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The alleged successor to the Grand Champions of the Old Omniverse. Suspected for multiple counts of high treason, serial murder, and conspiracy against Eldor and it's people. Proposed consequences include imprisonment, exile, personal preference....death.
~ Laverenth (as Chancellor Young) proposing death to the Council
The Shadow Malum is the bearer of existence itself! You would be nothing without his pity! It is time for a new war...a war for the Omniverse itself!
~ Laverenth to his men

The Laverenth, known simply as Laverenth, is a minor antagonist in the Multiversal Legends timeline and the big bad of it's spinoff storyline, Legends of the Omniverse, in which he serves as the main antagonist of the Eldor story arc. Originally a chaos god created by Vekkisul the Deranged, Laverenth was sent to Legend's homeworld of Eldor by his creator to cripple the Eldorian council from within and begin the Second Eldorian Civil Wars, both of which were successful. Before the alleged invasion of Eldor itself, however, Laverenth was defeat by the New Champions and excommunicated from reality, trapped in The Edge before his escape during the Seven Communes arc.

Laverenth was created by Adie98 and HeresJosh. He will be a major antagonist in the upcoming Multiversal Legends light novel series alongside Nekrozoth, Vekkisul, Wsevv, Tirus the Tyrannical, and Aka Manah.

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