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Grand Malum Vekkisul, one of the first Malums in existence

Malums, the closest dissection of their full name (which is near incomprehensible to mortals), are the ancient, above godly creators of the original Omniverse and served as the creators of humanity itself. Each one unique in appearence and identity, the Malums possess exteme creationalist abilities. And, though their state of mind is far beyond a mortals, few Malums are capable of experiencing humanoid emotions such as empathy, hatred, anger, fear, kidness, pride, envy, and despair.

Malum race began with twelve to thirteen ultimate creators named the Elder Malums or simply Elders. The Elders proceeded to bring the first of their lesser sub-species into existence, creating Vekkisul the Deranged (who, in reality, was the true phyiscal form of the Zoren'zoth hivemind) along with Nezarn, Kenaz, Terathokkeles, Druthox, and Mirthdred. Though there were most likely hundreds of thousands, only few Malum sub-species are known.

Malums are capable of potraying any physical form they desire, though most of them retain the form they were given with upon creation. Malums are above human needs and control near infinite amounts of power. Though the supposed ultimate life forms of the Omniverse, both the Malum race was driven to extinction by Vekkisul during the final stages of the Ancient Omniverse.


Elder Malums

The Elders are the original twelve to thirteen members of the Malum race, along with the creators of both the Omniverse and the race as a whole. The Elders take no one form and are simply described as "a burst of everything." Elders possess abilities beyond logic and are rivaled by supreme beings such as Daevas and Velnias the Monstrous. They are capable of creating entire omniverses, endless supplies of energy, immortality, immunity from pain, and much more.

The Elders have only few known weaknessess and cannot be killed or harmed unless a being of superior power were to directly attack them. They rarely speak, mostly telepathically, and oversaw the creation of Jason, the first human.

Grand Malums

The Grand Malums are the first, and arguably most powerful, Malums brought into existence by the Elders. They are fully developed upon creation and do not require emotional or physical growth. They also do not