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Go my faithful ones! Go spread my word! Spread it across every corners of the omniverse even if you must spill blood in order to do so! For today, the omniverse shall burn for their insolence!
~ Ravagus's speech to his followers.
Curse you Mueller and your pestering Reapers too! You have been plaguing me since 1927, but soon I shall prevail. I will bring destruction to your world with millions of your mortals screaming for mercy!! For which I have none!!!
~ Ravagus swearing revenge on Master Mueller.

Ravagus, also known as the Ravager of Worlds, Mind Beast, The Grand Elder Brain, and Cthulhu is Xorin's second in command of the Leviathan Legion as well as his right-hand man. He is a sadistic and power-hungry entity that delights in bringing conflict and blood shed across the omniverse similar to Strife. Once a cunning general of the Leviathan legion, he was one of the few creatures that is not to be banished from creation and still lurking in the omniverse. He even runs his own personal religion called The Church of the Ravager where they conquer and force their belief to others through force and oppression. He once lead several successful battles during the war against the Purest, and when the Leviathans were defeated, Ravagus founded a way to escape from being banished and hid from Purest's forces.

He is a major antagonist of Multiversal Legends, and is also one of the main antagonists of Forces. He acts as one of Master Mueller's archenemies along with Xuriah D'arcmast'r, and is one of Ben Diablo's recurring enemies and to the Champions themselves.

Character Description

One of the deadliest enemies in the omniverse that both Ben Diablo and Akuma have ever faced, as well as a dangerous foes to the champions as well. Being one of the most ancient and terrible entities to exist, Ravagus is a sadistic right-hand man of Xorin as well as the second in command of the Leviathan legion who are a race of monstrous entities that seeks to devour all of creation to be all-powerful. After the rebellion was stopped, Ravagus found a way to hide himself from Purest's forces by hiding in the Astral Plane. He soon became the head patron of Ravagusism also known as The Church of the Ravager, which his believers thinking that Ravagus would purge all life from the omniverse in order to bring a new age of "Purity" and "Order". However his true goal was to destroy as many worlds to fuel his powers through souls and release his fellow Leviathan in another attempt to seize control over creation. The Church consists of psychics and telepaths that were corrupted by Ravagus when they enter his part of the Astral Plane.

He runs his religion as a tyrannical corrupt church, spreading destruction and oppression to other worlds that he comes across while remaining in the Astral Plane.

He has fought many heroes such as the Champions, and during 1927 he fought the great Master Mueller as he attempted to enter the physical world through his followers. He did battle with Master Mueller himself and lost ad was sent back to the Astral Plane. Though despite his lost, he still is active and is still being the brains behind the Church of the Ravager. He is a immensely powerful creature, possessing great amount of telekinetic and psychic powers to his disposal. Like his fellow Leviathans, he is described as one of the oldest creatures in omniverse, and by far one of the most malevolent and sadistic sentient life forms.

He later became an ally to Xuriah D'arcmast'r, sharing each other's goals of Multiversal Conquest as well as their desire for revenge on the hero who defeated them previously.


Before you came, we were here. Before time existed, we waited. We listen to the screams of the souls me and my kind have devoured without mercy. We drink the spoiled milk of every star we come across. And I am the one without compassion or empathy as they serve no purpose to me for they mean nothing to Ravagus! The Ravager of Worlds
~ Ravagus.

Ravagus is a being of great arrogance, ego and rage, convinced by Xorin that he and the Leviathan should be the rulers over all of creation. He is highly brutal, killing off his own minions if they prove to be weak due to failure or just to take out his frustration. It was stated he has been doing this for a while as he merely sees his minions as expendables and replaceable.

He has an unquenchable thirst for power, something that is often compared to Nekrozoth's thirst for one as well, as they would go to extreme methods to get what they want. Being a ruthless creature, he sees both compassion and empathy as meaningless or serving no purpose to him. He is best known for his sadistic traits as he demands blood sacrifices as a means to amuse him and caused mass destruction across the omniverse in his pursuit for control. He was known to being the cause of many destruction of several planets through causing mass strife and conflicts some of which brought the destruction of several universes.

