Prime Alphas

The Prime Alpha Supreme Beings, or Prime Alphas for short are a group of all powerful deities who are more powerful than regular supreme beings. They're the overarching protagonist in the multiversal legends multiverse. They are led by Deus who is the creator of the Omniverse.  


The Prime Alphas are the creators of the new omniverse after the destruction of the old one. The names of each gods In the pantheon are not actually their true name because they're so called "real name" are actually incomprehensible. 

This gods were so powerful that it actually make the other Pantheons (Olympians Egyptians, etc) look like nothing because he's actually an avatar or emissary to them (this is obviously not true because it is fiction). Their goal is to bring peace, order and good in the multiverse and to defeat Nekrozoth but not to destroy evil as it is actually brings the importance of free will.

The gods were actually mortals before Deus used the Ascension Program in an attempt to defeat Nekrozoth during the old omniverse. It is unknown on how many they are but some are the brothers of Deus and Nekrozoth.

Luckily, The Prime Alphas are on our side and will protect us from the coming apocalypse of Nekrozoth's Wrath. each Alpha are a creator of a universe or Multiverse and are their rulers as well.

Known Prime Alphas

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