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Hello Wade.....
~ Ezekiel Stayne to Wade Stevenson whenever they encounter each other.

Sir Ezekiel Stayne is a major antagonist of Tales of The Omniverse, first appearing as an recurring major villain in Multiversal Legends (specifically in Champions of the Multiverse) before becoming a major recurring villain later on in the franchise of Tales of The Omniverse. He is Wade Stevenson's arch-nemesis and sworn rival.

Ezekiel is a highly ruthless and genocidal mastermind with a god complex who's primary goal is the complete eradication of the human race and ascension to godhood. He was once an powerful magic user and a elf who acts as one of the high-ranking leader of his kind. Due to arguably being the most powerful of his species, Ezekiel develops signs of pride and narcissism (while secretly hiding his malicious god complex) which would become one of his primary reason (and possible his only) on his misanthropy towards humanity. When his kind made a peace treaty with the human race, Ezekiel saw this as outrageous and secretly started a conflict between the elves and the humans which resulted in the near extinction of his own kind. Ezekiel seeks to achieve godhood so he could eradicate humanity but disguise this goal by using "revenge" against humanity as a veil to mask his true intentions.

Ezekiel manipulated the surviving Elves by exploiting their hatred towards humanity and throughout the centuries on Earth plans the destruction of the human race. Taking on many names and alias through out the years such as "Haman", "Set" and "Heinrich Himmler". In modern times, he became a minion of the Master Magus and Nekrozoth. He lead the Adeptum Circle, a powerful militia cult who worships Nekrozoth who weaponize evil beings and causing havoc in order to take control of the world and a sub-faction of The Hunter's Party and The Empire of Eternal Darkness. Acting as a totalitarian manipulator and extremely corrupt dark priest whose treatment of his church and the town they reside in was considered a fascism by many, with Ezekiel acts as a monstrous Machiavellian with influence over the town of Anarchy Oaks. He plans to harness the powers of the Prime Omegas his power to influence the world's economy: by spreading war, death, and pain.

Later in the franchise, he becomes even more monstrous and shows to have a twisted nihilistic view on life. When he invaded the Pandora Foundation and stole one of their Omniversal teleportation device during his arc in Multiversal Legends, he hasn't made a single appearance in the Multiversal Legends franchise until he later appears in later projects in Tales of The Omniverse. Once he finally returns, he was worse than he was before and became a omnicidal maniac who commits needless acts of genocide on several species he comes across and his god complex worsens. He became a servant of Nekrozoth and now desiring to remake the omniverse as he and Nekrozoth saw fit. Ezekiel desires to not just see humanity suffer but every sentient being he knows of too. His new goal is to finish what Nekrozoth has started, by weaponizing the Omniverse and turning it into a living bomb capable of killing all sentient life and cosmic beings so he could rewrite the law of reality in his own liking. and tear down the omniverse as his twisted excuse of playing god. He and Nekrozoth are responsible for causing the mass reboot of the franchise and is one of the most evil villains in the franchise.

He was a major antagonist of Champions of the Omniverse from phase 1-5, one of the main villain of Pandora Files, and one of the final antagonists of Tales of The Omniverse.



Ezekiel Stayne was an elf who grew up in a small town in the once mystical land of Alfheilm near the beginning of the Dark Ages/Medieval Times. During that time, the elves and humans were at war where his parents were killed by a band of humans who raided his village. He was soon sent to an orphanage, It was not long until he finally knows the difference from him and the other children and even from the elves themselves in his home. Ezekiel was a genius child prodigy among the other children which gave him a sense of arrogance in him. In his home city full of magic and science, Ezekiel has surpassed even the adults themselves in such fields. He can control his mana better than everyone else even surpassing everyone in his home city that no one could surpass him. He was soon adopted by a Elf general who's intention was to raise a powerful soldier in order to enslave the humans, preaching his philosophy to how inferior humans and trained him on how to kill which soon gave Ezekiel a twisted fascination of war and carnage whom he hid under a guise of a curious elf knowing such fascination would lead to isolation.

Eventually over the years, he grew smarter and stronger that he arguably became the strongest and smartest of his species which gave him a minor god complex which he also hid from his fellow elves. The war had ended and both the Elves and Humans made a piece treaty, however Stayne still retained a hatred of humanity. When one refused to kneel to him Stayne decided to start another war between Humanity and Elven kind by poisoning his king and blamed it on the humans, while doing the same with a human king. The new Elven-Human War lead his people to near extinction as the elves lost the war as well as their home as a price for the war. Stayne did not care however, as he still seeks to end humanity while callously disregarding the suffering of his kind. He used this as a means to motivate his kind to hate his humanity and lead another genocidal war, dooming his kind to repeat history.

Over the centuries of planning the demise of the human race, Stayne and his Elven walked the Earth while gaining many names and aliases. Stayne was known as "Loki" to the Vikings and was worshiped as a wicked trickster god. Then during World War II, he killed the real Heinrich Himmler and stole his identity and was the one who caused the creation of concentration camps on Earth. He later encountered the wicked Master Magus and decided to work for him for his own benefit and so that Magus can help him end humanity. He acts as a right hand to the Master Magus and works as the founder and leader of the Adeptum Circle as well as being the acting head manager of Omega Corp while Magus is scheming in the shadows.

Champions of The Multiverse (Phase One)

Ezekiel Stayne makes his first appearance in the first half of Phase One, where he tampered with the new military project called the "Demon" serum created by scientist Jonathan Moriarty. He stole credit in making the serum and fired Moriarty from the company which leading Jonathan to drink the serum in order to have his revenge on Omega Corp for stealing his creation.


