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The first episode of Multiversal Legends, the original series not to be confused with the Champions of the Multiverse timeline. The Champions (Jack Spark, Legend, Brandon Banlock) are investigating a recent preach at one of the Pandora Foundation. However they learn that mysterious forces are at work and are searching for the Infinity Stones and use it to get whatever objects they seek to find.

The Champions must find the stones before who or what is finding them.

Trans Script

In one of the facilities of the Pandora Foundation...

In one of the buildings we see one of the workers in the surveillance room keeping an eye on one of the creatures and villains imprisoned in it. Then another person enters the room.

Worker 1: So anything bad happened yet?

Worker 2: Sadly no, just your normal day at the facility.

Worker 1: Sad. How about a cup of coffee?

Worker 2: Sure (Worker 1 hands Worker 2 the coffee) so you new here?

Worker 1: Well... Yes (Takes out a suppressed gun and kills Worker 2).

Worker 1 moves the dead body of Worker 2 out of the way and starting to hack the main gate of the facility, letting a group of armed mercenaries in.

Worker 1: Here you are. I want you to search the place until you find PF-3242.

Mercenaries: Understood, Mr. Diablo!

The mercenaries start walking down the corridor in search of PF-3242. An alarm starts to sound.

Dark Diablo: Shit...

Several guards begin to appear and shoot the mercenaries, who respond with more shots. A violent confrontation begins. Dark Diablo simply ignores the guards until he is shot, he looks back furiously and using his pyrokinesis, Diablo kills both guards and mercenaries. A surviving but extremely wounded mercenary appears with a shiny jewel in his hand. Dark Diablo takes the jewel from the mercenary's hand and admires it.

Dark Diablo: Yes! the first of the twelve Chaos Stones, soon, all will be in my hands! Now, it's time to go.

Mercenary: B-b-But and us? And our reward? And your promise?

Dark Diablo: Fuck you, you reward and my promise, bye.

Diablo teleports away leaving a cloud of black smoke.

Guard: Somebody call Hyperiel!

Opening Begins

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