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General Information
Full Name N/A
Alias Nekrisul

The True Final Antagonist
Nightmare Nekrozoth
Final Evolution
The Hybrid lord
Supreme Emperor
Lord of Omnicide
If Nekrozoth and Vekkisul f*cked and had a baby (by Dare)
The Omega-Malum

Origin Multiversal Legends
Class Chaos Incarnate
Race Omega-Malum Hybrid
Age Born recently
Gender Presumed male
Status No information
Alignment No information
Personality N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Red/Yellow
Professional Status
Affiliation Dreadhood

Omega Empire

Previous Affiliation Malum Council
Occupation Omniversal Emperor

Chaos Incarnation

Previous Occupation No information
Partner(s) N/A
Previous Partner(s) N/A
Base of Operation The Edge


Personal Status
Relatives No information
Counterpart Fairy Tale
Hobbies Causing chaos

Destroying realities

Goals Destroy all of the Hollister's work (failed)

Kill the Hollister and replace him as the supreme writer of all of the omniverse (failed)
Destroy sentient life <smal>(failed)
Reign supreme over his new omniverse of chaos and destruction (failed)

Powers Zentipotence

Limitless powers of creation and destruction
Vast dark abilities
Chaos control

Abilities Supreme intellect

Combat prowess
Limitless stamina

Type of Power Chaotic Energy
Weapon Chaos Blade

Chaos Stones

First Appearance No information
Latest Appearance No information
Voice [[1]]/Isaac Grossman
Featured Character? No

Behold the great power of the entire omniverse! Kneel for I shall reign SUPREME!!Nekrisul first and most famous quote

Nekrisul (sometimes spelled Nekrosul) also known as The God of Omnicide, is the ultimate form of Nekrozoth and Vekkisul and the true final antagonist of the entire Multiversal Legends franchise, first appearing in the Omnicide arc. His one goal is to destroy all of reality and reshape it in his liking o that he could reign supreme over a new omniverse of madness and destruction. He also serves as the new leader of the Dreadhood after the "death" of Vekkisul.


After the fight against Hollister, Vekkisul laid on the ground weekend and defeated. He had a fierce tantrum after the revelations that he is merely second to a childish being such as the Hollister and couldn't accept his defeat. Vekkisul fired legions of chaotic energy at the Hollister only to disappear. Then as Vekkisul tried again he learns that his powers was gone as the Hollister took it away. However this gave Nekrozoth the advantage and snuck up behind Vekkisul with his World Cleaver sword. Nekrozoth revealed that he was pretending to be his pawn all this time as he knew all the events was going to happen from the very beginning of the series. It was also revealed that everything that happen in the series was actually going according to his design to become the "God of Omnicide". After absorbing his life essence he and Vekkisul merged into one singular entity named Nekrisul the god of omnicide.



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