Earth-XI1 is a Alternate Earth and the main setting of the Multiversal Legends Franchise mainly the Champions of the Multiverse Series. Unlike Our Earth, It is more Sci-fi and fantasy type as the inhabitants are fully aware of aliens and aemaonas and everything supernatural or weird. It became this after the invasion from Prime Omegas lead by Ahriman and Malroc and was orchestrated by Nekrozoth. Malroc was the one that brought the Prime Omegas to this Earth and the entire planet was almost destroyed along with the universe.

Thanks to the Champions lead by Legend himself, they fought back against the evil invaders. Billions across the universe were killed and a lot of champions died during the "Champion Wars". It was when William Braxxon AKA Cain himself raise to power and found BraxCorp, He was actually there supporter for the Prime Omegas which make him an enemy to Legend and the Champions but dude to Red Faction secretly running the world and no proof hat Braxxon is a villain they couldn't do anything about it.

Through the remaining technology left by the Prime Omegas and Alphas (who joined the war), Life on EarthXI1 began to thrive through these tech and new weapons, medicine and other stuff were created.

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