The History of the chaotic and omnicidal dark lord Nekrozoth, the overall main antagonist of Multiversal Legends.



Nekrozoth originally named Zoth Nekronan was the son of a demon warlord and his wife in a family of cosmic warlords who use the Nekrus to give them power on control of the people. His father didn't want Zoth and left the mother while his mother left Zoth in the care of her maid who treated Zoth with love and kindness. Zoth however never loved his maid back as he sees love and compassion as weakness. He would take joy in painfully and slowly killing animals and hide them from other people, he is also very anti-social as he was a child prodigy and developed ego and arrogance that he thinks he doesn't need friends. soon he grew tired of killing animals and deiced to kill the leader of a Bully gang so that he could be their new leader at the age of 8. 

His gang would bully the Prime Alphas as he was a Alpha bigot despite being a Prime Omega-Alpha half breed himself. Soon at the age of 10, he killed his mother and the maid that cared for him which his own father approved on and finally took him in. However his father had another child named Deus who was a Prime Alpha as well as Zoth's good counterpart. Deus's mother loved Deus more than Zoth which Zoth himself felt envy on. His father requested Zoth to treat him as a brother which Zoth begrudgingly did for a few years. At the age of 16 he became a serial killer where he kills Prime Alphas for fun while framing others of the horrendous acts he committed while his father keeps him out of trouble. Finally at adult age, Zoth became the head scientist in his father's empire, with his half brother rivaling his intellect. Zoth used his intellect on experimenting on Alpha children, in exchange for blood so he could find away to exterminate the Alphas. Though his experiments was more torturous then being a true experiment. He finally learns that his father was going to elect Deus as the new ruler of his empire after his father had a change of heart due to Deus's kindness. Zoth started a revolt which resulted to the murder of his parents and took the crown for himself. His first act was the mass murder of the Prime Alphas and as well as the arrest of his half brother. Zoth became a total dictator over the years. 

He took many names, such as Nekrokhan and Zoth the Anti-God, and conquered hundreds of thousands of realms to increase his tyrannical rule over his universe. He slaughter those who would questioned his rule and send his army to enslave billions of planet or destroy them if he can't control or find any use for them. Zoth killed a mass number of people and enslave those who survived backbreaking and put them into labor while worshiping him as he tortured them.

Each world he conquered he stole their valuable resources like food, water, and other materials. He had their forest destroyed in order to build his war factories for his army. He rule was cruel and unjust that even his own half brother and child hood "friends" started to hate him for what he had becomes they waged a rebellion against his regime.

Ascension Program

Having to have countless dimensions under his rule, Zoth still desires more power as he grew bored with his immense power. Zoth wanted to be more, to be superior, TO BE GOD. Zoth decided to later attempted to harness the Nekrus for himself but failed. Instead he received a vision of the Hollister and how he created the omniverse including life in it as well s the Leviathans locked outside. Soon he saw a vision of a labyrinth that contains the heart of the Nekrus in another dimension which he now seeks to find in order to earn what he saw. He traveled across the omniverse to find this labyrinth until he finally did, with his guards he used a quantum bomb to get the Heart of the Nekrus.

With the heart, Zoth used Vyktor, Caedas, and Miles Drekken, one of his three best scientists, to conduct experiments on any creature they come across (one of which was a young Daevas). He disguise the Program as a omniversal health care in order to lure in victims for his inhumane experiment for his own malicious intentions.

Rise to Godhood

Zoth also took upon his family's tradition of visiting the Sanctum and worshiping The Beast, who he later learned was simply a facade created by Vekkisul to destroy Zoth's planet from within. Zoth became a key follower of Vekkisul until he began to seek higher power than his master and plotted a coup. Vekkisul was fully aware of this and allowed Zoth's assassination to fail so that he could finally push his former student over the edge. Vekkisul unleashed legions of his demonic follower, whom Zoth fought off bravely before finally being slain by the Dark Oracle. His followers resurrected him through the Ascension Program which used the Nekrus to merge with Zoth to become one. Zoth now reborn into a full god adopts the name Nekrozoth, along with fully embracing his psychopathic persona and malevolence. However, after turning into a god, Nekrozoth/Zoth was giving omniscience that made him mad. As he soon learn that all of reality is nothing but a fictional story created by Grandmaster Purest, with this revelation he became nihilistic for he now see nothing special in reality. He new desire was to become real, kill the Hollister and replace him, and rule the real world or remake it in his image. Zoth/Nekrozoth however grew mad with the power granted to him and went on a unquenchable quest of bloodshed and genocide.

Great Cosmic War

Nekrozoth leads his army across the omniverse, conquering many universes mercilessly while committing genocide on those he sees on worthy of living under his rule. Starting his own empire of genocide and war which lead to quintillion people to be killed while the rest were slaves for him to torment. He even allows his uncle, Omegus use the Abraxas's Curse to keep the people under control to prevent rebellions. Soon, Nekrozoth has seized control over almost the entire multiverse, turning it into his own playground. However, he would soon be opposed by Deus, who while Nekrozoth was away had used the Ascension Program to make him a god as well. The two battled for the fate of the Old Omniverse which soon lead to many universes destroyed and lives on both sides lost.

Nekrozoth soon attempted to break the barrier that protected the omniverse from the Leviathans as a last attempt to kill his brother as well as all of the Prime Alphas. However the caused of his actions soon lead to the extinction of all life on the Old Omniverse besides him, the Omegas, the Omnicrons, and the Alphas. Purest along with the other cosmic beings on his side were forced to reset everything and brought the age of the New Omniverse. The Alphas would later bring life back in the new omniverse, however as Nekrozoth observed what was going on: He was filled with nothing but spite and hatred towards the Alphas and their creations and vowed to have his revenge on them for interfering with his goals.

Creation of good and evil

Nekrozoth planned to create a idea that would forever be stuck within all life for all of eternity. Nekrozoth learned that humanity created a species of naive creatures known as humanity, so he had kidnapped a group of humans and torturous experimented on them through horrific and unspeakably cruel ways. Through these experiments he create daemon kind whom they worship as their god. Nekrozoth would continue his experiments which expanded through other species like Sparxians, Xyrians, and several others. Through these experiments, Nekrozoth learns that mortals are capable of free will giving Nekrozoth have giving free will it's destruction and chaotic side. He have Strife,the god of war, death, and violence, supply each and every being weapons of mass destruction, allowing them to spread war and violence across every universe in the infinite multiverse. With all of the blood and death happening, Artillery began to enjoy the mass carnage happening and wanted to partake in Nekrozoth's experiment. As the mass carnage increases, ideas began circulating throughout humanity: Chaos, Destruction, Tyranny, corruption, and sin. Nekrozoth merge these concepts, cresting the concept of evil. Nekrozoth then had given the concept a personified form, creating two evil beings, Xelath and Malignus. Nekrozoth had the two entities wreak havoc across the multiverse, causing natural disasters, having mortals kill each other through countless wars and battles, and even their corrupted leaders and turning them into power hungry tyrants.

