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We are the destroyers! we take what we want and kill those who would get in our way of total domination of the genre Omniverse! Today and forever we will be the conquerors, never the conquered. We are gods amongst them as all mortals should bow and serve us, not to mock and enjoy their freedom. Today we will become Kings amongst all!
~ Nekrozoth's speech to his follwers

The Omega Empire, or the Army of the Wicked, or the Chaoctanauts are one of the two main antagonist (along with The Red Empire) of the Multiversal Legends universe. They're the biggest and most powerful empire in the entire Omniverse that no other empire dare to oppose it. The Empire was founded and created by Nekrozoth himself who seek to take over the Omniverse and destroy all of life so he could make room for his own creation. They consist of Daemons, Prime Omegas, gods, evil overlords, and every kind of evil alike. Their corps are made up of the most powerful beings that set foot ion the omniverse, rivaling nothing as no being dare to oppose them. Power hungry and derange and all kinds of nasty and vile, they would enforce the rule of Nekrozoth and the Prime Omegas through any means possible, either torture, enslavement, and possibly mass genocide or Omnicide.


Power, Vengeance, and anarchy is all that they want, nothing would satisfy them but to see others suffer.
~ Volcan to Brandon about the Empire

Almost every member of the empire are cold blooded, power hungry, and sadistic. It runs through the philosophy of Social Darwism as they believe only the Strongest and powerful will be part of the evil Empire. The highest ranks in the Empire are the Prime Omegas, the gods who founded by the evil Empire. The second highest ranking are the most powerful, intelligent, and the most evil beings who runs it and are satanic beings or gods of evil. They are responsible for causing wars, anarchy, and suffering across the Omniverse and are the source to all evil. They command legion and legions of monsters, daemons, and other evil beings for conquest or destructive purposes. Nekrozoth leads the highest ranks as he is the prime founder of the empire, the highest ranking are extremely power hungry than all and very sadistic as well.

The middle class are the generals and war leaders, arrogant, ruthless, and extremely vile. the war leaders are brutal to their soldiers, often leading them to suicide missions or even kill those who show sympathy or any form of compassion towards the weaklings. As egotistical or arrogant as they are, they are force to work together so they could avoid the Prime Omegas's wrath, more specifically Nekrozoth.



  • Nekrozoth † - Supreme leader and Founder
  • Ahriman † - Co-Founder
  • Artillery † - Weapon Supplier

Military Commanders

  • Malroc † - Main Champion
  • Lord Dominus † - Champion: defected to Cobalt Order
  • Mundro'Dox † - Champion
  • Nekrokhan † - Champion  (champion turned ruler of Outworld territory)