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Morbusisus-483788, better known as Morbus is a parasitic creature created by the Prime Omegas. Originally, he was going to be a simple deadly virus, but after a minor mess up, Morbus came to life and killed everyone in the lab. Nekrozoth, the creator of evil and leader of the Omega Empire gave the parasite to his son, Niklovich, after constant begging. Morbus is a sadistic and nihilistic creature, wanting to kill as many people as possible and he is completely willing to do anything for his master, Niklovich, as long as it involves death or chaos. He would later betray Niklovich, however, having his own ideas.

He is a supporting antagonist in the Tales of the Omniverse franchise, serving as the titular main antagonist of the Super Morbus arc.


Since the day he was born, Morbus was a sadistic creature with a lust for murder. Morbus loves killing people in some of the most brutal ways imaginable, skinning people alive, slowly tearing out their insides and devouring them, tearing apart limbs, and many more horrific ways. Children aren’t even an exception for him, in fact, Morbus loves killing children brutally, as a large number of his victims are children. He once melted one without a single bit of remorse, finding it rather enjoyable even. When he watched Niklovich once wipe out an entire population and another time where he drunk someone’s blood, all he could do was laugh, finding it funny.

Originally, Morbus didn't understand right and wrong, however, but in reality, he doesn’t care about what they are. He thinks that being amoral allows him to do whatever he wants and that it excuses his actions, even if he is doing the wrong thing, despite this not being the case one bit. After gaining Niklovich's powers, he does indeed gain an understanding of right and wrong. However, he admits that he finds the ideas rather laughable, finding the ideas of right and wrong stupid and that he can do whatever the hell he wants.

He is almost careless, not caring about anyone or anything truly, not even his own master. Morbus also can be rather petty, seeing Niklovich as a failure after failing to destroy one planet, despite knowing that he has destroyed plenty in the past and would do so later. This would also lead to him betraying Niklovich and possessing him, becoming known as Super Morbus.

When he was called a monster during his second fight with the champions, he claimed he didn't care about what he was. He claimed that he doesn't care if he is in the wrong or in the right, just believing that he has the right to do whatever he wants, even if it means that he wants to kill countless people.

While Morbus has no redeeming qualities, he does have a rather twisted form of "remorse", that being that he felt bad that he didn't get to do worse as Super Morbus and that he didn't even succeed in his goals. However, his remorse is not truly genuine, as he doesn't feel bad for committing any of the atrocities he committed, not to mention he now wants revenge on both Niklovich and the Champions for defeating him.


Morbus’ true appearance appears to be some black entity with red eyes and a mouth. He seems to be made from some liquid and he had no arms, legs, or even any kind of body. He is just simply a dark entity with red eyes and a face.

Whenever Morbus is possessing someone, the person’s eyes will begin to resemble his, their veins will begin to glow blue, and their expression will usually change to something sinister. Morbus will almost always be in someone’s body, usually an adult’s if he is doing a certain task, but a child’s if he is going to kill one.

As Super Morbus, his body resembles Niklovich's, but he does still have some noticiable differences. His head is completely red and has grown several eyes on the top, which are supposed to be his actual eyes, and the top of his head somewhat resembles a crown. Oh his chest, he has one noticeably large red eye, which changes color whenever he is using a different ability, while the other eyes just simply glow. His teeth also appear to be much sharper than Niklovich's, and they have changed to a bloody red color, this includes the teeth on his hands.



Originally, Morbus was going to be a kind of deadly virus. Nekrozoth ordered his scientists to create it and to make it as deadly as possible. While it took a while, the scientists were nearly successful, until one mistake happened, a mistake that made Morbus sentient.

Morbus took on what appeared to be a physical form of sorts and killed every single scientist in the lab. One was found torn in half, another was found without his lower half, while another was found impaled. Some of the other scientists that Morbus killed were almost unrecognizable.

Nekrozoth ordered Morbus to be captured and killed, furious over the fact that Morbus killed several useful scientists to him. However, Niklovich begged his father not to do this, believing that Morbus could be useful to him and he did admit that he enjoyed his sadism when he killed the scientists. Annoyed, Nekrozoth gave Niklovich exactly what he asked for.

Morbus would slowly begin to serve Niklovich in many ways, killing those who he was ordered to kill (despite killing many who Niklovich didn’t ask to kill), assisting in several crimes Niklovich committed.

Killing Sprees

When Niklovich didn’t ask him to do anything or have anything else to do, Morbus would go to random universes to just kill people. One time, Morbus snuck into a child’s home and possessed him. After he did that, he would kill his entire family, and when he left his body, he made him melt. He would then devour their souls and gain more power; this wasn’t the only time Morbus would do exactly this.

Morbus once decided not to follow orders from Niklovich, and instead, he decided to go on and wipe out an entire town. While Niklovich wasn’t pleased with Morbus not following orders, he did enjoy Morbus’ act of mass murder.