Ezekiel Stayne is a man in his near 30s, dressed in a black suit and has a pure white tie. He has Caucasian skin and has the typical sharp ears Elves are known to have (though he sometimes hides this in order to blend in with the humans). He also has purple eyes and black hair. He also has a white warsuit similar to the Lexosuit used by DC villain Lex Luthor and the Iron-Monger from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also has a white metal mask with his warsuit to protect his head. After he makes his returns in the franchise he now has a goatee and beard, and a scar across his left eye which is blinded. He also seen to wear a white glove on his left hand, the glove is used to hide his mechanical hand which he uses t replace his original hand a while ago. The reason behind this is unknown, though it may perhaps use to mechanize himself into something stronger.


He's just a monster wearing skin.
~ Wade Stevenson about Ezekiel Stayne

Ezekiel Stayne is the epitome of misanthropy who is ruthless ambitions and twisted nihilism shows that he is one of the worst kind of monsters in the franchise. When he was just a child in a war driven land of Alfhielm, he developed a warped fascination of death and carnage in the orphanage but he hid such feelings from the other elves knowing it would lead to isolation. He acts as a sociopath with little love or empathy towards others and callously disregards the suffering of his own people, having a belief that death is inevitable to avoid and will come to attack others eventually. Ultimately, he love death, destruction, and pain seeing it as the most beautiful thing in creation. Stayne shows some symptoms of sadomasochism as he shows pleasure in his pain as demonstrated when being strangled by Xuriah D'arcmast'r, he is heard giggling when trying to grasp for air which hints that he might have enjoyed being strangled. When getting shot in the leg, he does seem in pain but is shown smiling at the same time with a hint of joy in his pain. Although despite all of these negative traits, he taints himself as a extremist with good intentions yet commits all of his atrocities out of his own free will yet shown that his reason that he hates humanity is petty due to one not kneeling to him. Then when stabbed by a magic sword which revealed the whole truth about himself and have an effect on him, he merely laughed on the knowledge on how much of a vile monster he is.

He is always soft spoken and calm, a demeanor which he always keep even at the face of death. Unlike other ML and TOTO villains, he doesn't suffer a tantrum whenever his plans as he doesn't want to act like a "whiny sore loser". This is mainly due to the fact that he could just come up with a new scheme whenever his old one fails, and sometimes makes contingency plans just in case.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius Intelligence: Stayne possessed incredible intelligence which is the reason how he was consider the most intelligent and strongest of his race. He some knowledge in making machines, as he was the one who created his Warsuit and had design a majority of weapons for the Adeptum Circle and some for the Chaotic Imperium. He is skilled in the art of magic, even more so than any other Elf in his race. He is also capable of making complex plans and schemes, which is why both Magus and Nekrozoth chose him to be their minion. He is only rivaled by Wade Stevenson in terms of intellect and strategy. Ezekiel even managed to fool even the gods of Asgard, even Odin himself, through his disguise of Loki.
  • Magic: Said to be the most powerful magic user in his kind due to his usage of mana. It was said that he was able to defeat an adult sorcerer when he was a teen. He was able to summon demons from the Pandora Dimension by using a summoning spell, and is very skilled in combat spells. He had once fought Xuriah D'arcmast'r, an evil magic user who rivals Master Muller, and gave him a difficult time and shown to temporarily overpower him.
  • Technopathy: Shown to be able to manipulate technology with his mind, this could be part of his abilities as a result in mastering Elven magic. He used this ability to summon his Warsuit, and manipulated the nano-tech in Xuriah's body which stunned the draconic warlord for a while. He shown to be as powerful as Animazoth in terms of being technopaths. He is also hinted to be a polyglot like Animazoth.
  • Teleportation: Though not confirmed but he is capable of appearing out of nowhere, suggesting he might have this ability.
  • Superhuman Attributes: Elves are shown to be more agile and has more stamina than humans. He is also physically stronger than humans as he was able to toss one who was bigger than him without any effort and was able to leap in great length.
  • Levitation: Albeit a minor ability, he only shown to levitate small objects like furniture and rocks. He is able to levitate himself for a while, but he rarely if ever use this ability.
  • Fast Healing and Longevity: Part of his race's attributes, he can take fatal damage and quickly heal from them. He and his kind can also live far longer than normal humans but this does not mean he can't die.
  • Astral Projection: When he doesn't want to show himself physically, he can appear to others via an astral projection of himself.
  • Master Manipulator: He is known for being very persuasive, crafty and deceitful but also charismatic. He started a are between humans and elves from behind the scenes and motivated the elves to hate humans more as a means to further his own agenda.
  • Shape-Shifting: He takes a different form over the years. His current look is just one of many forms he takes. He had once murdered the trickster god Loki, and changes his appearance in looking like the god himself and fooled even the gods of Asgard themselves through this.


  • Ezekiel was supposed to be just a human and a major villain in BrandonDarkOne47's cancelled cosmology project. Then he was remodeled as one of the main villains of Zakk: Crystal of the Omniverse where he was going to be one of the titular protagonist's archenemy.
    • He was also going to be written as a cartoon villain and/or a fanfic villain who was going to be the main villain of a Nickelodeon crossover (which would later expanded to several other western animation like Cartoon Network and Disney). It wasn't until BrandonDarkOne47 decided to make him a main villain of one of his projects. Then he decided to put him in the Tales of the Omniverse franchise as either one of the villains or a recurring antagonist.
  • According to the Ezekiel's creator, BrandonDarkOne47, He is the "Isaac Ray Peram Westcott of Western media". Though Ezekiel was made to be a villain in a western animation.
  • He was made as a attempt to make an homage to both Loki from Marvel, and Isaac Westcott from Date A Live.
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