Legends Online is a massive online MMO game created by BrandonDarkOne47, HeresJosh, Darkmaster7, and WeirdWojak. The is not canon to both the official timeline or the rebooted Storyline and shares some elements with other MMO games like City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, and the Secret World. The game was published on January 20, 2020 worldwide.

The Game

In the game, players can interacted with their favorite characters (both heroes and villains alike) from the Multiversal Legends franchise in several missions, side quests, and storylines. Players can customized their avatars, choose whatever faction they chose (Omega Empire Red Empire, Chaotic Elites, Chaotic Imperium, Prime Alphas, ETC) be it good, evil, or neutral. If the player reach a level high enough can make their own faction or join other player faction.

Players can battle each other in "Competitive Mode", with the player being able to get rewarded with items by Nekrozoth himself. If the player log on each day they get a free item, if they log on for at least 10 days then they get a rare item. They would be events revolving players fighting the avatars of the Developers who acts as bosses, the surviving players would get massive rewards if they beat them (Rare items and a sneak peek for future projects).


Main Story

The main story is that during the Omniversal War, the planet Eldor was split into three pieces (Deva, Reva, and Neka), revealing a divine gateway holding the Devil's Sum (basically the Anti-life Equation) on the other side. All factions (Prime Omegas, Prime Alphas, Red Empire, Chaotic Elites, etc.) are now fighting for control of these little shards, called keys, which could open the gateway.


One Helluva City

You play as a soldier of Nekrozoth's forces and you have to stop Xuriah from taking over Hell, AKA his property. Fortunately, Xuriah has like, barely an army, and he is hiding like a little coward. But unfortunately, he is in a really good hiding spot and he is protected by guards. So you have to take them out.


Evidently, Vekkisul and Xorin merged into one completely crazy and dangerous being: Xorisul, which aims to take control of Hollister's mind and merge with the whole of existence. You play inside Hollister's subconscious, having to face his deepest fears and free the Entity, which is trapped in a cage.

Vegas Goes To Hell

On the brink of the Orion Arm Civil War, two factions remain in the brutal, seventy year long conflict - the forces of United Earth and the Dark Arm, a puppet army of Vekkisul. Play through the eyes of United Earth marines as they attempt to secure control over Las Vegas from invading Dark Arm forces from either the air or ground, all while safeguarding camps of civilians.

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