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Forces is a two issue comic series that was originally gonna kickstart the Multiversal Legends franchise but didn't went anyway due to issues with schedules, the creators trying to come up with ideas for the series, and the fact the creators are highly lazy. Plus, due to COVID-19 and having to be home, they couldn't have time to finish the comic.

It was created by Powermonger2003 and his friend from school who shall only be referred to as Spiderpro, who also is the artist of the comic.

The comic is a science fantasy action comedy. The story is about the duo named Ben Diablo and Akuma, one a reaper and the other is from a species of unknown origins. They're summoned by the wizard Master Mueller to stop his diabolical archenemy, Xuriah D'arcmast'r, who seeks to destroy the Pandora Dimension and later eradicate the human race as revenge for his imprisonment. The comic itself lasted 2 issues only for it to get cancelled afterwards.


The First Issue

The comic opens in a prison taking place in the Pandora Dimension where a prison guard is offering food to the prisoners. We are introduced to Xuriah D'arcmast'r who was groveling in his prison cell and vowed to break out of it. His cellmate yells at him to shut up, which Xuriah promptly kills him by consuming him alive. This caught the attention of the prison guards, who tried to subdue him but to no avail as Xuriah kills them and escapes through a portal, not before using his powers to release the demon prisoners from their cells.

The scene cuts to our two protagonists, Ben Diablo and Akuma, fighting the demon Mafia, Ben uses his magic coins to summon his scythe which set him on fire due to the flames popping out of the scythe. In a panic due to being set on fire, Ben falls into what seems to be a lake where he nearly drowned until Akuma saved his life. We once again cut back to Xuriah, who was making a speech to his new army of demons and tried to use his power gauntlet to cause a dimensional wide earthquake to destroy the Pandora Dimension. The two heroes felt the ground shaking, then a portal appeared which sucked them in.

The heroes fell into Earth, where they're picked up by Master Mueller who summon them to help them protect the Earth from Xuriah, knowing he's planning to destroy as revenge for his last encounter with him. However, in a moment of comedy, he sent the two protagonists to a fast food restaurant to get him something to eat. After Ben and Akuma brought the food, Mueller swiftly grabs the food and devours it.

He later starts training the issues to prepare them for a battle against Xuriah and his forces, Teaching then how to unlock their powerful alternative forms.

The Second Issue

The second issue opens with Xuriah once again, where one of his soldiers informed him of someone coming to see him. Xuriah orders his minion to let him in until he starts transforming back to his true form: a demonic humanoid lizards monster. He orders his minion to leave him as he doesn't want to show his true form, but his minion hesitated which force Xuriah to kill him.

We're cut back to our two heroes who are astonish with their new forms. Ben gets a call from his cousin who was calling him to come over his house. The duo go to Ben's cousin's house where they met the cousin, as well as Ben's other unnamed cousin. The cousin was gonna show the duo something, but then yells at Akuma not to touch his stuff.

We are cut back to Xuriah in his lizard form standing in the same room, then the comic abruptly ends and left unfinished. It was gonna introduce Xorin for the first time.

What Could Have Been

  • Originally, we were gonna be introduced to Xorin in the second issue as the overarching antagonist, either as Xuriah's master or a partner of his. Xorin was also gonna take the main villain role once the heroes defeat Xuriah, which promptly sets up Xorin as the next big villain the heroes would face.
  • Nekrozoth was gonna appear as the third main antagonist after Xorin too gets defeated. He would acts as the darkest villain the heroes would face and would've darken the story with his presence and actions. In Powermonger2003's words "He would probably act as the Frieza of the story".
  • Originally, Xuriah would've summoned a demon version of Bob Ross to kill Mueller, Ben, and Akuma, in one story.
  • Powermonger2003 had a brief idea of having Nekrozoth force the protagonists to fight each other to the death in one story arc taking place on a gladiator arena.
  • Xuriah would've face the heroes in the second issue possibly, with him winning due to the heroes not being strong and skilled enough to face him



Supporting Characters

  • Ben's unnamed cousins.
  • Several Pandora Dimension prison guards, including one named Bermick.



  • The comic was made while the creators were still at school.
  • Ben Diablo was originally named "Brandon Banlock" as one of the creator wanted to insert himself into the story as a protagonist. However he grew to not like author inserts and find it weird to insert himself in the story so he decided to rename the character and remake him entirely into his own person.
  • There's references to JoJo Bizarre Adventures such as the Muda Murda in particular. Spiderpro added as a joke and was planning to add more had the series continued.
  • This would've served as the debut series both Xorin and Nekrozoth appears in, being their first appearance in the MLverse.
  • while the comic hasn't been updated in years, the creator has been contemplating bringing back the series or reworking on it.