The Prime Alphas had tool notice of the havoc caused by the evil entities so they battle the two. The Prime Alphas found the enemies formidable so Deus created the concept of good through the positive side of mortals which are: Order, Creation, Freedom, and Honesty. Deus gave these concepts a personified form, creating Angelus and the Primordial. Angelus and the Primordial had defeated Malignus and imprisoned it into Pandora's box which angered Nekrozoth. The Prime Alphas tried to figure out how the two beings came into existence, so to make sure to hide his tracks and burned dow the lab where he created the idea of evil leaving the mortals he kidnapped behind to die.

He later made a deal with Ahriman to take charge on corrupting humanity on Earth which will soon cause the creation of the chaotic demon known as Aka Manah.

Spreading Evil

Nekrozoth spread his corruption across the omnivers, causing the rise of several great tyrants, mass murderers, omnicidal maniacs, and several other horrific beings in existence. He then corrupts more beings like the Irken empire by giving them the idea of conquering other worlds, he even turns Lord Dominator evil and gave her the powers of controlling fire and lava. Bill Cipher fell victim to Nekrozoth's corruption, being driven to insanity which caused him to destroy his own dimension. He was the one that gave power to the Sith and created the Black Mass from Samurai Jack to spread chaos and mayhem. Later the entity would later create Aku. He made a deal with the sorcerous named Mirage (who is from the Aladdin cartoon show) and also corrupted her and made her one of the evil incarnates. He created several disasters, wars, and apocalypses for fun, He had even destroyed many universes for entertainment or just to show an example of his authority, power and superiority and brought chaos and discord to many galaxies. It was he that invented the motto "survival of the fittest" so the can prove that being evil is the better way to live then good and to see who is weak and who is strong. 

He created the Ork and Tyranid races from Warhammer 40k and created disown species to oppose the humans which are called Nekrozorians and Sicorians.

Nekrozoth had grown obsessed with bringing evil and chaos that it made both the Prime Alphas and Omegas disturbed about him. It was so bad that Daevas started to get upset about the evil that Nekrozoth had done. Daevas went to Deus that if he dense calm down Nekrozoth, he would have to destroy the entire Omniverse. The Alphas didn't want that happen either does the Omegas, Deus went and confronted his twin brother and tried to tell Nekrozoth to calm down and be less evil. If not Daevas would have to destroy the omniverse, Nekrozoth didn't care and thought that the Alphas were jealous of his role. He gloated and boasted, declaring himself far superior to both Alpha and Omega and threaten Deus to back-off or else he would gut him and the Alphas. Deus had no choice but to declare war on his evil counterpart, and so the Alphas and Omegas clashed, becoming an all-out civil war.

The Alpha Omega Civil War

The new war which is now dubbed “The Alpha Omega” as he wanted to win the war the proper way. First, he sent quantum bombs to destroy each enemy base to prevent them from transmitting coordinates. Then he used spies to trick the other faction on how to assassinate Nekrozoth by giving them false information, And when the Alphas follow the false information, then it would lead them into a trap. Next, he made sure that every portal to another universe are plugged so that the Alphas won't try to gain reinforcements or retreat. Nekrozoth had even orchestrated the destruction of two planets the Alphas were hiding at which not also killed most of the alphas, but trillions of other innocent beings, making it the first war crime in existence. He committed a mass murder of hundreds of Skulls, and enslaved the Chitauri race and forcefully used them for his army, through propaganda, and brainwashing. If that wasn't bad enough, he captured the Klyntar race, experimented on them to see if he can make a strong super soldier army. the horrible experiments drove the Klyntar into insanity and became the symbiotes. Nekrozoth continued his experiments, and created monsters out of people, horribly disfiguring them, mutilate them, and drove them mad that reasoning with them is pointless and became Extremely loyal to him. He made the first monsters, and these monster were led by their king, Sotan'Noth the so-called "Two-Faced God". After he captures the rebels, he didn't just only kill them, he sent them to concentration camps where they have to work in the HECK realm for all of their lives. he used the Alphas he captured and changed them into destructive mindless entities called "Dark Alphas". 

When his fortress was attacked by angels, beings created by Deus. Lucifer was the leader of the angels, and the eldest of them, and the nephew of Nekrozoth. Nekrozoth easily defeated the angels, but he left Lucifer alive to interrogate. He tortured Lucifer, ripped his wings from him, and then he scourged him, have him to witness the mass genocide of his fellow angels and was crucified. Lucifer still refused to talk so Nekrozoth did the more cruel and evil way, he sends him to the Warp, a realm of chaos he made led by the chaos gods Khorne, Nurgle, Slaneesh, and Tzeentch. There he used the pure chaos, hate, and pain to brainwash Lucifer, change his mind, corrupted him almost away from redemption. Lucifer became evil, and was renamed Satan and had told where the rebels are at, so Nekrozoth relies on his army and marches to the base of the Alpha. The Prime Moon. 

Nekrozoth has Satan led the attack on the main gates of heaven, to show how Deus's greatest warriors have fallen to his great power. He knew that Deus has deep feeling towards his son, and so he would all into despair that he had lost his great creation to corruption. While Lucifer has breached the main gates, Nekrozoth used his brother Artillery's new weapon called the "Sun Breaker", which can shoot a laser that can destroy an entire sun, on the fortress where the Prime Alpha court are at. He realized that the Alphas weren't in the fortress, and was attacked from on top. The Alphas shot beams of cosmic rays on Nekrozoth, but he used his laser eyes and killed one of the Alphas, then Deus appeared in front of Nekrozoth. He punched Nekrozoth in through space and throw him into the sun. Deus was Really mad at Nekrozoth for corrupting his son, ruining all of his and the other Alphas hard Work, and causing mass genocide to the other Alphas. Nekrozoth fought back, and gloated that he did so and explained that he didn't do this because he was a bad Alpha, he did it because it was fun to him. He even told Deus that he knew how to be good, he knew all about it and could have been a good ruler but he denied his chance and decided to remain evil, and after he's done with him, he would kill him and the other alphas so that he can gain their powers and abilities to become more powerful, and maybe do the same with the Omegas. He even revealed to Deus that the new soldiers were actually respected, corrupt angels he called "Fallen Angels" which caused Deus to snap. Deus used some extremely powerful objects to defeat Nekrozoth, but had accidentally killed trillions. He object were Chaos stones, Daevas crafted them, but made them too powerful and so he gave it to Deus just because he knows that he could trust them. Nekrozoth was knockout, and his armies retreated due to witnessing the power of the stones.