One time, Morbus snuck onto a space station, possessing one of the crew members on the ship. One by one, he killed them all in brutal ways, getting to the point where almost everyone on the station were unrecognizable. After killing them all, Morbus drove the station into another planet, crashing into a city. While Morbus got away, he killed several million people in the city, and the city was destroyed. Morbus genuinely sees it as one of his greatest accomplishments, being proud of it.

Super Morbus Arc

Doubting Niklovich

After reigning havoc across an entire multiverse, Morbus and Niklovich stopped by one final universe to destroy a planet, just for fun. However, before they could do so, they were stopped by the Champions, resulting in a giant battle with both Niklovich and Morbus fusing.

The Morbus/Niklovich hybrid nearly succeeded in winning at first, using their chaotic powers together, destroying an entire moon and using it's pieces to attack them at one point. However, as the battle continued, both became weaker to the Champions attacks, with Morbus finally defusing from his master. Knowing there wasn't much he could do, Niklovich escaped the universe with Morbus, believing that they had better ways to spend their time anyone. Despite this, however, Morbus was disappointed, wanting to destroy the planet still.

Even though Niklovich succeeded in destroying other planets later, Morbus was still rather disappointed, as he believed that if Niklovich was so powerful, he could have taken down the Champions easily. It didn't help that Niklovich would never end up returning to the planet. Due to this, he began to believe that Niklovich was pathetic and that he was also a waste of time, and a failure. Morbus' relationship with Niklovich would then soon sour, resulting in them constantly arguing, one time it even got violent, destroying part of one of Niklovich's labs. Later, Morbus would begin to plot against his master.

Morbus' Betrayal and Possession of Niklovich

One day, in secret, Morbus used part of himself to brainwash two of Niklovich's strongest minions, plotting on using them to defeat him. While Morbus, his master, and the other members of the Carnage Circle plotted on their next action in conquering the omniverse in their headquarters, reportedly, several of Niklovich's guards outside were taken down by the minions Morbus brainwashed, and broke into the room.

While Niklovich and the other members of the circle fought the brainwashed minions, Morbus did nothing at all, hiding mainly. At one point, one of Morbus' brainwashed pawns delivered a blow to Niklovich, knocking him out. Morbus saw this as his opportunity to possess Niklovich, and when everyone was distracted, he did just that. Morbus took full control over Niklovich's unconscious body, and no one else noticed until both brainwashed pawns were killed.

Everyone was shocked by what Morbus had done, possessing the leader of the Carnage Circle himself. After gaining Niklovich's powers at last, Morbus became more insane, yet, more intelligent too, even gaining a moral agency. Wanting his leader back, Depravitas tried attacking Morbus, only for Morbus to teleport behind him and using his abilities, turned him into stone, only to shatter him and send him into another area in the multiverse, keeping him alive to feel the pain. He would reform into his original form later on. As Morbus took everyone down, one by one, he would not kill them, he would just make sure that they would feel horrific pain, only for him to send them into another area in the omniverse immediately after. After defeating the last lead member of the Carnage Circle, Morbus destroyed the headquarters and everyone around it, including some of Niklovich's minions. Morbus would soon leave the multiverse he was in and head to the universe he and Niklovich were in earlier to sadistically destroy a planet.

Second Encounter and Victory Against The Champions

After returning to the universe to go destroy the planet, Morbus found himself in a floating city in space. He immediately decided to wipe out the entire population there just for a warm up for what he was about to do, mainly by turning everyone there into cookies and devouring them. If not that, he would sadistically tear them all apart.

After doing exactly that, Morbus re-encountered the Champions, shocked by what he had done. Cackling, Morbus attacked the Champions with a strong ball of chaotic energy, destroying part of the city in the process. While it didn't kill anyone, it left them all rather horribly injured, and he would soon use parts of the buildings to try to crush them. Throughout the entire fight, Morbus had a sinister grin on his face, becoming very sadistic with his brutal attacks, even laughing when he saw Jack bleed.

After a long battle, Morbus no longer saw the point in eradicating the entire planet, as he believed there were much better things to do. After knocking the Champions down, Morbus released a large amount of energy across the entire multiverse, making the Champions watch as he slowly possessed everyone in the entire multiverse, killing dozens who couldn't handle his powers. The Champions were shocked, Morbus took over an entire mulitverse via mass possession. Morbus would then immediately send the Champions across the omniverse, as Morbus declared himself king of his multiverse that he planned on using as his own personal playground. Morbus would later plot on doing the same to the rest of the omniverse.

Regin as Super Morbus

After taking over the entire multiverse via mass possession, Morbus knew that eventually, the Champions would come back to stop him. Morbus sent several of his possessed/brainwashed pawns after them, trying to make sure that they would not interfere with his goals of possessing everyone within the omniverse, only to cause more despair and chaos across the entire omniverse.

Morbus tore down multiple villages, killing many people in the process, using their skin for things like furniture, and would often kill people just for fun. With him possessing everyone now, killing was easy for Morbus, as he could simply just make people kill themselves, other than the very few he had not actually possessed.