Though besides his overall malevolent nature, he is a very cunning being as well as exceptionally manipulative as well. He is capable of corrupting others without using his powers to do so as he can be convincing. He also change his appearance through the usage of an avatar to appear friendly instead of using his true form his true form as a way to gain trust from those who meet him. He once won several battles during the rebellion and outsmarts the remaining followers of the Hollister. He is incredibly intelligent and strategic but sometimes his overconfidence can be his down fall as it can be exploited. But he can exploit someone else's weakness as well as used them as an advantage.

Ravagus has no respects for Nekrozoth and Endgame, as he view Nekrozoth as incompetent and childish who constantly fails  while Endgame lacks the commitment to destroy and kill. He never understood why Xorin was fixated on either one of them, believing the right to kickstart the Ragnarok Wars belongs to him giving him a sense of superiority to those who view as children. Ravagus does at least have respects for Xuriah as he view him as the most competent at least compared to Nekrozoth and his empire. However, he still views Xuriah as a pawn and is not above giving him harsh punishment as he does to his other minions.

Powers and Abilities

Ravagus: Failure has no place in my church!

Cultist: Master please! I can do better- (Gets lifted in the air while his body gets twisted through Ravagus's telekinetic powers.

~ Ravagus punishing one of his follower's for failing him.

Ravagus demonstrating his powers

As his name suggest, Ravagus is a world destroyer and a powerful Leviathan. Though he mainly focus in his cunning and intellect to defeat his enemies but still has a far share of abilities at his disposal.

  • Telepathy: Ravagus does not speak through his mouth as he only uses it to devour the essence of planets or galaxies, so he as to relay on his telepathic abilities to communicate with others. He uses his telepathic abilities to also read the thoughts of billions of other creatures. It also allows him to corrupt the minds o others to his bidding unless his manipulation doesn't work.
  • Energy Manipulation: Capable of manipulating psychic energy, or chaos energy to cause deserve damage. Usually ones that decimated worlds in his"Destroyer" forms.


Ravagus is The Dragon to the all-powerful Xorin, and a Multiversal Conqueror of cosmic proportions. He acts as a partner and benefactor to Xuriah D'arcmast'r in their goal of Multiversal domination and is one of Master Mueller's sworn enemies.

  • Ambiguously Related: Due to his mysterious origins, it's unknown how he met Xorin or if he's really a Leviathan. He was stated to be a Leviathan on some occasions but then there's other sources stating he's something else, making hard to identify what species he really is.
  • Arch-Enemy: He views Master Mueller as his greatest foe and dedicated himself on destroying him and everything he stands for as vengeance for defeating him previously.
  • Ambition is Evil: He's a Power-Hungry eldritch abomination aspiring to conquering the Multiverse and beyond for himself.
  • The Archmage:
  • Assimilation Plot: Wants to merge everything in the Omniverse and rule what remains of existence as an Evil Overlord.
  • Animalistic Abomination: A giant octopus like eldritch abomination seeking multiversal conquest.
  • Ax-Crazy: A genocidal monster willing to destroy worlds or torture an entire species if it means it'll hurt his enemies.
  • Bad Boss: Usually treats his minions as expendable, he'll kill them, break like twigs through psychic might, or just mind rape them for failure.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: That and Villain Team-Up. Both he and Xuriah D'arcmast'r are working together as they both have the same goal and same hatred of Master Mueller.
  • The Corruptor: Similar to Malsumis, he can psychically corrupt the minds of others but does so in the Astral Plane. He also corrupts others to start conflict and war so he could absorb the souls of the millions killed through his actions.
  • The Chessmaster:
  • Cthulhumanoid: It was actually him who inspired the creation of Cthulhu so this is kinda a justified trope.
  • Classic Villain: Characterized by his Wrath, Pride and Ambitions.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Wants to destroy and torture humanity just because Mueller beaten and prevented him from entering the physical world.
  • Demonic Possession: Among his other abilities.


Ravagus's "Destroyer" form.


  • His appearance was inspired by both Cthulhu, and a character named Khathulon from Watcherofthe2000s webseries with his sprite and appearance being created by Dave Hicks.
    • His appearance, while suppose to be based on Khathulon from TheWatcherOfThe2000s, is similar to Diagon from the Ben 10 franchise. All three of them are lovecraftian entities with the appearance of an octopus and wear a helmet on them. However Ravagus is purple while Diagon is green, similar to Khatholun.
  • He has a few similarities to Nekrozoth both in personality and powers.