Ling Ling is the secondary antagonist in Kirby Stanley the MasterMaker pilot and a minor villain in it's main series and a villain in the Multiversal Legends Universe. He is the intellectual asian leader of a small band of criminals who was hired by Lord Dominus to steal the powerful crystal from the titular protagonist. He was eventually replaced by Tartarus as the secondary villain.


He was hired by Lord Dominus to steal the ancient and powerful crystal from Kirby Stanly AKA the MasterMaker in returned will received great powers. He and a small group of thugs ambushed Kirby but was scared off when Kirby summoned a dinosaur. Angered, Dominos killed the other criminal as a warning if they fail again.

Ling Ling then come up with a plan to steal it, he and the gang broke into Kirby's home and steal the crystal while he was asleep, and then beat him up. The thugs then gave Dominus the crystal and in return Ling Ling and the thugs turn into mindless daemon slaves but Ling Ling retain his intellect.

When Kirby attacked and fighting Dominus, Ling Ling charged at him to save Dominus but was stopped by when Kirby summon a astroid hitting Ling-Ling and Dominos and sending them to a crater deep within the earth. it is unknown if he's alive or had died by being crushed when the crater closed an fall to his doom.


Ling Ling is your average thug but is the most Intellectual amongst his gang, as he as successful in stealing the crystal and some how retains his intelligences when turn into a deamon. Though wen he turned into a daemon, he was a little feral and bloodthirsty.

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