In his free time, Morbus would slowly practice with his abilities, trying to grow stronger to succeed in possessing everyone in the multiverse, including Nekrozoth himself, who he plotted on using as his new main host if he succeeded in doing so, seeing him as an even better vessel than Niklovich. He would constantly imagine of what an omniverse ruled by him would look like, especially what having the powers of Nekrozoth would be like.

Soon later, Morbus learned that the Champions had returned to the universe he was in. Believing that if he could take them down once, he could certainly do it again, just time, he plotted on actually killing them all.

Third Battle Against the Champions and Return of the Carnage Circle

After returning to the universe, the Champions saw how bad everything was. Almost everyone there was under Morbus' control, and those who weren't were either tortured or killed. As they approached Morbus' location, they would have to fight off several innocent people who were under Morbus' control, with Morbus having the intent trying to make the Champions kill them, though he failed in doing so. As Morbus awaited the Champions' arrival, he continued working on his strength to possess the rest of the omniverse and Nekrozoth. However, while doing this, he felt some kind of awakening inside of himself. He wasn't sure what it was, but he could tell it was something powerful.

As the Champions finally found Morbus, hiding in a castle he made from the city he destroyed earlier, he seemed somewhat happy, given that he was actually looking forward to taking them down this time. As they fought Morbus, no one held anything back, as the Champions attempted to defeat Morbus as soon as possible, while Morbus would slowly use more and more of his powers throughout his fight, as he wanted the Champions to slowly suffer a brutal and painful death. During this fight, however, the awakening feeling inside of Morbus grew stronger. He knew exactly what was going on; Niklovich was slowly regaining consciousness, slowly trying to reclaim his body. Morbus did what he could told hold him back, not wanting to fail in his goals of mass omniversal possession.

Eventually, Morbus used a chaotic blast of energy to weaken the Champions, making them see their worst fears and relive their worst memories, leaving them in a state of paralysis. Morbus saw this as an opportunity to try to kill them, getting ready to use a blast of strong energy to obliterate them. However, before he could land the attack, Morbus was attacked from behind. When Morbus turned around, he saw the other members of the Carnage Circle standing there, getting ready to finally defeat and kill the traitor to them and Niklovich, wanting to bring their leader back. Morbus do what he could to fight them off, trying to kill them with similar methods as last time, but only failing misreably. As their fight continued, Morbus felt Niklovich's consciousness only grow stronger, trying to do what he could to hold him off to remain in control.

Eventually, Morbus weaken the Carnage Circle with a powerful attack of lightning. However, before he could kill them, the Champions attacked him from behind. Morbus got his strength back, he realized that now, he would be fighting both the Champions and the Carnage Circle, while trying to hold Niklovich off.

Final Battle and Defeat

Becoming frustrated with how much he'd be dealing with at once, Morbus released several streams of energy, trying to take control of everyone there, only to be held down by both Depravitas and Hevin Terst. Morbus would throw them both off and then release a large amount of dark energy to destroy everyone there, failing in doing so and just destroying the entire castle, but he did kill several people who were around him.

As the fight continued, Niklovich was becoming harder and harder to control, and Morbus was losing more control by the moment. After several strong blows from both the Champions and Carnage Circle, Morbus began losing more control over his body. In a last attempt to kill everyone there, Morbus used all of the power he had to create a storm of dark and chaotic energy that would drive everyone into the worst state of madness, but it failed, and after one final blow from the Champions, Niklovich forced Morbus out of his body, undoing most of his damage with the multiverse, including leading to everyone who was under Morbus' control becoming free.

As soon as Niklovich saw Morbus, he grabbed him, plotting on killing him, but he decided not to. Instead, Niklovich sent him into another area across the multiverse, just believing that Morbus was now just a simple wast of his time, and that he should have just simply let Nekrozoth destroy him like he originally planned. Niklovich and the Carnage Circle would then leave the multiverse, declaring Morbus as a defunct member.

Morbus found himself in what appeared to be a cold universe, filled with snow. Not too long after arriving there, he would be captured and imprisoned.


  • Morbus is a Latin word for “Disease”, which makes sense since Morbus was originally going to be some kind of virus.
  • Anyone who Morbus possesses will end up horribly ill no matter what as he will leave a deadly illness inside them. People who are more powerful than him, however, are immune to it, like Niklovich.
  • Morbus hates children, believing that they just in general, should not exist. Little does he know that this is impossible.
  • Whether Morbus knows it or not, almost everyone in the Carnage Circle believes that he is an unlikable, psychotic and petty maniac who should honestly be sent away, especially after Morbus killed another member in the past.
  • Morbus can possess at least a couple hundred people at a time in his normal form, but when he is possessing Niklovich, he can possess more than a trillion, possibly even countless.
  • The concept of Super Morbus was inspired by Super Buu from the Dragon Ball series.
  • Due to his immense power, Morbus cannot possess Nekrozoth in his normal form, as he is too powerful to handle. However, as Super Morbus, he can only possess him if he truly became powerful enough.