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Grimsmith Reaper, or simply Grimm, is a Death god and a character in the Multiversal Legends Universe. He is the personification of Death and the leader of the Underworld's Death Corporation.


Grimsmith is the Prime Alpha of death and therefore the De-Facto Grime Reaper of Multiversal Legends. Over the years he has taken souls of people who have died, and often taking them to different types of afterlives depending on who the person worship or what type of person he is (Either a hero, neutral, or a villain). He once created the Reapers one day and use them to help him reap some more souls to put into the after life, he treated them as his own children and shows compassion to them. It wasn't until Nekrozoth himself corrupts them to become his own breed of Exterminators and mass murderers much to Grimsmith's anger. One day while was taking the souls of Nekrozoth's decimations, he found a young Ben Diablo in a rubble sad and alone. Showing sympathy to the young Ben, and raised him as if he is his own son.

Powers and abilities

He is death itself and can kill people by just touching them or glaring at them or pointing at them. In the Mutliversal Legends universe, a god of death is the equivalent of a god of Destruction from Dragonball super. He is an expert when it comes to using a scythe, he is every where when a person dies and can warp reality or teleport someone to a different area. death can never die and will exist even at the resent of time.


Grimm can be stern, short tempered or even nihilistic. He view mortal lives with sympathy since they die shortly (especially humans). he can mostly be kind and comedic when he in a really good mood,which is mostly happens often. Grimm hates it when people views death as evil since they should receive death as a mercy or just deal with it, he blamed Chernobog for this. even though he can be malevolent sometimes, he is not as cruel as the other villains in the Multiversal legends universe since he mostly helps the heroes when it comes to saving the multiverse. when a person disrespect him or threatens him or his family, he will literate send them to the underworld to be tortured.


Ben Diablo

He is very protective of Ben, having treating him like a son to him and often wants to keep him out of killing people and living up the Reaper traditions.

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