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It really brings me such glee to hear you scream!
~ Nyarlathotep to Victor Frankenstein

Nyarlathotep, also known as Ha'Kesh and and famously known as Count Niklovich (Pronounced as NICK-LOW-VITCH), or Count Sanguis, is the main antagonist of Armored Studios Netflix's original series Vampiric. Niklovich is an ancient and unfathomably powerful Leviathan that is as old, if not older than Vlad Dracula himself. Niklovich is said to be the most evil vampire to ever live due to his goal of ending all life on Earth so the other vampires (including Dracula himself) sealed him away in order to prevent him from achieving such goal. However, they were unable to kill him due to his immense power.

He was soon been released by the Children of Ha'Kesh, a cult dedicated by him. He soon took the position as the main antagonist of season 2, where he and the Children of Ha'Kesh manipulated Isaac into freeing him. He later becomes the new ruler of Castle Dracula and used it to create another horde of monsters for him to kill off all everything in the world.

He is revealed to be the mastermind responsible for the events of the first season, as his cult is active during that time and were the ones who funded the Helsing Faction. He is also the ancient archenemy of Vlad Dracula.


Being born as a being named Nyarlathotep, Niklovich was a Leviathan but unlike his fellow Leviathans who were turned evil due to the corruption of Xorin, Nyarlathotep/Niklovich was always a chaos obsessed psychopath who joined Xorin's cause so he could feed on the blood of his enemies. After the war he crash landed on Earth in the Garden of Eden, there he turned Lilith into the first vampire in existence and gave birth to several vampires: One of whom would become the famous Vlad Dracula.


Niklovich normally takes the appearance of a vampire dressed in red armor and have blood red eyes. He has black hair and a goatee, he has a very pale skin like a normal vampire has.


In describing Niklovich's personalty, Dracula simply used two words "Psychopathic Child". His sadistic childish demeanor is what makes him dangerous, seeing himself as a god who thanks that both Vampires and Humans are equally worthless and unfit to live in his vision of a new world. Mainly this stems from his immunity to the Sun and the regular weaknesses of a vampire. He is extremely narcissistic, murderous, power-hungry, egotistical, arrogant, and ruthless psychopathic vampire that is even despised by his fellow vampire. They hate Niklovich so much that even they erased any recordings of him from vampire history, making him nothing but a enigma.

Nikovich is a very cunning vampire, being more manipulative than even Dracula as he was using him prior from the beginning of season two into freeing him. Niklovich has been orchestrating events since the beginning of the show, having been observing and masterminding several events in the series. All of this was due to his vindictive hatred towards Dracula and the vampires for imprisoning him.

He is like many Prime Omegas, psychopathic, destructive, manipulative, and seek to wanting nothing be chaos across the omniverse. Niklovich is a extremely cruel and evil monster that's seemed to hate all living beings and seek to brings chaos and death every where he goes. Nyarlathotep enjoy driving mortals insane and even manipulating and deceiving his victims as he described it as his daily hobby. He uses propaganda, deception, and manipulation for his own goals as he is prophesied to be the doom of humanity itself. He relishes on the chaos and evil he brings that his followers had called him "the Crawling Chaos". He is also known for his insanity, twisted sense of humor, and distaste towards order itself.


  • He is based on the character of the same name made by Horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, the creator of the Cthulhu Mythos where Nyarlathotep came from.
  • He is also has some inspiration from The Master from Doctor Who.
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