After the war, Nekrozoth was sentenced to be trapped in the HECK Realm and was also forced to write a peace treaty for both the Prime Alphas and Omegas. The Omniverse is at peace, Deus finally get to rule and everything is a balance, for now.

After Imprisonment

After being imprisoned for 10,000,000 years in the HECK Realm, Nekrozoth was finally set free. He pretended that he had changed is ways to trick the Alphas but in reality grow even more mad with hate, he wanted to kill his own brothers, every single Alpha until they're extinct. But he also wanted to destroy all life with it, and the entire omniverse, but he doesn't want to anger Daevas, as Daevas loved all life and he already hates Nekrozoth from the start. He also has to get the Alphas out of the way, and with each multiverse, he hasn't created he enters he is a little weak and only lose a small fraction of his omnipotence and since he is now merely an avatar while his true form is trapped in the HECK Realm. He then remembered about the Chaos Stones, if he gets the stones from the Alphas, then he would be able to use it to wipe out all life and remake. If he can't rule the Omniverse, then he would have to remold it in his image, the image of pure evil.

But he can't just walk up to the Cathedral of Justice and take it by force, for you see the Alphas had discovered a primal creature named the Primion. The entity was blessed by the Alphas and could be an actual threat to his plans. So, Nekrozoth decided to create another war, to cause a distraction for the Primion and get the stones. He would have to break the treaty first, but how? he thought of it again. He would start his new empire, start his own army and when it is strong enough, he could get the stones and become the most powerful being in existence.

Birth of a New Empire

Later on, Nekrozoth staged the entire decimation of a realm, steering the blame towards a splinter group of Prime Alphas, including Deus himself. While Deus was dealing with Aka Manah (the Nameless evil), he heard what Nekrozoth did. He knew that he would one day break the treaty, and would have started another war.

Nekrozoth new army grew and his omegas grew once more, and the new Omniverse war has started, as he what he and Manah had done, they had created a new type of warfare: organized Warfare. Nekrozoth used his new army to decimate an entire universe, and then went to the next and conquered it. He used the new universe he made by slaughtering half the populace so that he can make room for his war factories. He continued to slaughter more innocent people across one multiverse to the other, and destroying each one and remaking it in his image. each universe he destroyed were remade into a living hellhole or just planets filled with wastelands full of disgusting monsters, savage daemons, and brutal conquerors. Eons later, he returned to Oblivion and found that one of his brothers, Nozmodamus, was sitting on his throne. So he banished him to the Chaos Realm, the other Omegas didn't want to cross Nekrozoth as he had grown more insane, cruel, and destructive. He gave one of the Omegas who was disrespecting him a cruel fate, he chains him up onto an asteroid which was close to the sun and each time he gets close to it he is burned alive but doesn't die. It had shown that Nekrozoth means business, and so he continued expanding his new empire. He subjugated many universes and recruited many powerful yet malevolent beings such as Lord Dominus, Draxxon Bane, Remiok Sethos, Baron Navirous, and Malroc, He even resurrected Velnias into joining his army. He continued to destroy, conquer and corrupt worlds, causing many mass genocide, enslaved others.

But as he knew that when he is one day to fall, he would have to have a child that would continue his legacy. So He raped women so he can make the "perfect child". But that mostly failed as most of his children were weak and didn't possess his full power, so he killed every child he ever had that didn't have his evilness of power.

He created more monster from the Scp foundation, Warhammer 40k, and other universes. Empires were created thanks to him, famous of which are Zalgo, Outworld, Vilgax, Irken Empire, Chaos space marines, Salem's faction, and the Chaos insurgency and numerous others. he even forced Shao Kahn, Aku, and his old apprentice to join his empire so then he can make a bigger army. He grew as intelligent as he grew more evil, as manipulated events across the entire omniverse and instilled fear into countless civilizations, even Zalgo was scared of him. He was the mentor to Black Hat himself and was also the cause of his evilness, later on, he ordered Artillery make a multiverse destroying bomb in which Artillery responds with "are you mad or you just joking." because Artillery didn't believe Nekrozoth was willing to destroy an entire multiverse. Universes sure but to him, that was just cold, Nekrozoth lit his laser eyes and threaten Artillery that if he doesn't finish the bomb then he would have him share the same fate with the other omega. So Artillery made the bomb and asked why he needed the bomb, Nekrozoth said that he will start another war.

The Omniversal War

While he went to conquer Earth, he had noticed the demon turned idea Aka Manah was there doing the same thing. In an attempt to manipulate Manah, Nekrozoth seeks his support in the war against the Prime Alphas. Manah, in turn, began exploiting Nekrozoth through his deepest desires, mainly the desire to kill Deus and take over his position. Over the course of thousands of years, trust began to grow between the two along with an alliance. The two agreed to each conquer half of the Omniverse before combining their halves and completely wiping out all life.

The cycle of chaos and enslavement continued up until the Advanced Era when Manah and Nekrozoth heard of the Primions death at the hands of a traitorous Prime Alpha. Seeing this as an opportunity to spark a war, Manah once again manipulated the timelines so that the border planets were never created, therefore erasing the one thing separating the Alphas and Omegas. Nekrozoth quickly gained leadership of the group and declared war on Deus and his follower along with an ill-conjured claim of treachery. The full force of Manah's army attacked the Alphas palace on Prime Moon, giving Nekrozoth's army enough time to prepare. To Deus' shock, his own temples were destroyed by the legions of daemons due to the withering spell Manah had cast during his imprisonment.

The Alphas dismantled, sending the cosmos into turmoil. After eons, Nekrozoth and Manah finally came into power of the Omniverse, temporarily stopping time. They invaded the Cathedral of Justice, taking the Chaos Stones before setting the building ablaze. Deus, along with the remaining Alphas, formed a rebellion against Nekrozoth's rule. Using this as a diversion, Manah destroyed the Lithiius Stars and rearranged them like a flaming pot, a symbol of his power. Using the power of the Chaos Stones, Nekrozoth and Aka Manah prepared for "the end of the beginning", an event in which they will merge the timelines and dimensions in order to annihilate them all.

Nekrozoth's quantum bombs had been delayed due to rebel sabotage, thus forcing him to use one of the Chaos Stones to regenerate them. With only five Stones, Manah also had to delay his plans, giving the rebels time to retake Prime Moon. Manah and Nekrozoth sent the full force of their armies to counter the attack.

Dues was killed during the initial ambush. Many other leaders of the Alphas were slain as well. Just when hope seems lost, the remaining Alphas used the Eternal Flame (an eons-old artifact bound with ashes from the seventh Chaos Stone) to imprison Aka Manah in a stone cube, along with decimating his entire army and anybody who has pledged allegiance to him under soul oath. Manah spent the next century trapped in an empty void as his empire slowly shrank and dismantled.

