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Nekradume, the main fortress of the Prime Omegas.

Oblivion is a entire dimension created by Nekrozoth and the home of the Prime Omegas.


The dimension is a hellish place forever expanding as more worlds are conquered and destroyed and has merges with this dimension.

Nekrozoth is tthe supreme ruler of Oblivion and was the leader of the Prime Omega race. In the Oblivion dimension lies a fortress for each Prime Omega, it is called the Nekradume and it was also created by Nekrozoth.

Deus ordered alphas to expand the omniverse and add life into each one of them. Nekrozoth did as like the others did, but he also created his own universe, like the HECK Realm, Hell, Oblivion, and Netherrealm, and many others.

Mainly the dead go to Oblivion but the living or other entities are allowed to enter, only the most powerful and evil beings are allowed to enter. Oblivion is run like a dictatorship, but they're barely any laws to follow since it's a law free realm where you could do almost anything you please unless you're given an order by a superior or anybody associated to the Omega Empire. They're a few strict rules too follow though in case you don't want to face the Omega's wrath.


  1. NO REDEMPTION: The number one rule in Oblivion, Redemption is FORBIDDEN to exist in Oblivion. It offends the forces of evil and to Nekrozoth himself is a concept for cowards and if you're caught redeeming yourself then you will be gun down immediately.
  2. Don't attack or attempt to attack a member of the Omega Empire: Attacking a a member of the Omega Empire spells death, if you ever attempted to due so will send you straight to the dungeon or slave labor camps. Attacking a member means death or sent to one of Nekrozoth's "labs" to become one of his mindless abominations (which is a fate worse than death). If you're a fellow member of a the Empire than you must have permission to do so.
  3. No outside Religions: You're in a realm ruled by actually gods who made it, having a religion like christianity in their realm is forbidden as the Prime Omegas wanted to be worship. the Worship of a a member of the Omega Empire or a Prime Omega is okay though. Being caught worshiping a different god that is outside from the empire means being sent to concentration camps.
  4. No property damage that belongs to the Omega Empire: destruction of properties, like statues, propaganda, monuments, or buildings that belongs to the empire would mean being arrested and being accuse of being a fugitive.