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I'm not insane. If you call me insane, you would be wrong. I am fully aware of what I do and I am aware of the consequences of my actions. Being insane is when you have false beliefs or have a unpredictable behavior that is just out of control. I am not that way.
~ Mendax explaining that he isn't insane and more of a psychopath.
Let me tell you something. I know one may question why I am like this. I can tell you the simple answer. I happened. That's what happened. I was born. I chose to be the way I am, my father didn't make me be the way I am, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone believed that. Life's full of choices, and I chose to be the way I am... and I like it. So what if I am the villain? I don't care. Nothing matters.
~ Mendax explaining why he is the way he is.
My father may think he is the greatest evil out there, but I can prove him wrong. I will destroy this omniverse, just like he once did. I will remake it in my own image, even if it means that I have to destroy everything over and over and over. I will remake everyone into the way I believe they should be... it will be perfect. It may be wrong, but I think doing the bad thing is worth it.
~ Mendax explaining his intentions.
Some think that I may treat others too harshly, but honestly, I don't care. I am the only thing that matters here since I care little about the omniverse and who lives in it. So what if I torture one of my minions? So what if I destroy a couple of planets? So what if I end up destroying this omniverse like father did? It doesn't matter. Being good or evil doesn't matter either, since I just don't care.
~ Mendax being nihilistic.
You have failed me too many times now. I have destroyed you multiple times, rebuilt your body, and destroyed it again. It's torture, isn't it? I will do this until I no longer find this fun, so you will die over and over again. Now... where were we?
~ Mendax torturing one of his minions.
Even though I have many armies, I doubt I need them. I could simply wipe out an entire army with the snap of my fingers, and that would be it. The only reason why I have armies is that I enjoy watching people suffer... I know many people will die in there... so I will sit there and enjoy it.
~ Mendax being sadistic.
I have killed so many people, I have lost count. I have wiped out entire multiverses, sometimes repeatedly. I have killed beyond trillions, allow me to make that clear. And you know what? I don't care. So what if a couple of people had to die? I just don't care.
~ Mendax talking about his mass murders.
I remember when I slaughtered that entire alien race. I killed them all. The men, the women, the children. All of them DIED at my hands. I burnt their cities down, tortured them brutally, and killed them. I even got some of them to kill each other. Honestly... it was kinda enjoyable.
~ Mendax on his genocide.
You see that, my child? That is what happens when I believe someone stands in my way. They end up being nothing but dust... leave, or you will end up being just like them both.
~ Mendax tormenting a child who's parents he had just killed.

Eonis Vecta, better known as Mendax is an Omniversal terrorist and leader of the New Order. He is the son of Nekrozoth, who he wants to become even better than him, and possibly even more dangerous. He wants to rebuild the entire Omniverse in his own perfect image, even if it means destroying it multiple times. He truly cares only for himself and he doesn't care if he hurts trillions (or even more) of people.

He serves as a major antagonist in the Tales of the Omniverse franchise, serving as a supporting antagonist of Multiversal Legends, one of the secondary antagonists in Legends of the Champions, a major antagonist in Forces, and a recurring antagonist in Pandora Files.

He was created by Your Not So Average Guy.


While Mendax hates his father, he does have some similar personality traits with him, given that he is also a psychopathic, sadistic, careless, cruel, omnicidal tyrant. He is willing to kill anyone around him, even if it is someone he knows likes him. Like his father, he knows he is a villain and he takes pride in it, simply not caring that he is doing the wrong thing. He knows right from wrong and he knows that what he is doing is wrong, but he hardly even cares. He thinks everyone around him is pathetic, having no respect for Nekrozoth since he thinks he isn't doing enough, believing that he hardly did anything when he destroyed the Omniverse a couple of times. He believes that he can do even worse things than him too.

Mendax doesn't care for the men in his armies, only having them for battles, even though he could easily win an entire battle by himself. He mainly uses them just so he can watch them all suffer, mainly for his sadistic pleasure. He also enjoys torturing people in some of the worst ways possible, even if it involves killing them over and over again. He will do this to his pawns if they fail him, but sometimes he will just do this for no reason at all. He is fine with torturing almost anyone, even if it is a child. He even killed a child's parents right in front of them one time, mainly to torture him mentally.

He is also rather abusive toward his minions, even if they don't do anything to him. He sometimes tortures or kills them for no reason, possibly for his highly sadistic pleasure. The only reason why they still served him was that he had successfully brainwashed all of them, so they could do nothing about it. He did this so they couldn't turn on him in any possible way.

Mendax is also willing to torture anyone on any world he goes to since he polluted some universes with toxic gases which caused the people to suffer brutal and disgraceful deaths. He even wiped out several multiverses' resources, causing many to starve and some to commit cannibalism. Mendax also burnt down many cities and drowned many people, even children. He was also willing to create a deadly illness and he spread it across an entire universe, causing everyone to suffer a brutal and painful death.

Mendax is, by all means, a cruel sadistic psychopath, and he is probably no better than his evil father.



Mendax was originally one of Nekrozoth's many children. He originally chose to help him commit some of the many horrible crimes he did, helping him with his many murders and enslavement. However, as time went on, he began to find his father rather pathetic. He began to think that he wasn't doing enough, even if he was destroying the Omniverse multiple times. At one point, Mendax left his father, seeking to start his own reign of terror.

Begining of his Regin of Terror

Mendax had many plans. He decided to serve several tyrannical rulers across the Omniverse who had large armies and large armies. Usually, he would manipulate the rulers into giving him some high position, and eventually, manipulate them into giving him full control over their empires, only for him to end up killing them and brainwashing their armies.

