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Leviathans are a race of lovecraftian creatures that were created by the Hollister as one of the first creatures to exist in the omniverse. Ancient, powerful, and most of all being as chaotic as the Prime Omegas, they seek to consume all of existence in order to dethrone the Hollister and be the new rulers of the omniverse.

However they never started off as malevolent, as they were like humans (With exception of Vorr'Tekz, who was a living star) but being extremely powerful. It wasn't until that Xorin convinced them to rebel against the Hollister which resulted to their banishment from creation. Some of them manage to either escape or avoid their banishment, the most famous of which is Ravagus, along with Vorr'Tekz.


The Leviathans were the first creations of the Hollister along with the Malums, the Behemoths, and the Zizs. They were once lived in peace in the omniverse until the fallen Life Bringer Xorin convince them to rebel against the Hollister and rule the omniverse. They waged an omniversal wide war against the Hollister's forces, killing billions to trillions across the omniverse.

However the power of the Hollister's forces proved to be too great for them to go against. They were finally defeated, with some of them finally defeated, with some being banished from creation. However some escaped from such punishment with Ravagus and Xobek being the most famous of which. Xorin, the leader of the Leviathans, says that the only way to get enough power to dethrone the Hollister was to devour all of existence. They soon devour both matter and energy, destroying many universes in their wake.

Ravagus soon founded the Church of the Ravager and the Patrons of the Leviathans as a means to have mortals to create avatars for them to enter their realities an destroy it.

Known members


Ravagus is the two most powerful of the Leviathans and the second in command and acting general of the Leviathans. He is the horseman of corruption/War, corrupting others to spread conflict and bloodshed similar to Strife. Being a intelligent warlord, Ravagus leads several invasions on several planets in each universes which resulted to the destruction of many worlds. He had fought the likes of Master Muller in the past until he was eventually sent back to the Astral Plane. He is a homage to Cthulhu base on his physical appearance. In fact it was he that inspired the Cthulhu Mythos and Cthulhu himself/itself.


Crassus is the weakest among his brothers, he was in rebellion against Hollister, but was defeated and sealed together with the others. Unlike the other Leviathans, who consume universes only for power, Crassus has an insatiable cosmic hunger, which is actually a curse that Hollister gave him.


Vorr'Tekz is a sentient black hole that is actually the reincarnation of the first star of the Omniverse. He died in the rebellion against Hollister, but his fragments spread across all the existing universes, giving birth to him.



Ravagus, Lord of Destruction

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