacement as the source to all good while Deus retired became a benevolent but Neutral being. This lasted until Malroc killed Hyperiel, which made Deus mad and smited Malroc in the face which fatally wounded him.

Powers and abilities

God Himself, he is above the One above all from Marvel and the Presence from DC (both who are said to be God himself too). He is Nekrozoth's Equal to his brother Nekrozoth and is more powerful than his other brothers too.

He is the most powerful character in the mhos next to Nekrozoth since they both are omnipotence. but unlike Nekrozoth, he is fully omniscient and omnipresent.

The one person who is above him is Daevas Himself and Velnias. He is above all things that he created and has power over all things that are not evil.