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General Information
Full Name ⚐︎■︎♏︎⬥︎♒︎□︎♑︎❒︎♓︎■︎⬧︎

The One Who Grins
Bane of the Omniverse
Mental Error
Omnicidal Optimist (by Legend)
Great Creator
Sanctioned Destroyer
Irreversible (self-proclaimed)
Bulbous f*** (by Dare)
Creepy b**** (by Legend)
Our Final Warning
Prophet's Bane
God of the Disturbed
Face of Hatred
Great Father (by the Happy Order)
The All-seeing
Deranged Sadist
Error of the Conscience (by The Hollister)

Origin Multiversal Legends
Class Cryptic Deity
Race Unknown
Age Possibly irrelevant
Gender Presumed male
Status Unknown
Alignment N/A
Personality N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Happy Order
Previous Affiliation N/A
Occupation Malevolent supreme being

Deity of the Happy Order
Error in The Hollister's conscience

Previous Occupation N/A
Partner(s) N/A
Previous Partner(s) N/A
Base of Operation Maleverse 00 (also presumed home world)
Personal Status
Relatives The Entity (possibly)
Counterpart The Hollister
Hobbies N/A

Revert the Omniverse to a "perfect" state (succeeded)
Revert all he encounters
Destroy society as a whole
Bring forward the extinction of sentient life
Torment and slaughter his enemies, then send them to the Maleverse where they may live through endless deaths
Merges both the Maleverse and reality (presumabely)
Torment and slaughter the The Builders
Create a new race of "delightful" beings to take the place of human's
Use Split's body as a vessel to bring forward the Condemtion
Continue to smile, even if it torments itself in the process


Flawless indestructability
Insanity inducement
Avatar manipulation
Omniversal control
Absolute sanity/mind
Pocket dimension creation
Elemental manipulation
Reality warping
Chaos manipulation
Remote viewing
Time destruction
Dimensional manipulation
Umbral mimicry
Space-time manipulation
Anti-matter manipulation
Hatred empowerment
Terror embodiment
Dark arts
Id beast creation
"Happy" force

Abilities Nigh-omniscient

Limitless intellect
Invulnerable to manipulation/trickery
Hand-to-hand prowess (through bodies/avatars)

Type of Power Irrelevant
Weapon Numerous
First Appearance N/A
Latest Appearance N/A
Voice HeresJosh
Featured Character? No.
What...what the hell do you think I am? What, in your fragmented little head, gives you the impression that I'm bound to the rules of your reality? I'm a fucking FLOATING HEAD? I am INSANITY INCARNATE. Insanity is vicious, tearing at the foundations of logic that you are bound by. Insanity is relentless, merciless. Insanity is beauty. Insanity is peace. For millennia I've tormented this pathetic human race. Brought your creations to ruin, turned your brothers and sisters against themselves. There is so much imperfect with this Omniverse. So much imperfection that could be FIXED with anarchy. Instability is the key to stability. Even my all-mighty host acknowledges that. Hell, that's the reason behind my existence, isn't it? Insanity is all and nothing. There is no LOGIC involved...
~ Smiles' debut monologue in his first physical appearance
The being was written of in scriptures by The Builders, the second attempt at creating a human race. It was a disturbed, malevolent being that watching them from the moonlight. It only wore on face, but made it's presence known through...other means. It worked into their minds, slowly driving them to masochism. The Builders met their end through ritual suicide, leaving their creations, the Ancient Chitauri, to continue to build from their masters will. The being had a name...a name they took with them to their graves.
~ Smiles' passage in Legend's chronicle library
✋︎ ♋︎❍︎ ♏︎❖︎♏︎❒︎⍓︎⧫︎♒︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ⍓︎□︎◆︎ ♍︎♋︎■︎ ♓︎❍︎♋︎♑︎♓︎■︎♏︎📬︎.
~ Smiles' message to The Builders

⚐︎■︎♏︎⬥︎♒︎□︎♑︎❒︎♓︎■︎⬧︎, known alternatively as Smiles (/smīls/) or Smiley, is a cryptic, malevolent being in the Multiversal Legends canon storyline and a main overarching antagonist in the series itself, playing a role similar to that of Malsumis and Vekkisul. It is unknown exactly what Smiles is, with the Ancient Builders believing he was the physical incarnation of terror. Smiles is referred to in Legend's chronicle library as a "mental error" in The Hollister's conscience, or the home of the Multiversal Legends mythos, making him an aspect of the Hollister's mind, similarly to how The Entity represents The Hollister's darker and unforgiving trains of thought. He is also believed to have originated from the 00 Maleverse and holds immense influence over the Omniverse, along with reality itself. Though often orchestrating disastrous events in secrecy, Smiles was believed to be purely mythological before his first physical appearance in The Travelers, where he manifests into a physical form and torments Dare. He is the numen of a race of a celestial sect known as the Happy Order, who serves as one of the main antagonists besides Nemesis in The Travelers. On the occasions that he speaks, he is voiced by HeresJosh.

Smiles.zed is immensely powerful and was capable of mass destruction in the past. Being an error existing within the Hollister's mind, Smiles is irrelevant to nearly all forms of destruction, even at the hands of the Hollister. He acts through an indefinite number of avatars and bodies across the Omniverse, and is fully capable of creating more if the time need be. He created a pocket dimension known as "The Happy Labyrinth" as a realm to torture and imprison his victims. With a single glance alone, he is allegedly capable of "bringing a Multiverse to ash and ruin, to despair and insanity, to chaos and control."