While Aka Manah is trapped, Nekrozoth retreated and went in hiding. He had lost his position as ruler of the omniverse and grew madder as he had just succeeded in his goal, and now it was being taken away by some rebels. For now, he would have to remain hidden behind the scenes while he still controls his empire.

Multiversal Legends

Chaos Gate

During a conversation between the series antagonist who are Nozmodamus (Nekrozoht's lesser daemon brother) and his servant Viggo, Nozmodamus mentioned that the reason he was imprisoned in the discord realm is because he ticked Nekrozoth off when he was setting on his throne.

Kirby Stanely the MasterMaker

Nekrozoth ordered the series first villain named Lord Dominus to invade universe 2803's earth as he knew that a powerful crystal that can bring anything from your imagination into reality (possibly one of the alpha or omega stones) is held their. A human named Kirby Stanely is also the weirder of that crystal and so Dominus was sent there. Lord Dominus was also threaten that if he fils then Nekrozoth will sent him to the deepest darkest part in the abyss while removing a portion yet vital part in his powers.

So Dominus finally arrived at Earth and tried to steal the crystal but failed, lord Dominus remembered what his master said so he hired a group of criminal to help him. Again Dominus failed and was hit by an meteor hat sent in underneath the Earth's crust. It is unknown what happen to him but it could be possible that he escaped and was sent back to the Oblivion Realm and was harshly punished. 

Project Pandora

Evil Itself, the very concept that Nekrozoth created was the main Antagonist of Project Pandora (also known as Pandora Project) it was a malevolent being that was trapped inside in the pandora's box (or panda's pithos/jar in the actual myth) by the prime alphas. Nekrozoth, in the disguise of Edward Nuros, lead the project to reopen it and release his creation upon the multiverse. He succeeded and Evil itself was free to cause as many chaos and havoc as possible. Nekrozoth made a devilish and wicked smile and left. A blood written sign said "NEKROZOTH WAS HERE" confirming that he and Edward Nuros are the same person.


Season One

Nekrozoth makes an appearances in the prequel series as one of the two main antagonist (alongside Malroc), he acts as a major antagonist of the first season being the bigger bad of the first arc where Legend fights his first villain named Baron Navies. He appeared to Baron Navirous fifteen years before the main story starts in the form of a glowing spark of light. He convinced to Navirous that if he joins his side then he will get revenge on humanity for his constant bullying. Navirous joined Nekrozoth's side and conquered his unnamed town. Navirous was told to build a portal powerful enough for Nekrozoth's true form to enter and destroy his universe.

Nekrozoth doesn't appear until later on, he appeared to Navirous again few years later and told him about this new hero that will pose a threat to his existence. This hero is Nekrozoth's nephew Hyperiel, now named Jon Hyperion, his scornful archenemy who is now reincarnated making Nekrozoth was very upset about this. He sent his immortal henchman named The Conspirator (Revealed to be the immortal William Braxxon A.K.A. Cain from the Bible) to help Navirous, The Conspirator sent a mysterious but dangerous enforcer, Sergei Mitchell Samson to kill Hyperiel.

Again he doesn't return in the story until the epilogue, showing him in another form. A daemon came to Nekrozoth and told him about the apparent failure of Navirous portal, and the assassination of Hyperiel/Jon. In an uncontrollable rage, he killed one of his daemons, and said that Hyperiel may have bested one of his minions and won the battle, but the war had just started.  

Nekrozoth returns to send a message to hissed apprentice Malroc, through an Prime Omega as his temper host. Malroc wasn't interested at what his former master has to say until Nekrozoth revealed to him that his archenemy and former friend Hypeirel is alive and is on Earth. This angered Malroc as he thought he got rid of his friend now turned enemy. Malroc set his coordinates to Earth where Legend lives, he sworn to permanently kill his former friend so that he won't be able to get in his way.  

Once again Nekrozoth appears near the end of the first season having to command the later of his cult to find forge himself a physical form for him to bypass the divine barrier constructed by the Alphas for him to conquer the Earth. He was successful on being summoned onto the real world through a ritual chanted by his own worshippers called The Hand Of Nuron (Nekrozoth's other name). It required some blood from some innocent, it had to do it during the full eclipse, and they required a host for the new body. The cult succeeds in doing the ritual correctly and resurrected Nuron by giving him a host by using Cogman (the leader of the Steampunkers). Legend/Hyperiel and his newly found Champions tried to stop him but they were cast aside by Nekrozoth's telepathic powers. Nekrozoth escaped and went to another Earth where the Champions followed him through which ended the first season. 

Season Two Premiere

He returns as the main antagonist of the premiere of the second season. Even though he "killed" Cogman and used his lifeless body for his own, he still regaining his powers so he went to another earth, he disguises himself as a politician. Legend and the Champions followed him to Washington D.C. but were too late to stop him from becoming the new President of the United States. They ask one of the original Champions or help, they agreed to help them and stop Nekrozoth from stealing the souls of the people of the Planet Earth by starting a Nuclear war to regain his full powers. The Champions deactivate the nuke but failed to destroy his new form. He escaped through a portal, He is last seen in an unknown dimension creating a small army for some evil proposes. 

Season Three

Nekrozoth returns in the third season where still regaining his powers. After the champions defeated Artillery and banish him to purgatory, Nekrozoth amass an army of aliens and daemons for his personal conquest of the universe he is in. Having one of the rulers of Hell named Nazaroth as his right hand commander of his new legion, Nekrozoth learns of the legendary Chaos Vindicator which would grant him the powers of nigh omnipotence which Nekrozoth sought to have as he wanted to absorb it's powers and get stronger. Learning that the Prime Alphas hidden such weapon from him Nekrozoth learns that the map is located on a Sparxian Planet in the Sparxian star system. Nekrozoth leads a brutal invasion of the system causing a full galactic-level war to find the map to the chaos vindicator. Nekrozoth first started massacre an entire city leaving no survivors and enslaved the souls of the dead innocences. He used the city as one of his base of operation and ha the enslaved souls to the soul mines to work for all eternity. He eventually created a war factory and released Artillery from Purgatory to supply him with weapons and ammo for his army. After learning that the champions are partaking on this war, Nekrozoth called for back up from Master Onslaught and his apprentice Malroc to defeat them. Nekrozoth with Master Onslaught are seen in a room filled with magic sensitive children to do horrific and potential fatal experiments on as both cold agree thatthaey could just kidnapped another one if one dies form the experiments.

