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We stand for nothing, and yet we stand for everything: to serve the Great Father in any way we can. To fulfill our founder's vision of a perfect Omniverse. Malums, humans, humanoids...they are all the same, no matter the amount of power each possess. We will slaughter them all mercilessly. We will restore the Omniverse to a slate with no sentient life to fill it with their pathetic innovations and passions. First, my brothers, we kill man! Then we shall bring down this mighty "Hollister" and hold him for all to see! This is the Dreadhood! This is our League of Chaos!
~ Dark Oracle's monologue regarding Vekkisul and the Dreadhood
E'he bellie un daftenhaeror!
~ The Dreadhood's war cry, translating to "and so you fall!"

The Dreadhood, also known as the Blood Covenant, Children of the Shadow Malum, Malum's First, or simply The Empire, is an outer-Omniversal alliance of villainous masterminds united under the rule of Vekkisul the Deranged and the true main antagonistic faction of the Multiversal Legends series as a whole. Originally a small, cult-like gathering founded by Vekkisul and the Dark Oracle, the Dreadhood soon spread across the known depths of every Multi-Universe through the work of beings such as Nekrozoth, Aka Manah, and Zalgo of the Creepypasta Multi-Universe.

First appearing as the main antagonist faction of the Legends of the Omniverse spin-off, the Dreadhood has since been portrayed as the true main antagonists of Champions of the Multiverse, the secondary antagonists of season two of The Travelers, the central antagonists of The Flame, and serve as one of the main antagonistic factions in the Multiversal Legends Film Universe, going under the alias "Greyhood".

Following the Final Omniversal War, the Dreadhood was presumably disbanded after Vekkisul's defeat as the majority of their commanders were either killed, arrested by The Champions, or simply in hiding. A Dreadhood sect known as the Demon's Fist was founded by D'Loki fifty thousand years after the Shadow Malum's imprisonment. The alliance itself consists of never-ending legions of villains, warlords, gods, Prime Omegas, Lovecraftian Horrors, superior lifeforms, military/political leaders, tyrants, resurrected Malums, daemons, and race enslaved by the Dreadhood during their Crusades. The faction was created by Adie98.

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