Smiles possesses control over a competence known as "Happy Force", allowing him to manipulate physical and spiritual aspects of reality in horrific ways so long as he finds it humorous. This attribute makes Smiles fundamentally immune to both harm and destruction, as well as allowing him to achieve attainments such as the collapse of time. He was believed to have originated in the documents of a primordial race known as The Builders, whom he tormented and used as vessels to spread his influence. The being was believed to be a deity by The Builders' offspring and named Cion, or "The One Who Grins". He continued to work through his followers before his existence was unearthed by the Hollister's proxies. The proxies took many attempt to remove the being from existence, with each attempt failed, before he was ultimately banished to the center of the Maleverse, though he later returned to reality.

Although Smiles' existence cannot be perceived by those who do not wish to see him, he poses as an extreme threat to the Omniverse, likely on the level of Nekrozoth and Velnias. He was described by Xorin as a "mass of instability that circulates the Omniverse, consuming and reverting all that it comes across for all of existence." His champions have oppressed and decimated entire civilizations across the Omniverse, commending Smiles as the god of anarchy. The being itself was believed to have been watching humanity's rise for centillions of years, corrupting the nature of man from within, though it is likely for Smiles to have existed since the Great Creation.

Besides it's hatred for order, the entity has few real motivations. He revealed to the Preserver that he only wishes to revert the Omniverse to a "perfect" state and smile while doing so, asking for them to slaughter their neighbors and take what they rightfully deserve. The Preservers were able to see through this and refused, only to be driven into insanity before burning any documents of their existence and committing ritual suicide. As far as his character is known, Smiles was not influenced by any mythological figures.

He was created by Multiversal Legends co-creator HeresJosh as an experiment with chaotic evil characters. The visual he is centered on was created by WeirdWojak. The original image can be found at Smiles will also appear in the forthcoming Multiversal Legends novel and serve as a challenger on the Multiversal Arena series.


A physical embodiment of Smiles

Because he is a misconception within the Hollister's conscience, Smiles has no known true form and can take whatever appearance he wishes to his victims, though he generally chooses to appear as a simple drawing of a red smiling face with distorted features. Smiles rarely appears physically in this form, and rather uses this embodiment through visions, fantasies, and night-terrors. He made a minor appearance in the first season of The Travelers, taking this form as a shadow cast on the moon. He is seen in his base appearance as a drawing in Split's notebook (hinting at Smiles' involvement in Split's descent into insanity) and will take it in his installment of Multiversal Arena.

Alongside human hosts, Smiles acts through avatars, the majority of which appear as a humanoid figure formed from the darkness wearing Smiles' face as a heavily distorted "mask". Since his first material manifestation in the second season of The Travelers, Smiles embodies that appearance of a towering, intimidating figure adorned in garments, a red "smiles" face radiating from within his hood.

Smiles appears on occasions as an ominous cloud, a contorted painting, a hive of wasp-like creatures, and a warped statue in the floor 000 of Legend's library. Fuse, after entering the Maleverse, also allegedly catches a glimpse of a being (presumed to be Smiles) so monstrous and repulsive that he was forced to turn to dark sorcery in order to remove the sight from his memory.



Though the information surrounding Smiley is incredibly vague and scarce, he has been known through many cultures and races as being either an embodiment of chaos or a punishment sent to them by the angered gods. He is often portrayed as a calculating, exploitative, sadistic, and hateful entity who finds pleasure in torturing mankind. Similarly to Aka Manah, Smiles allegedly enjoys tormenting children most, who are more vulnerable to mental abuse and susceptible to manipulation. His page in the chronic library was found alongside a paper documenting the disappearance and mass suicide of five hundred children, implying at his involvement. He shows no real remorse or regret his actions, but rather embracing it as to keep him in a constant state of happiness.

According to the approaching Multiversal Legends novel, Smiles is a creature formed of pure madness, with his only goals being to decimate the human race over the course of centuries and create a new, "perfect" generation of humans. During Legend's time in the Apocalypse Den, he looks forward in time and sees Smiles succeeding at this goal, managing to reverse the natural order of the Omniverse. He also exploited the primordial warlord Shutaka, taking the alias Cion and dictating him a series of scriptures dictating the twisted belief that intelligent life was made to be used, tormented, and then slaughtered by the millions as to keep the "chosen people" in a never-ending state of joy. These scriptures were later gifted to the Happy Order.

Smiles exists only in the Hollister's mind, meaning that he gains all of his physical influence over the Multiversal Legends universe from others' belief in him. After the New Champions refuse to believe in his existence, he falls into a rage and attempts to slaughter the Champions, only for him to lose his influence over them. Despite generally appearing as a smiling, faceless entity, Smiles likely cares deeply for others' belief in him, often going to horrendous lengths to ensure this.

Besides its hatred for order, the entity has few real motivations. He revealed to the Preserver that he only wishes to revert the Omniverse to a "perfect" state and smile while doing so, asking for them to slaughter their neighbors and take what they rightfully deserve. The Preservers were able to see through this and refused, only to be driven into insanity before burning any documents of their existence and committing ritual suicide.


Smiles' character undergoes an immense change in motive and personality following his first appearance in Season Two of The Traveler's. Often disregarded as a forgotten figure in mythology, Smiles substantiates himself as an abhorrent, calamitous, and apathetic entity with little to no regard for the people it harms and torments in its ultimate to bring "peace" to the Omniverse. The Hollister's predominant motive is to formulate the perfect story, Smiles is to revert every chapter to its primitive natures. As Smiles strolls through the vegetated flatlands of The Beyond, flowers begin to break down and battle each other in his presence, truly displaying his chaotic nature.