He did this multiple times and formed his own empire, calling it the "New Order". He conquered a couple of multiverses using them and brainwashed the people who lived there, making them worship him as a god. He later decided to destroy some of them, getting bored of them. He wiped out several universes brutally, polluting them with toxic gases, allowing the people to suffer a brutal and painful death.

Regin of Terror

Mendax began taking over even more multiverses and he ended up destroying several more of them, only to rebuild some of them in his own image. He removed some resources from several multiverses, leading to trillions of people starving or even some committing cannibalism. He even spread a deadly illness in one universe, killing many innocent people. Mendax also drove an entire multiverse to madness once, leading to the people killing each other. Mendax enjoyed killing people brutally, finding it rather fun.

He also enslaved many civilizations, make them do a lot of hard work for him, such as finding valuable items. He would usually brutally torture them in many ways, sometimes even including rape. After he found them no longer useful, he would usually have them slaughtered by his men. Sometimes, he would make them suffer slow and painful deaths. Mendax also went to one galaxy and slaughtered an entire race, burning their cities and putting them into camps where he would have them tortured or killed. He even forced some to fight each other to death.

It was clear that Mendax wanted to become even worse than his father, wanting to become powerful enough to destroy the Omniverse and rebuild in his own perfect ideal image, so he kept on wiping out multiverses and rebuilt them in his own twisted image. Mendax continued doing his evil work, killing anyone who he believed stood in his way. Several people tried to stop him, but they failed and Mendax stole their souls. He would end up torturing them brutally, sometimes burning their souls.

Mendax was almost unstoppable, and he knew that it would only be a matter of time before he finally achieved his goals. He couldn't wait for that time to finally come, becoming obsessed with it. He was ready to be seen as the new Nekrozoth.

The Creation and Reign of Eveicialis

To help continue with his plan, Mendax created a being of mass destruction that embodied strife and ruin that would help him destroy the omniverse. He called it Eveicialis. He had it manifest on a planet full of life; when it began to manifest, it began draining the life from the planet, slowly killing everyone who lived on it, absorbing everyone's soul. When it finished manifesting, it broke open the planet, unleashing it's darkness and form. After being created, it went to several other planets in that same galaxy and absorbed all life there with it's tentacles. Mendax, being pleased, ordered Eveicialis to do the same with the rest of the universe, and it succeeded.

Under the orders of Mendax, Eveicialis went to many multiverses and absorbed all life there, leaving them in ruin. It didn't care about the beyond trillions of lives that it was taking, since it believed it was generally doing the right thing. It absorbed energy from many planets, killing everything that ever lived there; humans, plants, animals. It would absorb the people's souls so it would become more powerful.

Mendax became concerned that Eveicialis would somehow become more powerful one day and somehow still betray him even though he tried to keep it from doing this when making it. He thought about destroying it several times, but he decided not to since he thought Eveicialis was too important to his plans.

Eveicialis destroyed many multiverses quickly, shocking many who became aware of it, even several of Mendax's enemies. Many ordered their pawns to kill Eveicialis, but he was just simply too powerful, killing many people who stood in it's way. It even wiped out several empires, pleasing Mendax. Some of Mendax's enemies even finally fell to Eveicialis, and he killed many of them.

However, as successful as it was, a dark being arrived one day and fought Eveicialis. When Eveicialis thought it would win, the dark being defeated it, dividing it into too. It's too halves became separated across the entire Omniverse, being far apart.

While Mendax was rather disappointed by Eveicialis' failure, he knew he would see it again, given that it's too halves continued to live on. He hoped that eventually that they would reform and perhaps continue with his evil plans eventually. However, he was afraid that it's more morally aware half would do something horrible to stop him.

The Birth of the Chaostar

After the defeat of Eveicialis, Mendax created a weapon of mass destruction called the Chaostar in order to take it's place. He saw it as a way to take out multiverses faster and perhaps have several multiverses bow before him.

Mendax ordered the destruction of multiple multiverses, and it successfully destroyed hundreds of them. When people began finding out about what Mendax did, people were shocked. Many multiverses surrendered themselves to Mendax, fearing that he would destroy them too. Mendax at first gave them mercy, only to destroy them later.

Mendax began to use the Chaostar as a lair for him and the New Order, using it as a base and a weapon of intimidation and mass destruction. Mendax believed that he was slowly beginning to become worse than his father. Eventually, Mendax would install an A.I. into the Chaostar to control it, which would give him some new plans.


Mendax's mask slightly resembles his father's, but it has some differences and it covers his entire face. The eyes on the mask are purple and most of his armor is completely black. His chest has the simple to his empire on it and he wears a purple cape.

When unmasked, he has a closer resemblance to his father, but he looks a little bit different in a few ways.


  • He is the first of YNSAG's villains to not be from one of his own works given that Multiversal Legends wasn't created by him.
  • Even though Mendax hates Nekrozoth, he does seem to want to look like him in some ways.
  • His genocidal actions could be considered to be similar to the horrific events that happened during World War II with the Nazis in Germany.
  • Mendax has killed so many people, he has actually lost count.
  • He is YNSAG's first Multiversal Legends villain.
  • His appearance heavily resembles his father in some ways.
  • Mendax has little to no care for children, just seeing them as weaker people.
  • He and Xuriah D'arcmast'r are supposedly allies. However, it is unknown how they met.
  • He is supposedly one of Nekrozoth's oldest children.