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(Nekrozoth: Let's make it sick. And twisted. Filled with hatred beyond comprehension.) Sick? This is child's play compared to what we can make it. (Nekrozoth: What can we make it?) Feared.
~ Manah and Nekrozoth discussing the creation of the Realm Beast.

The Realm Beast is major antagonistic monster created by both Aka Manah and Nekrozoth. It is a gigantic, formless, nigh omnipotent entity who's sole purpose is to bring destruction across the entire omniverse and to help its creators on finding the Chaos Stones.


Following the death of an ancient beast, loyal to the Alphas, known as the Primion, Aka Manah and Nekrozoth used the Primion's spiritual energy and combined with hate in it's purest form, bringing the Realm Beast into the world with the intention of using it to find the Chaos Stones and reset reality. Using the monster, Manah and Nekrozoth threatened the Earths and once again made their presence known in the Omniverse.


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