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The Multiversal Legends wiki places countless pop culture icons/characters, along with originally created heroes and villains, in an extensively shared universe, portraying the timeless battle between good and evil. The wiki grows every day, so feel free to write you're own characters and add onto the universe. If you want to add onto the main storyline, share your article with an administrator along with a short description or message, and we will find a place for you're a character in a days span. Originally created by FANDOM users BrandonDarkOne47 (starting with the article Nekrozoth) and later HeresJosh (with contributions such as Aka Manah and Chernobog), the wiki continues to grow by the day, and we're excited to see which new direction it is heading. NOTE: Fanon characters of any kind are welcomed onto the wiki. All pictures and/or videos are credited to the original artist/creator. Also, don't edit any page beside you're own without the creator's permission. We don't think you guys are the kind of assholes that would do that, but you can never be too sure. I'm looking at you big fella (that was a joke btw). Anyway, what the hell are you waiting for? Start writing!!

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Featured Character
Vekkisul the Emperor

Vekkisul the Deranged, known commonly throughout the Omniverse as Vekkisul (pronounced VEK-I-SUL) or the Celestial Hivemind, is a sadistic hivemind of celestial beings under a single consciousness and one of the main overarching antagonists in the Multiversal Legends series along with Malsumis and the true main antagonist of the spin-off series, Legends of the Omniverse and one of the secondary antagonists of Multiversal Champions. Originally a near all-powerful, omnipresent Malum named Vekkisul, he has since become the center of the Zoren'zoth hivemind and, according to some sources, the hivemind itself. Although his true main intentions are incomprehensible to both mortal and godly minds, his apparent goals throughout the series are to track down and kill the remaining Elder Malums before consuming the Omniverse in an everlasting hatred.

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The Story So Far...

Eons before time, light, dark, or logic ever existed, and an all-powerful god named Daevas created two separate races of omnipotent creatures: the Prime Omegas and Alphas. The Omegas, led by Nekrozoth, began to favor destruction while the Alphas, led by Deus, created. War broke out and Nekrozoth, along with his associates, was imprisoned in the HECK Realm for eternity. Trillions of years pass as the Omniverse thrives, villains and heroes alike rising from the shadows. But after a sudden dismantling of power, the chaotic demon Aka Manah begins his conquest for the Omniverse. A warrior, a child, and a hormone-induced kid are the only beings able to stop him...



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