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Genocide is the only way out of this hellhole...
~ Jester of Genocide's catchphrase

Trickery, the Jester of Genocide, is a recurring antagonist of the Multiversal Legends franchise. He is a nihilistic, genocidal, and deranged son of Nekrozoth who is as nihilistic as his father due to the abuse he faced. He is immensely powerful demon but is highly unstable and is driven by the desire to kill anyone he comes across. As his name suggested, he enjoys mass genocide and dressed up as a deranged jester.


The Jester is nothing but the embodiment of genocide, nihilism, and insanity. Jester is homicidal, maniacal, lunatic, psychotic, psychopathic, ruthless, sadistic, manipulative, intelligent and diabolical that craves mass destruction to satisfy his nihilism. He hates life, as he is also aware that he is nothing more but a fictional character which makes it his goal to kill dozens upon dozens of people as he sees reality as nothing more but a hellish prison. When people call him insane, he proudly agree with them.

He also enjoys pain to the max, always putting himself in extreme harm in many ways like piercing the skin, burning himself alive, and decapitating himself. Everything he does is without remorse or empathy as he sees no use to show any when his entire life is fake. He is very unpredictable as there is times where he acts friendly and innocent and times where he acts like a murderous psychopath. His psychopathy could possibly stem from his abuse from his father Nekrozoth,

Most of the time, he keeps his smile on his face even at the worse situation and rarely frowns. The only times he ever frowns is when someone says anything positive about life. Jester is highly skilled in manipulation and lying, he is easily capable of pretending to be innocent to others as a way to avoid punishment and used others as pawns.


He is one of the two clown themed villains in the Franchise, he other being Happy Smilestone.

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