Kron (real Name; Emerald Shane) is a heroin in the multiversal Legends universe first appearing as the a supporting protagonist in Champions of the Multiverse and the main protagonist in History in the making. She was a former Human who was chosen by the gods to become a champion of the multiverse from evil, her job is to prevent villainous time travelers who want to tamper with history for their own means.


Jack and the gang went to Ember town to find help from a time traveler they heard of, they met Emerald who reveal to them that she is the time traveler. She said she'll help them but had to deal with Kronos from tampering with messing with history by winning the titanomacy. So the Gangling with Kron went bacon time to stop Kronos from winning the war and succeeded.

The gang finally returned to the nameless town and tried to enter BaronNavirous from summoning Nekrozoth to destroy the universe. Thanks to Kron they were able to enter the town and invade Navirous's fortress, Navirous was expecting this would happen so he summoned the daemon Xaloc to give him time to do the ritual to bring Nekrozoth to the world.

The gang Defeated Xaloc and faced Navirous who Transformed into a daemon so he can get stronger. Navirous defeated the gang and almost succeeded in summoning Nekrozoth but Kron stopped time and stole the necronomicon of the Great Anti-God from him. Vulcan regain his strength and launched Navirous to the portal with his fire ball. 

After the battle, Kron agreed to help Jack Sparks in training him to get stronger so that he will face Nekrozoth as prophesied to do. The story ended with the gang freeing the town from the tyrannical fanatic, and went to eat at King MacGrunel's Burger shop.

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