Nekrozoth is later confronted by his nephew Hyperiel who is now named Legend. Legend came to attempt to redeemed his evil uncle and try to sympathize with him once he learned of Nekrozoth's backstory of his constant abuse from his father Velnias. This attempt however lead to Nekrozoth attempting to violently murder his nephew once Nekrozoth learns of what Legend was trying to do and taunts him of attempting to have him commit a cowardly act (quoting his father) and told his nephew that the abuse only made him stronger and that he likes what he has now become. Nekrozoth had fought Legend and won, finally capturing him and send him to one of his torture chamber where he has Remiok Sethos sadistically tortures him. Nekrozoth is seen with one of his minion named Nazaroth, He and his army was invading a planet and killed the entire population except one. Nekrozoth took this last survivor as a souvenir for yet another one of his victorious conquest. he made the now destroyed planet one of his slave planets where he put his slaves in. Once he returns Nekrozoth found out that Legend had escaped making the Dark Lord furious at Remiok who was supposed to keep an eye on. Nekrozoth remorsefully punish remiok by crucify in an a pit of fire, then Nekrozoth sent Nazaroth to recapture Legend for him. While Nazaroth was out finding Legend, Nekrozoth is approached by a Sparxian senator named Mundro'Dox whom the sparxian made a deal that he spare him and he (Mundro'Dox) will give Nekrozoth the map to the Chaos Vindicator and the total rule over the sparxians. Knowing that the traitorous Sparxian is selling the truth, Nekrozoth agreed and finally gotten the map. As expected, the sparxians refused which lead Nekrozoth (with the help of Master Onslaught and Malroc) to kill all of them. Nekrozoth had spared Mundro'Dox only to curse him with immortality as he want him to witness as Nekrozoth slaughter his wife and his new born child by feeding them to one of his monsters and leaving him with the regret of betraying his own kind.  

Now finally having the map to the weapon he seeks, Nekrozoth leads his army to the location that leads to the Vindicator. As Nekrozoth reads the map he learns that he can't read it sonly a worthy hero could only find the powerful weapon. Both angered and greatly disappointed, Nekrozoth calmed himself down by randomly blown up a planet. Nekrozoth decided to send the map to the champions so that they could find the map for him, Nekrozoth sends orders to try to force the champions to find the weapon. Nekrozoth was seen watching and knew that the Champions are now getting closer to the blade and laughed in glee. He continued on watching the conflict and think up of a plan of how to get the sword away from the champions. When the Champions finally found the sword Nazaroth attacked them as he decided to take the opportunity to use the sword for himself in an attempt to dethrone Nekrozoth as the ruler of evil and conquer the multiverse. Nazaroth was killed by Volcan (for now at least) and now finally possessing the sword, the Champions decided to use it to send Nekrozoth back to oblivion once and for all. They attacked one of Nekrozoth's warship which was destroyed immediately. They then attack Nekrozoth in his own personal ship and fought their way to him. Nekrozoth was actually prepared for such situation, when he and the champions finally met once again, Nekrozoth possessed Kron through his mind and used her chronokinesis to stop time and steal the sword from them. Nekrozoth felt the power surging into him, and boasted and mocked the heroes that the was a fool in the first place for trying to attack him. Nekrozoth then tried to kill the surviver by shooting a beam of chaotic energy at them, knocking all three of them. Nekrozoth had them imprisoned to one of the Sicorion labor camps having their powers stripped thanks to the poor of the sword.  

Nekrozoth tested his sword by constantly destroying parents an emerging them tighter into nightmarish worlds, he had destroyed a sun and caused a black hole to emerge as an attempt to destroy the universe. The Champions return with their powers regain thanks to the Prime Alpha Xeron. Nekrozoth tries to kill the champions by constantly shooting beam of chaotic energy at them and even tried to warp reality. Nekrozoth then fire another bowl of energy that them but Volcan threw a device that would send Nekrozoth back to Oblivion.  Nekrozoth was hit by the device and accidentally droped the Sword allowing Kron to grab it and the device activates the portal sending Nekrozoth bak to Oblivion where he belongs.  

Season Five

He returns once again as the main antagonist as he launched a full on attack on the entire planet Earth as revenge for his previous defeat at the hands of the champions. The champions invaded his ship, but Nekrozoth knew what they were trying to do. He devised an ambush for the protagonists which succeeded, he tried to execute one of them until Volcan fires a atomic missile that hit his face which didn't harmed him but merely blinded him. They went to the ship's core and throws a device known as a Naz'zerak which opened a huge portal that sucked the entire ship along with Nekrozoth and was never seen again until later in the series.

Champions of the Multiverse

Phase One

He first appeared in Champions of the Multiverse as the overarching antagonist of phase/season 1. Though he hasn't appeared physically, He was the one that caused a sudden boost of negative energy throughout the Omniverse, known as The Shattering of Souls, dismantled Manah's prison long enough for him to escape, and destroy the Eternal Flame. He reappears in the episode New Gotham, he was summoned by his own cult who act as says to keep Aka Manah in check without the daemon knowing.

Later one of The Ancient One mentioned him while she was explaining the who Aka Manah is and hat he is doing. When Aka Manah and reformed his new army, he recruited a Prime Omega who questioned Aka Manah if he and Nekrozoth are still working with each other. Aka responded that they are no longer allies since he felt abandoned by Nekrozoth and thought he would save him but didn't.

After Aka Manah was defeated and was kicked into a black hole, a menacing shadow and said that since mana had failed, it was time to begin phase two of his ultimate planned he has a part to play and called him an "old friend". It was revealed that shadow is actually Nekrozoth.

Phase Two

Recruiting Aka Manah

Aka Manah was still trapped in the void, but until he was pulled by an omnipotent force. Aka Manah responded to the situation by saying "I...I live" and it was revealed that he was saved by Nekrozoth. Nekrozoth confirmed he did live but through him, and due to being resurrected by Nekrozoth he has to serve his undying loyalty or else. Aka Manah refused, but Nekrozoth said unto to him if he won't then he would have shown him new kind pain and misery Aka Manah had never felt before. Aka was threatened by his power and decided to join him and collect the chaos tones for him.

Aka Manah pleaded Nekrozoth to stop and finally sweated loyalty to him (for now). Nekrozoth was satisfied by the goat demon's pleading. He revealed to mana that it was him the test he frees from his imprisonment, as he used negative energy to destroy the cube. After Manah hearing this, he actually felt embarrassed and regretful as he was wrong that his allies would come back to him (though Nekrozoth only wants him for his plans not because he cares), he was sent him to kill Kratos as he is the first step on getting the Chaos stones.

Invading Outworld and Earth Realm

After Hearing that Shao Kahn was defeated by Raiden, so was Mileena as she was dethroned as well as killed. the new ruler right now is Kotal Kahn who is a more benevolent leader then Shao Kahn and Mileena, because of this the alliance between Outworld is over and Nekrozoth seeks to destroy all of it. After Aka Manah returned with some information about where is the Chaos stone is now located at, he tells Nekrozoth that one of the stone is at Earth realm. Learning this, he sent Aka Manah and his army to get the one stone while his other army tries to invade Outworld and reshape it.

