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Tirus, known by his alias Tirus the Tyrannical and Emperor of New Geno, is a major antagonist in the Legends of the Omniverse spin-off, the true main antagonist of season three, and a minor antagonist in the main Multiversal Legends storyline. Originally the Prime Omega of fear, shadows, and the apocalypse, Tirus was smote down to New Geno with no memory of his past life or abilities before being taken in to Jack Spark's family. Although originally a calm and isolate individual, Tirus soon came into contact with a Chaos Stone, binding himself with it and turning to insanity. He later slaughtered Jack Spark's family and is his sworn enemy.

Tirus made his debut appearance in the first episode of Legends of the Omniverse, season three, in which he takes Senat captive, leaving Crypt and a young Jack Spark to rescue him. He also appears in the main series during Phase Eleven, when his shadow form escapes the Umbra Realm and poses as one of the many antagonists. He is also present during the final battle against Zoren'zoth in Phase Twelve.

He was created (and voiced) by TheLonelyCrocodile.

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