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The Darkness is coming, Just you wait...
~ Malsumis.

Malsumis (real name: Miles Drekken), also known as Luther Bane, is a major antagonist of the entire Multiversal Legends franchise). He is a evil psyche entity and the Prime Omega of Madness and Insanity. He was once a portal man named Miles Drekken who existed since the age of the Old Omniverse who helped Nekrozoth in creating the Ascension Program, and was responsible for creating the . His goal is to eradicate all gods from the omniverse so he could rule as the "One God" and reign supreme for all eternity. However after his battle with another powerful psyche, Daevas, he lost his physical form and was trapped in the Astral Plane. So he had to resort to gaining new bodies through powerful psyches. He is also a member of OmegaCorp's inner-circle under the name, Luther Bane, and helps them in their schemes in taking over the world and destroying/enslaving mankind. Sometimes taking the role of Psychiatrist who brainwashes people into becoming minions of the Corporation and the Prime Omegas.

He is also the creator of the psychotic psyches, Split and Mental as he kidnapped Mike Mayhem A.K.A Split and Derek Rogers A.K.A Mental and brainwashed them into becoming the amoral psychos they are. He is the Arch-Enemy of Daevas

Malsumis was voiced by Ron Pearlman who also voiced Slade from Teen Titans, The Lich from Adventure, and Hell boy from the Hell boy franchise.



Not much is really known about Malsumis but he was a once named Miles Drekken. Drekken was merely a mortal man with immense psyche abilities who was the head the Ascension Program which was a government program meant to make living organism ascend to godhood. He was hired by Zoth Nekronan (one of Nekru's reincarnations who would later become Nekrozoth) to start this program so he himself can be turned into a god. He, Daevas, and Velnias were the only people to survive the cruel experiment done to achieve this. However, Drekken went insane from the experiment and become mad. He sought to make all living beings to worship him and seek to kill Daevas and Velnias so he could be the only god that exist. He joined Nekrozoth in his omnicidal crusade, and as a result he along with the other Prime Omegas destroyed the old omniverse due to their actions yet survived to witness a rebirth of the new one. He later meets Daevas who somehow survive the destruction, and tried to kill him. However through a psyche battle between the two, Malsumis lost and had his physical form destroyed by Daevas which lead him to fled to the Astral Plane to be trapped their until he could get a new form.

Growing vindictive over this, Malsumis waited patiently until he could find a new form for him to possess as a means to gain a new physical form. He finally gain a new host body of a powerful mortal psyche, and took possession over him before driving him insane. He goes under the name of Luther Bane, and acts as a member of OmegaCorp's inner circle called The Black Pyramid Faction.

Champions of the Multiverse

Malsumis merely makes cameo appearances, but does appear physically under the Luther Bane persona as one of the employees of OmegaCorp.

When Brandon Banlock was exploring Daevas's home and saw recordings of the Ascension Programs experimenting on many human subjects, one cuts to a man who is observing the experiment (some speculated it could be Malsumis himself).

Dave's would mention Malsumis but only calls him "some guy with a creepy grin". He then draws a picture of Malsumis which depicts him with glowing red eyes and a grin covered in shadows. In Daevas's home, when Legend was looking for a way out until he stumbled upon a orb that show the same face chanting something in ancient tongue. Legend thought it was weird and ignores it and went to another room.

Multiversal Champions

He doesn't make that much of a appearance in the series until near the end of the first season as he orchestrates the events through one of his minions named Mavros. Through Mavros, he has numerous people brutally murdered, most of whom gods themselves.


Soon child, you will know the definition of Madness
~ Malsumis as he sadistically chases Darin Spark

Malsumis is nothing more than an egotistical, heartless, and cruel entity that wants nothing but control and chaos. He view others as nothing more as tools for his schemes and loves to play cat and mouse with his victims. He has a sadistic mind as he take pleasure on mentally torturing people and send them into agonizing madness. He is however he is a very intelligent and cunning entity, as he always seems to be one step ahead of his enemies and been orchestrating events since the beginning of the new omniverse. He wants nothing more than to slaughter every single god and other entities so he could be "The One God". He is very homicidal and a total psychopath that craves destruction and chaos as much as the previous villain Nekrozoth. During his time as a mortal, it was stated by one of the members who participated in the Ascension Program that he is diagnosed with psychopathy and sadism, as he show complete apathy and some hint of happiness of those who were dying and suffering from the horrific experimentation of the Ascension Program. When he used Daevas as his primary subject, he took a twisted liking to him as he tortured him both mentally and physically far longer than any of his victims and stated that Daevas was his favorite "lab rat". After he became a god, he became much more insane than he was before as a mortal, which in turn made him even worse. He was becoming more monstrous and sadistic with uncontrolled megalomania and a obsession with breaking the minds of others and gaining more power.

Malsumis was aware that him participating in Nekrozoth's cataclysmic conquest across multiple realities caused the destruction of his world but he merely brush it of as a so-called "little accident", showing that he has no true remorse for the destruction. He has a twisted since of humor as he finds the carnage coming from his fellow psychopaths as amusing to him, and does take satisfaction of sadistically breaking the minds of others and feeding on their negative thoughts. Overall, Malsumis is a megalomaniac and a psychopath who delights in psychological torture, going so far as to call himself "The Coming Darkness" which shows he makes no effort in hiding the fact that he is a wicked tormentor and a power-hungry god wannabe.


Drekken acsended to Godhood

Malsumis and his followers

Malsumis during the destruction of the old omniverse


  • "Malsumis" was inspired by Native American mythology.
  • BrandondDarkOne47 confirmed that Malsumis's real name is Miles Darken and even revealed his origins.
  • Marvel Comic's Shadow King is one of the inspirations for Malsumis's character.
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