During the Outworld invasion, He has is cannons fire at the armory so that the Outworld's soldiers won't be able to get their weapons. Next, he has his armies surround the main gates so that nobody leaves the Outworld city, his army enters the gate so that they could slaughter the people. Nekrozoth commanded Artillery to use the quantum bombs un the main castle so that nobody will survive, too much of Artillery's joy (as destroying the main base of Outworld is the equivalent of dethroning a government) he opens a massive portal that rains quantum bombs and destroys the castle. Nobody survived but Kotal Kahn as he was in Earth Realm during that time. He made sure that he had his men search up the rumble to see if anybody survived, but they didn't find any corpse of total Kahn. Nekrozoth was outraged as he had wasted his resources on some wrecked city. When Aka Manah returned with a Chaos stone, Artillery wanted to finish the job but Aka Manah has different plans for the Outworld.

Creating the Realm Beast

Both Nekrozoth and Aka Manah debated on how would they make the new monster called "The Realm Beast". Nekrozoth wanted to use the Primion's spiritual energy and combined with hate in it's purest form, Aka Manah also wanted it to be feared and formless so that the heroes wouldn't be able to touch it. Aka Manah and Nekrozoth used the Primion's spiritual energy and combined with hate in it's purest form, bringing the Realm Beast into the world with the intention of using it to find the Chaos Stones and reset reality.

To test the Realm Beats Nekrozoth sent a message to Earth Realm to surrender or else they will be devoured by the Realm Beast. To show that he wasn't bluffing, he summoned the creature and have it to devour the entire Outworld dimension. After witnessing the death of many people of his ream and the destruction of everything he worked hard for, Kotal Kahn fell to his knees crying and cursed Nekrozoth and Aka Manah and pledged that he would surely kill the two.

Torturing Jack Spark

Nekrozoth having been watching Jack since his birth decided to break Jack's spirit and make him part of his regime just to anger Legend for all the time he was beaten by him.

He kidnapped Jack and strapped him onto a piller while he forces him watch as Nekrozoth was ruining his life. He first caused a car that killed his friend Jeremiah Carson, he had his best friend Brandon Banlock mutilated by daemons which almost killed him. But especially, he went to his foster mother's home and almost drove her to insanity.

Jack had broken free,

Collecting the Stones

The next universe that was held a chaos stone was Earth 616. The stone, however, was guarded by the Avengers and Justice League, so it could be difficult for his army to get it. So he went to Avengers tower by himself as he can easily defeat them combine. When he entered Avengers Tower the Avengers started to ambush him with the Hulk jumping on him but Nekrozoth grabbed his throat and choked him to death. Captain America throws his shield while Iron Man, Vision, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and Thor started blasting him to slow him down. Using his telekinetic powers he used the shield to hit all of the Avengers by decapitating each one of them. He continued forward on getting the stone and reached the top floor where the Justice League (mainly Super Man, Wonder woman, and Cyborg) set a trap for him. They used time bombs so that it could either slow him down or completely stop him when Nekrozoth activated it the bomb had no effect on the Prime Omega. He counters it and has the Justice League freeze in time, he walked by them and get the stone back also leaving a cosmic bomb in the tower to kill everyone on the planet. When he opens the portal and enters it, the Bomb exploded.

Nekrozoth went to the Watch Tower, the base for the Justice League. He enters the ship by corrupting almost all of the Heroes in it except for Batman. Batman tried to fight the Omega Lord but was easily defeated as Nekrozoth shape-shifted into his dead parents to taunt him. This made Batman very mad and tied to throw exploding Batarangs at Nekrozoth but Nekrozoth used his telekinesis to deflect it back at him. Batman nearly died from the explosion but was about to be finished off by Nekrozoth, but Nekrozot didn't want to kill him yet. He wants to show Batman the destruction of Gotham city itself, he used his Realm Beast to devour the Earth along with its inhabitants then Nekrozoth used his powers to reshape it into a hellish planet of pain, agony, and torment where the people of Earth will have to live in it for all eternity. Batman tried his best not to give in but he couldn't except the failure that he was given, Nekrozoth knew his pain and had whispered into Batman's ear to take the Batarang and slit his own wrist which Batman actually did and killed himself. he took the stone and destroyed the DC universe.

the next stone is at Daevas's home, which shown he won't enters since Daevas would kill him instantly. So He and minions like Remiok and Artillery are going to persuade Daevas into giving him the stone without any violence for if he causes any trouble with the Mega Supreme being then he'll be easily erased from existence. Nekrozoth knew that Daevas's one weakness is his laziness so he made a plan to make him lazier. When Artillery and Remiok were sent to the Beyond, Daevas looked out to see who was at his property and saw Nekrozoth's goons. Daevas teleported in front of Nekrozoth and his minions and asked why he arrived in his property with his evil lions, Daevas assumed Nekrozoth was about to take the stone by force or something. Nekrozoth said to Daveas that he just merely wants to bargain, Nekrozoth had Remiok and Artillery bring a box of sandwiches and tables to sit and talk. Daevas, being obsessed with sandwiches, sat and ate at the sandwiches provide. Nekrozoth sat with daevas and he and the beyond infinite god chat. Nekrozoth said that he would allow fun things like "comic books" and "video games" to exist and would give Daevas a whole section of an omniverse to rule over. Daevas liked the deal, as even though he is stronger than God himself doesn't mean he is actually bright as he posses a mind of a mortal (though can comprehend more things than any). Daevas gave Nekrozoth one of the Chaos stone and told him where the others are at. The fourth stone is located at the EarthRealm.

Before getting the stones, he have numerous psychic children to be kidnapped and experimented own for his new breed of soldiers through brutal and atrocious means. He have bak energy known as chaosium and invest them unto several children which transformed them into mentally unstable monsters known as Mind Killers. The process was brutal as Chaosium was not meant to be experimented on children but Nekrozoth simply did it so that he can easily brainwash them. Nekrozoth later launch a attack on EarthRealm which is the final stand off for the heroes. He and Aka Manah slaughtered several heroes in attempt at Omniversal domination, Nekrozoth begins to use his avatars to slain enemy soldiers and corrupted/mind controlled several super heroes to kill one another. Aka Manah creates wave of psychic energy and manages to distort reality long enough to track down the location of the Stone. Despite the heroes futile attempts, Nekrozoth and Manah manage to capture the Stone and escape through a portal, leaving the majority of Earthrealm in ruins. They are pursued by a small group of heroes and another fight ensue at the Cathedral of Justice as Manah and Nekrozoth attempt to take the two Stones housed in it. During the fierce battle that followed, Nekrozoth was severely injured by Legend and Manah cut off from the rest of the group by Johnny Cage, who proceeds to strike down the demon multiple times using an array of divine weapons.

