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Jack Spark (formally named Alphinex being his past incarnation) is the main protagonist of Multiversal Legends and Tales of the Omniverse. Jack is the adoptive son of Legend and was a champion in training and is also friends with Ben Diablo and Akuma. He makes it his mission to fulfill his duty as a champion and putting an end to the Omega Empire, making him the arch-enemy of Nekrozoth, the franchise's main antagonist.


Previous life

It is revealed that, like Nekrozoth, he was a reincarnation of a ancient being known Alphinex who defeated the Nekrus but died at the process, giving birth to a new Omniverse which created "The Nekrus Cycle". He reincarnated into several omniverses along with Nekrus, fighting an never-ending struggle between creation and destruction.


The Alphinex, now reborn as a Sparxian named Jaxron Sparxius, being born from a royal Sparxian family. He was only a infant when Nekrozoth invaded his world and butchered the people. Nekrozoth was the one who personally murdered his family who tried to defy him, keeping their souls inside his dark Beta Crystal. Legend however came to save the infant Jaxron from Nekrozoth an his minions, after the invasion and the genocide of the Sparxians were finished, Legend decided to adopt Jaxron as his own and renamed him as Jack Spark.

Jack was raised on Earth, but he get to go to other dimensions with Legend on his adventures, he would soon meet Ben Diablo and his friend Akuma with both of them becoming becoming childhood friends.


Jack is kind hearted and helpful person willing to sacrifice himself to save others. He also have a sense of humor and a respectable to others including o his biggest idol Legend. He also shown to care for animals and even have a pet Dragon like hybrid animals he names Drake. 


  • The character of Jack Spark took inspiration from Percy Jackson.