Mundro'Dox is a major antagonist of Multiversal Legends being a minor villain in the prequel series Legend and a major antagonist of Phase 3 of Champions of the Multiverse. He was a Sparxian warlock that betrayed his own kind to Nekrozoth which lead to their extinction. However the price that he had accidentally had his loved ones killed including his beloved wife and is cursed to live forever as slave to Nekrozoth.



As seen in the Prequel series Legend, Mundro'Dox was a Sparxian warlock and a respected individual amongst the Sparxians. In the third season Mundro'Dox meets Legend and the Champions, Kron and Volcan, Mundro'Dox welcomed them and asked them to help defend the Sparxians from Nekrozoth's legion. As the season progress it is revealed that Mundro'Dox betrayed the Champions and the Sparxiansby giving the map to the Chaos vindicator to Nekrozoth and promised Nekrozoth the total rule of his own species. As expected, the sparixians refused which lead Nekrozoth (with the help of Master Onslaught and Malroc) to kill all of them. Nekrozoth had spared Mundro'Dox only to curse him with immortality as he want him to witness as Nekrozoth slaughter his wife and his new born child by feeding them to one of his monsters.

Mundro'Dox was then abducted and forced to serve Nekrozoth and became his champion of treachery. He was lifted on the now destroyed Sparxian planet where he is force to make sacrifices to the Omega Lord every time someone comes to the wasteland.

Champions of the Multiverse


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