He returns to Earth Realm once again, he used his avatars to slaughter his enemies once again. he and mana captured another chaos stone and they disappear, With six of the seven Chaos Stones in their possession, Manah and Nekrozoth (with Vulcan as their captive) had a final confrontation with Legend and Jack Spark in the ruins of the Cathedral of Justice. Manah and Nekrozoth began discussing their plans for the Omniverse, realizing that their conflicting views would end a threat. Manah continues to torment Vulcan as Legend and Spark push through Manah's forces before reaching the Cathedral and storming in, killing both of Nekrozoth's guards. Spark attempts to mutilated Nekrozoth with his sword, but is paralyzed by Manah. The storyline then breaks into three alternative endings: the bad ending, the good ending, and the alternate ending.

The Xpocalypse (Bad ending)

As Nekrozoth attempts to sway Legend into joining his army, Manah creates a duplicate of himself to stand in his place beside Nekrozoth's throne as he phases through the Cathedral wall. The conversation between Nekrozoth and Legend reaches an end with both parties realizing that the long battle will end one way or another. Legend eventually agrees to hand over the reconstructed final Chaos Stone to Nekrozoth in exchange for Vulcan and Spark's safety. As the Stone levitates towards Nekrozoth, it dissolves into a black mist. Manah appears from the opposite corner of the room, Stone in hand, and releases a powerful blast of energy, stunning Nekrozoth long enough to allow him to retrieve three of the remaining six Chaos Stones. Manah and Nekrozoth engage in a fierce cosmic battle, disintegrating Legend, Spark, Vulcan, and the entire Cathedral. The advantage shifts from one god to the other until Nekrozoth grows too weak from fatigue to continue to battle. 

Manah rises victoriously and drags Nekrozoth into a pocket dimension. Nekrozoth examines the void around him, terrified, before two strings appear from either side of him and restrain his arms and legs. Manah appears, watching for a while as Nekrozoth struggles to free himself, before repeatedly impaling him with a divine spear. He claims that it was going to end with one of them dying one way or another and that he simply "beat you to it". The strings intensify and start tugging in opposite directions. Manah leaves, ignoring Nekrozoth's cries for help as the Creator of Evil is ripped apart.

The Apocalypse (Good ending)

Similarly to the bad ending, Manah forms a duplicate of himself to take his place and phases through a nearby wall, this time reappearing in one of the Cathedral's corners. Nekrozoth persuades Legend to give up the Stone by force, threatening to murder Vulcan and then his entire family. Legend reluctantly agrees and lets go off the Stone, watching as it levitates towards Nekrozoth's grasp. Just as Manah prepares to claim the Stone for himself, Nekrozoth snaps his fingers and combines Manah and the duplicate, stating that he "knew only you would be foolish enough to attempt such a petty grab at power". Nekrozoth throws Manah in front of his throne and kills Legend, Spark, and Vulcan, absorbing the Chaos Stones and finally becoming the ultimate destroyer. Manah cowardly begs Nekrozoth for a second chance, claiming that he can give him "more than you can comprehend". Nekrozoth wisely ignores this and fires a beam of energy at the demon. Manah uses his full strength and uses a single hand to fire a red beam of energy directly back. He holds his own for a time before being overwhelmed by Nekrozoth' strength and disintegrating.

With his newfound power, Nekrozoth resurrected Manah for constant torture and begins "toying" with the dimensions, accidentally reviving Jack Spark and Legend. The two resurrected heroes confront Nekrozoth, who summons every underling in his capacity (including Malroc and Grandmaster Chaos) to battle them. Nekrozoth eventually fights them himself, arrogantly believing he is powerful enough to kill them without harnessing the power of the Stones. He easily overpowers Spark, who receives a devastating blow to the chest from Nekrozoth's sword. Seeing Nekrozoth preparing to kill his student, Legend furiously swings at him, unintentionally cutting Aka Manah's chains and freeing him. In the massive shock wave that follows everybody in the battle is stunned with the exception of Manah, who teleports and escapes. Legend proceeds to take multiple hits from an enraged Nekrozoth before Manah's puppet strings shoot out of the ground, temporarily restraining his arm. Nekrozoth grows to a gigantic form and Nekrozoth follows suit, utilizing his near ultipotent and spatial powers to their full extent. The battle that follows momentarily blinds Legend and Spark as the two proceed to bend the fabrics of space and time. Nekrozoth ultimately comes out as the victor, but not before Manah manages too wrap two sets of his strings around Nekrozoth's neck, entering his mind and taking control of the god.

Nekrozoth's eyes light up red and multiple Omniversal rifts appear as he and Manah battle for dominance over the body. Legend regains his senses and realizes that two of Nekrozoth's chest plates were damaged during the fighting, leaving him vulnerable. With a boost from Legend, Spark flies leaps through the air and drives his dagger through Nekrozoth's heart, finally killing him. Aka Manah eventually dies as he tries to use the chaos stones. After the two tyrants were defeated, the heroes began to help the Omniverse to recover, this was ending the Creator of evil's reign of terror. For Now at least.

Phase Three


After being chased down by Chernobog's undead henchmen, Jack was trapped in the cave of alternate timelines. All of them was closed until opened a few of them. One shown an alternate future where his mentor Legend became a tyrant and shown having Malroc's head as his trophy. Another shown a statue of Aka Manah being built by mortal slaves and himself along with the other champions. The third shown Nekrozoth himself sitting on a throne of actual corpses of a thousand Prime Alphas and Champions alike with a millions gods and mortals bowing down and worshipping him. Hyperiel/Legend was seen chained up and beaten along wit hoyher fallen champions. They were forced to kneel to Nekrozoth. Nekrozoth begins to taunt Legend and so orders his men to send the champions to the slave mines but as cripples. The Prime Omegas began to beat up the champions including Legend himself.

Jack couldn't help but to save the defenceless champions, Jack began slashing through the army of darkness until he was struck by a lightning shard by Nekrozoth. Nekrozoth then walked to the beaten Jack and stomped his foot on his chest. Jack started to cough out blood, Nekrozoth admits that Jack has guts and then press his foot on Jack's chest with Jack screaming in pain. Nekrozoth asked Jack who is he and where he came from, Jack simply spat blood at the evil alpha's face, Nekrozoth move his foot away from Jack's chest and grabbed him by the neck and lefted Jack off the ground and slammed down on the floor. He picked up the bloody Jack from the floor again and repeated the same thing over 4 times then dragged Jack (who was still conscious) to the beaten champion. Nekrozoth knew that Jack came to save Legend (Well Hypriel) and so Nekrozoth decided it could be fun to break Jack's heroic spirit by torturing and kill his mentor. Nekrozoth ordered to continue the torture and later ordered to crucify him at once, Jack struggled to break free but to late to save his mentor. Nekrozoth decided to split Legend's throat after he was crucified on the World Tree known as Yggdrasil (also known as the trees of knowledge). Jack screams in anguish, Nekrozoth started to gloat on how he beaten the Prime Alphas and snapped Deus's neck and put his head on a stake to show what happens to those who opposed him. Nekrozoth then sentence Jack to his "lab" (his torture chamber) to be interrogated.

