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Devos Daevason, the son of Daevas is a deuteragonist of the Multiversal Legends series and a major protagonist of it's spin off series Legends of the Omniverse. He is the son of Daevas and

He is also friends with Brandon Banlock, Akuma and Jack Spark. He often helps the heroes in time of need but only so it pleases Daevas. he is also an enemy to Grandmaster Chaos, and his own nemesis Velnias Jr. and the Joyous sadistc terrorist Happy Smilestone.


Devos was born on Eldor, which is Legend's planet and the same planet his father Daevas was born on. His father often takes him on adventures for him to see, and when he came of age he learns how to use magic and combat. Devos have gone on his own adventures with his dad across the omniverse for fun, often coming across many villains like omniversal terrorists and criminal masterminds.

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