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Jack Spark is one the main protagonist of the Multiversal Legends Universe, serving as the arch nemesis to Grandmaster Chaos, Chernobog and Master Onslaught


Jack is kind hearted and helpful person willing to sacrifice himself to save others. He also have a sense of humor and a respectable to others including o his biggest idol Legend. He also shown to care for animals and even have a pet Dragon like hybrid animals he names Drake. 


Through out his years he had faced the despicable bad guys in his life, most of them were either Corrupt officials, Warlike aliens, fanatical lunatics, Evil Daemons, Monstrous Overlords, Evil Henchmen, Chaotic beings, Universal Destroyers, and Vile Deities.


His most evil and vile enemies he had ever encountered. When they first met, Nekrozoth had Jack strapped in a metal chair and made him watch as he either mutilated one of his friends, made his own team mates hate him even though it wasn't really him just a shape shifter, broke his own family apart, and killed his mentor. Not only that, Nekrozoth had continued on mentally and physically torturing him until he breaks. Luckily he almost succeeded and Jack had gotten away. Nekrozoth does actually se him as somewhat of a threat but not as big as Legend.

William Braxxon/Cain

When Braxxon tried to send an assassin to kill him since he was a little child and was secretly hunting and killing baby dragons so that he can sell their hearts to Draxxon, Jack was very much disgusted and mad so he invaded his company and freed all the dragons and exposed the truth about Braxton enterprise to the whole world.

Master Onslaught

He has zero approval ratings on master onslaught even by not attempting to empathize with the mad man. First he helped the most evil beings on slaughtering his own people (the Sparxians) and enslaving them. Master onslaught also had his owns kind get experimented on through horrible tests. He also learned that Onslaught had also killed his own family for his experiments and had caused over 7 extinction level genocide on 7 different species. He used living organism to even create his own master race so that he can dethrone many universes so that he an become an All-Powerful ruler.


  • The character of Jack Spark took inspiration from Percy Jackson.
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