Multiversal Legends Film Universe

Steve Rogers: Nekro who...?

Ancient One; Nekrozoth, and a being of pure destruction. It is the original creator of all things evil and the reason why we face it all the time. Like Aka Manah, it seeks to reshape the omniverse into what it desires... Pure Chaos.

~ The Ancient One on Nekrozoth

Nekrozoth is a dark entity of pure evil and the overarching antagonist of the Multiversal Legends Film Universe. He is Malroc's master and the He is the creator of all evil, the ruler of the Prime Omegas and Oblivion. He is also Legend's uncle. He is right now trapped in the HECK Realm so he have to use avatars to interact in the physical multiverse. He is the mastermind behind the release of Aka Manah and was the one that turned Malroc evil as well as William Braxxon. Overall he is the main antagonist of the Film universe so far.

He appears as the Overarching Antagonist 2019 comedy movie Beyond Dimensions (along with Aka Manah) which is the first installment of the Multiversal Legends film universe and the overarching antagonist of 2020 superhero movie Legend. He return in Champions of the Multiverse as the minor antagonist (having Aka Manah as the main villain) and a minor Villain in Spark, a cameo antagonist of Champions: Malroc Triumphant, and finally became the Main antagonist of the Omega Wars movie Trilogy. 

He was played by Oscar Isaac, who also played Apocalypse from Xmen Apocalpyse. He was voiced by Richard D. Wassermann who played Sargeras.


Nekrozoth was born along with Deus as the two creators of the Infinite Multiverse. They were spawns of Velnias the Monstrous and were the former students to Daevas, together he and Deus created the Omniverse and life with it. Deus basked in the glory of creation but Nekrozoth disdains them as he sees them as cowardly abominations. He later created Earth and used it to put all of his dark daemons and monsters their. Deus convince Nekrozoth to experience what is like to live as a mortal so the two gods transformed into a mortal form so they can hide their true nature from the living organism. Deus and Nekrozoth experience mortal morality as they know that they need to decide for themselves so the two came up with the idea of making concepts that they could use. Deus created good and gave it to the living beings across the Multiverse but Nekrozoth created something that was the total opposite, Nekroozoth created evil itself and used it to spread fear and discard across every living being.

Deus and Nekrozoth began to argue about the creation of evil, Deus claims that evil is doing nothing but Nekrozoth tried to justify it that it shows who is weak and who is strong. They continue to argue then became a full on fight until Daveas came in and stopped the two. Daevas tells Nekrozoth to have evil under control or else he have to punish Nekrozoth in which Nekrozoth be begrudgingly did. He never liked Daevas or Deus so he devise a cunning rebellion, he convince the Prime Omegas (his brothers) to join him and together they could dethrone Deus and later Daevas. Nekrozoth invaded the Cathedral of Light and later the Cathedral of Justice in a bid to get the Chaos stones that was created by Daevas.

Deus had to convince Daevas on to stopping the rebellion, Together the Alpha Wars begun. Nekrozoth attacked many worlds dn butchered every mortals he come across while enslaving the rest fir his new evil empire. He corrupted many living beings which would give brith to Aka Manah, he also slaughtered the Sparxian race for not joining him. Nekrozoth took one off the chaos stones after invading the cathedral of Justice and used it to kill trillions. He and Aka Manah worked together and almost won the war ad almost destroyed all of life until Daevas defeated them and imprisoned Aka Manah and badly injured Nekrozoth. Nekrozoth went into hiding and orchestrated events while he hides from Daevas himself.


While running from William Braxxon and Malroc, Legend hide in a secret at the junk yard after he fought Malroc. He passed out due to his injuries and went back to sleep. He had a dream or in this case Nightmare where he is teleported to a realm where the sky is red and the Earth is surrounded by horrifying monsters. He sees dead nazis walking around and see flying red pyramids and could haves sworn that he saw a flying monstrous serpent in the black clouds. Then he heard a voice so that was ancient and treating that the entire dimension shakes, Then Nekrozoth himself finally appears to Legend. He shown to have "respects" towards Legend's willingness to survive, Nekrozoth tried to convince Legend on giving up his powers so Nekrozoth could use it to set his true form free. Legend ask who is he and Nekrozoth tells him that he is his uncle which surprised Legend as he never know ever had an uncle. Nekrozoth also apologies the lack of a perfect area to talk as Legend is now traveling through dimensions though dreams (which is untrue as Nekrozoth brought him their). Nekrozoth continues on manipulating Legend but Legend refused to give him the power that he posses as he believes that only he could be worthy enough to use it to protect people. Nekrozoth laughed at Legend and told him he shouldn't waste time with helping mortals as he sees them as weak. Legend told Nekrozoth that mortals are not weak and should give them a chance. To much of his anger Nekrozoth threaten to kill Legend if he won't lend him his power to which Legend responded the Nekrozoth is no uncle of his. Nekrozoth tells Legend the he made a big mistake and snaps his fingers to wake Legend up from his slumber.

Nekrozoth appears to Malroc to kill Legend and take his power, to much of Malroc's joy he does so and pursues Legend. Xeron appears to legend and explains who Nekrozoth is, Nekrozoth's backstory is revealed through the conversation.

He later appears in the post credits scene with Malroc about the Aka Manah cube saying to it that he got plans for the Daemon inside it. He explain to Malroc that he needs to find it so the daemon Aka Manah would help him find the Chaos stone.

Beyond Dimension

Nekrozoth was mentioned by Legend while teaching Jack Spark about the history about the Multiverse. Nekrozoth appears in a nightmare Jack had. Nekrozoth appears as a Dark shadowy entity of destruction who is destroying the Prime Star system of the Sparxians called the Sparxus System.  

While Battling Malroc, Legend notice that Malroc is not hunting for Jack for his own benefits. it was noted by Legend that Malroc is working with someone far stronger than he is. Malroc refused to accepted that he is being used.  

In a post credit scene a cult dedicated to him started to hold hands and chant, a portal opens and two glowing eyes are seen starting back through the other sides. Nekrozoth appears to the cult, the followers kneel to their master and said that they're always with him.  


at the mid credits of the movie, a mysterious figure was seen walking through the rubbles of Master Onslaught's ship, only the legs of the figure was seen. It stops and pick up Onslaught's helmet, the camera shots to the figure which reveals to be Nekrozoth himself. Nekrozoth's eyes began to glowing then cuts back to the credits.

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